Pet owner turns over every rock for return of pet turtle

Published: Tuesday, July 31, 2012 @ 8:06 PM
Updated: Tuesday, July 31, 2012 @ 8:06 PM

More than a week of signs, newspaper ads and a pet detective paid off Tuesday for an Oakwood woman searching for a missing 10-year-old turtle.

An open sliding patio door allowed Nike, a 10-inch long Red-Earred Slider Turtle, to escape her Oakwood home on July 22, according to Nike’s owner, Samia Borchers, a local dermatologist. “My husband opened it slightly for air,” Borchers said. “He did not calculate that the turtle could go through sideways, which is what happened. The turtle fell about four feet to the ground and took off from the balcony.”

Borchers took out ads, offered a $100 reward, and hired a Cincinnati pet-tracker - who charges around $600 for his services, not including travel time - to come to Oakwood and follow Nike’s trail. All, until Tuesday, for naught.

Then Jonathan Patterson, 27, of Kettering called. He found the turtle while driving on Far Hills Avenue on July 23. “I wanted to stop and help this turtle before it got ran over so we stopped traffic. Held everybody up, went and got the turtle,” Patterson said.

He contacted Borchers on Tuesday evening after an acquaintance told his stepmother about the lost turtle ad she saw in the Dayton Daily News. The stepmother then called Patterson.

“I’m an animal lover. Animal, people, life,” Patterson said of why he stopped for the turtle. “If somebody is in need I can’t really help but stop and do what I can.”

Borchers was already moving through the grieving process. “I was just starting to accept the fact that someone nice picked her up,” she said Tuesday. “I was hoping that a nice person either kept her as a pet or put her in a lake. I just can’t believe it. The chance of her making it back home, is unbelievable.”

When Patterson met Borchers at her house she called him a hero and told him he would receive a $100 reward. “I just did what anybody would do for a hurt creature. I took it in and helped it. I don’t know if that’s heroic, but I am glad I could be a hero for somebody,” Patterson said.

Samia Borchers husband, William, said his wife had not spoken to him for days because of the missing turtle.

“She’s thrilled to have her turtle back. I’m thrilled too for her,” William Borchers said.

“I’m surprised that (the turtle’s disappearance) upsets me as much as it did,” Borchers said prior Nike’s return. She admitted that some might find her actions to get Nike back as a waste of time, but they are mistaken. “You can think of a dog and a cat that way. I feel like I have always taken care of this turtle. I just feel like its not getting cared for right now.”

Borchers went so far as hiring Jim Berns of Pet Search and Rescue to help find Nike. “In five years, we’ve had no calls for turtles and in the last month, we’ve had two,” said Berns, a pet detective based in Cincinnati. He used a coon hound and then a blood hound to track Nike’s scent to Far Hills Avenue.

Nike was a gift from a family friend in Florida who drove the little turtle to Ohio 10 years ago. At the time, Borchers was seeking a turtle for her daughter after two previous ones had died.

Borchers even took the turtle on walks in the neighborhood, sometimes turning him sidewides so people would think she was a purse. She feared if she didn’t, they would stare.

When asked if hiring a pet detective to search for a turtle was going to the extreme, Berns said, “Love doesn’t make any sense. When you are attached to your pet, it becomes a member of your family…(My clients) are really really attached to their pets.”

Red-Earred Slider Turtles cost about $15. They are regulated by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and owners must pay $25 each year to renew their permit to possess once, since it is a native reptile, said Ron Ollis, ODNR’s Law Enforcement Program administrator.

Driver injured in single-vehicle accident in Miamisburg

Published: Friday, August 18, 2017 @ 7:24 PM

Driver injured in single-vehicle accident in Miamisburg

A 54-year-old driver has been taken to a hospital after slamming his sedan into a utility pole in the 700 block of North Heincke Road in Miamisburg.

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Police said the man's injuries appear to be minor. He has been cited for failure to maintain control of a motor vehicle. 

