Police find 'maze game drawing' at James Holmes' apartment

Published: Thursday, October 24, 2013 @ 1:26 PM
Updated: Thursday, October 24, 2013 @ 1:26 PM

New information on the man accused of killing 12 people and injuring 70 others at a Colorado movie theater last year.

Colorado police say they believe James Holmes might have “role-played” a serial killer on the streets of Denver in a made-up “maze game” before the shooting took place. (Via CNN)

Police testified at a preliminary hearing Wednesday that, while searching Holmes’ apartment, they found “a spiral notebook with a drawing that depicted a serial killer navigating the maze in a section of Denver called DoLo, or Lower Downtown.” (Via NBC)

At this point it appears this fantasy was just acted out in drawings, not in reality. 

An FBI agent also gave testimony, saying an evidence team found a Batman mask and a calendar with the date of the massacre, July 20, 2012, marked “with a unique symbol." (Via New York Daily News)

According to Fox News, Holmes also sent a notebook full of violent drawings to a psychiatrist before the deadly rampage.

The pre trial was held to determine if those items and other evidence uncovered at Holmes’ apartment can be introduced at his trial.

Holmes’ lawyers are asking for that evidence to be thrown out. They say investigators searched his apartment without a search warrant, which would make any evidence obtained there unusable in court. (Via ITN)

But prosecutors argue authorities needed to enter the apartment immediately to clear it of any explosives or traps Holmes might have set up. 

Police say they used a bomb robot to knock down Holmes’ apartment door the morning after the attack. And through the robot’s camera, authorities reported they saw fireworks shells, wires, ignition boxes, and a trip wire. (Via The Denver Post)

The judge has not said when he will make his decision on the motions made in the preliminary hearing. 

Holmes is scheduled to go on trial in February for allegedly firing a semiautomatic rifle into a crowd of people attending the midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises.” (Via ABC)

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Treasury Dpt. slams Cordray plan on class action suits

Published: Monday, October 23, 2017 @ 1:04 PM
Updated: Monday, October 23, 2017 @ 1:04 PM

Richard Cordray. Getty images.
Richard Cordray. Getty images.

The Treasury Department Monday assailed a new rule adopted by a federal agency headed by former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, charging it would lead to thousands of new class-action lawsuits and cost businesses $500 million in legal fees during the next five years.

The report, which is expected to add fuel to Senate Republican efforts to scrap the rule as early as this week, claims Cordray’s decision allowing Americans to join class-action lawsuits against their credit card companies would lead to $1.7 billion in additional legal settlements during the next five years and higher costs for Americans borrowing money from their credit cards.

“It is far more likely that the rule will generate massive economic costs – borne by businesses and consumers alike,” concluded the report released by the Trump administration.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau this year instituted a rule that allows Americans to take their complaints about their credit cards and bank accounts to court. Before the rule was adopted, most credit card companies required that any dispute between the companies and Americans be settled through mandatory arbitration.

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, sharply criticized the report, saying “when large financial institutions like Wells Fargo and Equifax use forced arbitration to cover up egregious cheating, it’s working people in places like Ohio who pay the price,” adding the Treasury Department “has cherry-picked its arguments.”

In an opinion piece originally published in the New York Times in August, Cordray complained that “opponents have unleashed attacks to overturn the rule,” adding the rule “does not ban individual arbitration, as our opponents falsely claim.”

“It simply ensures that consumers have the option of joining together to sue companies,” Cordray wrote in the piece which was re-posted last week on the consumer bureau’s web site. “Companies and consumers can still use arbitration to resolve their differences, but companies cannot unilaterally block group lawsuits.”

Cordray wrote that the consumer bureau calculated that the new rule would impose less than $1 billion in new costs for the nation’s banks which he said reported $171 billion in profits last year.

Congressional Republicans and Trump have sharply objected not only to the rule, but the consumer bureau itself. The House this summer voted 231-190 to overturn the arbitration rule. The Senate could vote as early as this week on scrapping the rule.

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Kelly Ripa gets into the Halloween spirit by dusting off a past costume

Published: Friday, October 20, 2017 @ 7:23 PM

Kelly Ripa (Photo by Noam Galai/WireImage)
Noam Galai/WireImage
Kelly Ripa (Photo by Noam Galai/WireImage)(Noam Galai/WireImage)

Kelly Ripa can’t wait for Halloween, and she showed off how excited she is by sharing a throwback photo from one of her favorite years.

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“#tbt 2010,” she wrote alongside of a picture of her dressed up as the iconic Cher. “If I could turn back time I’d be Cher every damn day.”

Ripa’s husband, Mark Consuelos, caught the “Live! With Kelly and Ryan” star in another spell of Halloween excitement earlier this week. The actor shared an adorable picture of Ripa sitting on a large pumpkin on Instagram.

I call this photo. “Me punkin on me pumpkin” Enjoy....

A post shared by Mark Consuelos (@instasuelos) on

“I call this photo. ‘Me punkin on me pumpkin,'” he captioned the cute snap. “Enjoy….”

On Thursday, Ripa and co-host Ryan Seacrest shared a sneak peak at their Halloween special, both channeling “Game of Thrones” characters in order to make sure fans know that “Halloween is coming.”

The 15 hottest Halloween costumes of 2017, according to Google

Published: Monday, October 23, 2017 @ 12:02 PM

No Tricks, Just Treats: How to Have a Safe Halloween

Will Halloween festivities creeping up, many folks are likely on the hunt for a winning Halloween costume.

Thanks to Google News Lab’s Frightgeist, an annually-released database backed by trillions of Google searches in the country, you can keep track of the most popular costumes of the year.

Frightgeist shows the country’s top 500 most-searched costumes in real time and gives you data on the most-searched costumes near you.

It also includes a nifty Costume Wizard tool to help you find the right one for you. Just adjust your preferred spookiness and uniqueness level and your preferred style.

According to the national 2017 data so far, women superheroes and Disney stars, including Moana and Wonder Woman, are among the top of the list.

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But a bulk of the searches show generic character costumes, such as a pirate, zombie or witch.

Here are the 15 most popular Halloween costumes in the country for 2017, as of Monday, Oct. 23:

1. Wonder Woman

2. Harley Quinn

3. Clown

4. Unicorn

5. Rabbit

6. Witch

7. Mouse

8. Pirate

9. Zombie

10. Dinosaur

11. Princess

12. Moana

13. Ninja

14. Superhero

15. Mermaid


Hikers rescue dog who fell down mine shaft

Published: Monday, October 23, 2017 @ 12:51 PM

WATCH: Hikers Rescue Stranded Pup From Mine Shaft

Three hikers went on a journey into the woods of Colorado, and came out as heroes.

Portia Scovern and her boyfriend Preston Gladd were hiking in Park County, Colorado, when they heard sounds from a cave, The Summit Daily reported.

They thought it was a wild animal.

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But when they returned a week later, Gladd, Scovern and Gladd’s roommate, Gannon Ingles, said they found out it wasn’t a wild animal, but rather a dog that had fallen to the bottom of a mine shaft, KXRM reported.

The fall was at least 20 feet, KMGH reported.

The dog, who they found out was named Cheyenne, was not hurt, but was a little underweight and dehydrated. He’s since been returned to his owner, all thanks to Facebook, The Summit Daily reported.

A dog named Cheyenne was rescued by hikers after being trapped in the bottom of a mine shaft for a week.(Photo courtesy: Portia Scovern)

The dog had been missing since Oct. 4 when he ran off and is believed to have been at the bottom of the mine for at least a week.