Snoop Dogg 'shoots' Trump character in controversial music video

Published: Tuesday, March 14, 2017 @ 7:59 AM
Updated: Tuesday, March 14, 2017 @ 10:07 AM

            President Trump And Twitter
President Trump And Twitter

Snoop Dogg points a fake gun at a character dressed as a clown-President Donald Trump and pulls the trigger, unfurling a flag that says "BANG!," in a controversial new video for the song "Lavender."

Earlier in the video, a police officer, also dressed as a clown, shoots a motorist after a traffic stop while a passerby films it on his cellphone.

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The profanity-riddled video directed by Jesse Wellens and James DeFina features “Ronald Klump” as the head clown in chief, running a country of clowns.

"I feel like it's a lot of people making cool records, having fun, partying, but nobody's dealing with the real issue with this (expletive) clown as president," Snoop Dogg told Billboard.

>> See the video here (WARNING: Graphic language and content)

Trump hasn’t yet responded via Twitter, but his one-time rival for the Republican presidential nomination, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, told TMZ: “Snoop shouldn’t have done that … You know, we’ve had presidents assassinated before in this country.”

Trump supporters also sounded off on social media:

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Woman found guilty again of trying to kill husband, sentenced to 16 years in prison 

Published: Sunday, July 23, 2017 @ 11:41 AM

Florida defendant Dalia Dippolito listens to her attorney read a letter from her mother during her sentencing hearing on Friday. Dippolito was convicted again of plotting to kill her husband. 
Lannis Waters/Palm Beach Post
Florida defendant Dalia Dippolito listens to her attorney read a letter from her mother during her sentencing hearing on Friday. Dippolito was convicted again of plotting to kill her husband. (Lannis Waters/Palm Beach Post)

A Florida woman has been convicted for the second time in a 2009 plot to kill her husband.

Dalia Dippolito, 34, will spend the next 16 years of her life in prison.

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With his sentence, Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Glenn Kelley denied prosecutors’ request to exceed the 20-year sentence that Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath previously gave Dippolito in 2011 and rejected defense attorneys’ request for a sentence below the four-year minimum recommended sentence.

Kelley said he considered two mitigating factors seriously: Dippolito’s lack of prior criminal record and the time she spent on house arrest. He noted her 20-year sentence in 2011 was actually an 18-year sentence because Colbath gave her credit then for house arrest.

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So Kelley sentenced her to 16 years in prison, giving her credit for half the eight years she has spent on house arrest.

The sentence came at the end of a four-hour, sometimes emotional, sometimes grueling hearing in the case, which garnered international headlines eight years ago when a video of Dippolito crying at a staged crime scene went viral.

The only witness testimony came from Michael Dippolito, who had heard evidence in his now ex-wife’s plot but listened for the first time in a courtroom Friday as prosecutors read text messages and played videos of her plotting his demise.

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“It’s not even real,” Michael Dippolito told Kelley. “It’s like I can’t even believe we’re

still sitting here like this girl didn’t even try to do this.”

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Young heart transplant patient dies, family says

Published: Saturday, July 22, 2017 @ 11:17 AM

Young Heart Transplant Patient Dies, Family Says

A 5-year-old Massachusetts boy whose story gained national attention when he learned he was getting a long-awaited heart transplant has died.

Ari Schultz was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and had to undergo two heart surgeries before he was even born. Earlier this year, after waiting nearly 200 days for a new heart, the family learned Ari would be getting one.

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On June 16, Ari came home from the hospital.

On Thursday morning, the family posted on its Facebook page that Ari was taken to the emergency room for a seizure. After over a half-hour of CPR, he was placed on life support in the cardiac intensive care unit.

The family posted on Friday evening that Ari passed away peacefully while listening to the Red Sox.

Ari has two siblings, his sister Lexi and his brother Eli. 

Man sues after lottery officials refuse to pay $5M prize because underage son bought ticket

Published: Saturday, July 22, 2017 @ 1:54 PM

Man Sues After Lottery Officials Refuse To Pay $5M Prize Because Underage Son Bought Ticket

A man is suing the California Lottery Commission, claiming officials refused to pay a $5 million prize because his underage son purchased the ticket.

Ward Thomas sent his 16-year-old son into a Mobil gas station in Long Beach to exchange winning scratcher tickets for more tickets in October, the Los Angeles Times reported. The store employee did not ask the teen for ID, the suit alleges.

The son handed the tickets to his father, who discovered that evening that one of the tickets was a big winner. Thomas validated that the ticket was a $5 million winner at a 7-11 store and at a California Lottery district office, the suit claims.

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But the lottery commission never made a payout to Thomas. The suit alleges that the lottery commission withheld the prize money because his underage son bought the ticket. One has to be at least 18 to participate in the state's lottery. The lottery commission reviews all jackpot winning tickets, including reviewing security footage from the purchase point. The state and lottery commission are accused of failure to discharge a mandatory duty.

Thomas also names the gas station as a defendant, claiming there were no signs stating that one had to be 18 to purchase lottery tickets, even if they were purchasing on behalf of someone else who was of age. The gas station is accused of breach of express and implied contract, breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, fraud, negligent misrepresentation and negligence, according to lawsuit documents.

Thomas is seeking more than $50,000 in general damages.

Sean Spicer swiped mini-fridge from junior White House staff, report claims

Published: Sunday, July 23, 2017 @ 7:11 AM

What You Need To Know: Sean Spicer

It's no surprise that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's resignation made headlines Friday, but one puzzling story about the beleaguered staffer has left social-media users scratching their heads.

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According to an anecdote that topped a Wall Street Journal article, early into Spicer's tenure, he swiped a mini-fridge from junior White House staff members.

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"Less than a month into his new job, White House press secretary Sean Spicer needed to keep his food and drink cold. He wanted a mini-fridge," wrote reporter Michael C. Bender.

>> Sean Spicer resigns: A look at his 6 months as White House press secretary

"He dispatched a top aide to a nearby executive office building where junior research employees are crammed into a room, surviving on Lean Cuisine frozen lunches," the report continued. "Mr. Spicer wants your icebox, the aide said, according to people familiar with the incident. They refused to give it up."

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But that wasn't the end of it, according to Bender, who wrote that a "fellow White House official" later saw Spicer "lugging the icebox down the White House driveway after 8 p.m."

Naturally, Twitter had a field day.

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