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Updated: 12:32 p.m. Wednesday, July 16, 2014 | Posted: 3:41 p.m. Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Police investigating teen fight caught on video

By Lot Tan

Staff Writer


Hamilton police said today detectives are still actively investigating all involved in a teen fight caught on video with adults cheering as teenage girl pounded another girl about the head with her fists.

Parents of the victim have refused to file charges, but police can bring charges themselves depending on the outcome of the investigation, according to Sgt. Ed Buns.

Police called the cell phone footage, which was posted on Facebook and showed two teen girls, ages 13 and 15, fighting, “disturbing.” In the video, after wrestling on the ground for a minute, one girl eventually gets on top of the other girl and starts hitting her repeatedly in the head.

Several adults surrounded the girls, who were brawling in an open grassy lot near the corner of Cereal Avenue and North E Street on the city’s west side, but no one stopped the fight, the footage showed. In fact, one of the girl’s parents could be heard on the video saying, “get up and stomp her,” and “hard, keep getting her.” The adults watched the beating for almost a full minute before a woman says, “Let her up, let her get up,” and a man then pulls the girls apart and they all go their separate ways.

“The most disturbing thing was the adults. You would think they would not encourage that kind of activity,” said Hamilton police Detective Richard Burkhardt. “Usually, adults will want to break it up. Somebody could get really hurt. They’re fighting, beating each other into the ground; most would find that disturbing, distasteful.”

They “refused to prosecute and told detectives, ‘If we were there, we would’ve been cheering on our daughter. That’s just part of growing up,’” Sgt. Ed Buns said of the victim’s parents.

Burkhardt added: “When you have two people fight and nobody wants to do anything, it’s hard to go to court and prosecute when you don’t have anybody who will cooperate.”

According to police, one of the girl’s parents live in a house in the 600 block of Stafford Drive. The Journal-News went to the home seeking comment, but no one answered the door.

Police encourage residents to call 911 if they see a fight.

Jeff Vickers, who lives near the open lot, said he remembers walking by and seeing a large group of teens in the area.

“Pretty surprised when I walked over here and seen about 40 kids standing there. I was wondering what was going on,” Vickers said. “I thought they were playing in the field.”

Vickers, a father of four children, saw video of the fight and said, “It’s just horrible. You shouldn’t let your kids fight like that. It’s OK to defend yourself, but (you) don’t need to sanction a fight. It’s bad parenting.”

Staff Writer Lauren Pack contributed to this report.

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