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Posted: 6:35 p.m. Friday, Nov. 15, 2013

Family ordered out of no-plumbing Springfield home

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900 block of Oak Street, Dayton photo

The Victorian style home was building in 1900 in the 900 block of Oak Street, Springfield.

Oak Street home photo

An estimated 60 cats that lived in the home were in good health.

Oak Street home photo

The residents were using a garden hose to flush a toilet. Health officials said uncapped sewer pipes were the most cause for concern.

900 block of Oak Street, Dayton photo
900 block of Oak Street, Dayton

By Breaking News Staff


Clark County health officials ordered a Springfield family out of their cluttered home where dozens of cats lived and a garden hose was being used to flush the toilet.

Health inspectors responded to a complaint and obtained a warrant to search the Oak Street residence.

The Victorian home built in 1900 has seen better days.

Inspectors found the place overrun with cats and rooms so full of clutter there was no space to move.

"There was nowhere to wash your hands. There was no hot water ... No where to wash dishes. None of the sinks worked," said Richard Miller, Clark County environmental health adviser.

The plumbing wasn't operable, but the residents found a way to use one toilet.

"They had a toilet that only worked because there was a garden hose running to it," Miller said.

Uncapped sewer pipes were the most concerning for health officials.

Sewage gases at high levels can be explosive, and cause breathing problems at low levels.

An estimated 60 cats lived there. The humane society was called and an official said the cats were in good health.

The residents, a husband and wife, were told to vacate immediately and to make repairs if they want to return. They were allowed to take the cats and two dogs with them.

"They seem to be cooperating with us very well," Miller said.

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