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Posted: 3:31 p.m. Friday, March 28, 2014

UD students risk a lot in clash with police

By Jessica Heffner and Breaking News Staff


University of Dayton students put a lot at risk to party in the streets after Flyers' victories.

Those arrested on Kiefaber Street Thursday night, after the Dayton Flyers advanced to the Elite 8 in the NCAA Tournament, not only could face criminal charges, but discipline by the university.

According to a UD statement released Friday, penalties to students for misconduct include fines, probation, loss of scholarship, suspension or explusion.

Among the 28 people arrested Thursday night, 12 were UD students who could be charged with a range of offenses: Disorderly conduct; failure to disperse; resisting arrest; or obstructing official business, according to the university.

Thomas Burkhardt, UD vice president of administrative services and finances, complimented city and university officers who "showed remarkable restraint in a very challenging situation."

"I am disappointed that at a time when the university has much to celebrate, some people choose to engage in disorderly, disrespectful behavior and break the law, endangering themselves, the police and members of our community," Burkhardt said in a prepared statement.

From Dayton police arrest reports

Logan Heiing, 20; felony assault on an officer, felony rioting, disorderly conduct.

Officers made a skirmish line to disperse the crowd that had gathered on Kiefaber Street after approximately two hours of celebrating following the game. During that time, Heiing allegedly jumped on the hood of a small truck and began jumping up and down, damaging the vehicle, according to the police report. When Sgt. Matthew Beavers ordered Heiing to get off the vehicle, he allegedly cursed and jumped into the bed of the truck. When Beavers grabbed him by the left hand in an attempt to place him in handcuffs, Heiing reportedly grabbed the officer's riot baton and punched him in the mouth. Beavers then struck Heiing with his right hand, dazing him "enough to allow several more officers to gain control of him and place him in handcuffs," according to the report. Heiing was interviewed by a Dayton police supervisor due to Beavers' use of force in detaining him. He was transported to Grandview Medical Center for his injuries, but refused treatment. Heiing was then booked into the Montgomery County Jail on the above charges, according to the report.

Kelse Denney, 21; misdemeanor rioting.

Officers assisting with crowd control reported Denney ignored verbal commands to stay on the sidewalk along Kiefaber Street

Michael Hufnagle, 24; misdemeanor rioting.

Hufnagle entered Kiefaber Street and ignored instructions by officers to leave the area and go home.

Dillon Strong, 22; obstructing official business, misdemeanor rioting, resisting arrest.

Strong was arrested for fighting another unidentified person in the crowd in front of 422 Kiefaber St. When officers attempted to escort Strong from the scene, he reportedly resisted. Police forced him to the ground and he was handcuffs. He continued to fight officers, according to the arrest report, and refused to walk on his own as he was taken to a vehicle to be booked into jail.

Ashley Cooper, 20; misdemeanor rioting, disorderly conduct.

Cooper reportedly refused to get back on the sidewalk at Kiefaber Street, arguing with officers who gave her verbal commands to move back. She pulled free of her restraints and had to be re-cuffed before being transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

David Gieseler, 20; two counts of misdemeanor rioting, resisting arrest.

Gieseler was one of a large group of revelers playing "Red Rover" along Kiefaber Street, despite officer commands to stay out of the roadway so it would be clear for emergency vehicles. Several in the crowd threw beer cans and bottles at police, according to the report. Gieseler was the last in the large group running across the street despite officer commands to stop, and was reportedly tackled by an officer. After he fell to the ground, officers reported Gieseler tried to crawl away and back into the crowd. He refused to stand up after being handcuffed, and was bleeding from his face. Officers called for a medic, and carried him to the east end of the street to be treated. He was transported to Miami Valley Hospital for his injuries, and ordered into court for the corresponding charges.

Shannon Breslin, 20; disorderly conduct.

Officers began dispersing the crowd gathered on the roadway in the 400 block of Kiefaber Street in order to allow emergency vehicles to pass through. Breslin failed to obey commands, to clear the street, according to the police report.

Carl Lenoir, 22; disorderly conduct.

Lenoir failed to follow officer commands to disperse from Kiefaber Street.

Angela Kunk, 20; disorderly conduct.

Kunk failed to follow officer commands to disperse from Kiefaber Street.

Emma McCormick, 18; disorderly conduct.

McCormick failed to follow officer commands to disperse from Kiefaber Street.

Josh Rowe, 20; disorderly conduct.

Rowe failed to follow officer commands to disperse from Kiefaber Street.

Erin Wilson, 22; disorderly conduct.

Wilson failed to follow officer commands to disperse from Kiefaber Street.

Thomas Joyce, 19; disorderly conduct.

Joyce failed to follow officer commands to disperse from Kiefaber Street.

Allison Byrne, 21; misdemeanor rioting.

As officers were trying to disperse the crowd on Kiefaber Street, Byrne ran from the group of people on the sidewalk and into the street. She then reportedly placed her right arm around the shoulder of an officer, who asked her to leave. When Byrne ran back into the crowd, police detained her.

Justin Cook, 34; misdemeanor rioting, disorderly conduct.

Officers ordered the crowd to disperse in the 400 block Kiefaber Street after a couch was set on fire and beer bottles and cans were thrown at officers, according to an incident report. According to police, Cook ran at the officers, and became belligerent, saying he wasn't going to leave. He was placed under arrest and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Paul Biancone, 23; disorderly conduct.

As officers ordered the crowd to go inside their homes on Kiefaber Street, Biancone allegedly came toward officers, turning to the revelers and "inciting" them. Since he was reportedly instigating the crowd, police pulled him from the crowd and placed him on the ground. While attempting to handcuff Biancone, Officer Randy Beane said he was struck in the back with a beer can, as was another officer. Biancone was booked into the Montgomery County Jail.

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