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Posted: 7:16 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013

Greenville police share 'strange' investigation


Greenville Ohio Police Department photo

Photo: Greenville Ohio Police Department/Facebook

Greenville Police Department photo
Greenville Police Department

By Richard Wilson

Staff Writer


The Greenville Police Department was "greatly relieved" to learn the true nature of what was thought to be a severed human body part.

The department, which serves the city of 13,000-plus, shared a recently closed investigation on Facebook to illustrate "how strange our days" can be.

Police received a call from a citizen who said there's what looks like a severed human tongue outside in an alleyway.

Officers responded and carefully collected the object, then sent it to the Miami Valley Crime Lab, "fearful that its probable owner was yet to be located."

Tests confirmed it wasn't a tongue and it wasn't human.

The department noted in the post that people would be surprised to see "how similar looking the human tongue is to a rodent placenta."

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