Neither drugs nor alcohol are believed to be factors in the crash, police said. 

Police and a medic unit were dispatched about 6:25 p.m. on the report of an injury accident.

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3rd arrest in a month at popular Beavercreek night spot

Published: Friday, August 18, 2017 @ 5:11 PM

3rd arrest in a month at popular Beavercreek night spot

Police in Beavercreek responded to another disturbance at Caddy's Tap House early morning Friday, and the subsequent arrest is the third in a month at the popular night spot.

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Jonah Lernon Bryant Fugate, 21, of Englewood, was taken to Jail around 1:30 a.m. and is facing a misdemeanor assault charge after a fight broke out inside the bar, at 2760 Towne Drive in Beavercreek. 

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The 19-year-old victim told officers some guys were "messing with his girlfriend" and when he said something to them, the group attacked him with punches and kicks, according to the police report. 

The suspect denied hitting the victim and told police it was somebody else, but he was arrested after the victim's girlfriend identified him as the one who threw the first punch.

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It was the third incident at the bar in recent weeks that's hit the news. 

About the same time last week, police responded to a fight at Caddy's and ended up arresting one of the bouncers, 39-year-old Dale S. Williams, for an alleged assault on an 18-year-old female. 

Williams, who was charged with misdemeanor assault, remains on suspension from working at the club. 

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Earlier this month, former University of Dayton Flyers' player Sam Miller was arrested at Caddy's for disorderly conduct. Police said Miller is accused of pushing a female bartender and acting belligerently in the back of a Beavercreek police cruiser while on the way to jail. 

Police said they don't consider Caddy's to be a problem spot, but there are increased patrols and responses to disturbances during what's considered college night on Thursdays, when patrons 18-and-up are welcomed.

Xenia police issue arrest warrant in abused puppy case

Published: Friday, August 18, 2017 @ 11:53 AM
Updated: Friday, August 18, 2017 @ 6:09 PM

Willow Xenia Animal Cruelty

UPDATE @ 6:02 p.m.: Xenia police have issued a felony arrest warrant for Matthew Bolen.

He is wanted on a charge of "causing serious harm to a companion animal.” 

Matthew Bolen (Courtesy/Xenia police)


An 8-week-old puppy is recovering from serious injuries suffered in an alleged abuse incident in Xenia and police said criminal charges are pending. 

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The female pup is named Willow and has been adopted by Leah Lind, a victim's advocate with the city of Xenia. 

Xenia police found Willow early Sunday morning on Colorado Drive. A neighbor had called 9-1-1. 

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"One of my neighbors is throwing a dog around and he's like swinging him around and banging him on the ground," the 9-1-1 caller said. "The dog is crying like crazy."

Officers responded and arrested the alleged abuser on an outstanding warrant and a criminal charge of animal cruelty is pending.

The suspect's identity has not been released. 

The suspect's girlfriend, whom police referred to as the original owner of the dog, agreed to give Willow away to Leah. 

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Willow's injuries were significant — A broken knee, displaced hip and a fragmented bone that goes into the hip socket. 

The dog is recovering after emergency surgery and more procedures will be needed. Lind said there's still a chance Willow will lose her leg to amputation if it doesn't heal properly. 

"She's very sweet and loving," Lind said. "It's amazing what she's been through, how trusting she is. She doesn't act like anything is wrong. She hops around and plays. We're actually trying to keep her calmer." 

Xenia police posted information on Facebook showing support for the fundraising effort to cover veterinary costs for the female pup named Willow. 

As word spread this week around the community about Willow, donations poured in to cover vet expenses. Lind said enough funds were raised to cover the cost of the first surgery. 

"I think her story started off tragic and when the love started pouring in, it completely inspired people," Lind said.

Tipp City Seniors group finds new home

Published: Friday, August 18, 2017 @ 4:59 PM

            Tipp City Seniors Inc. plans to buy and renovate the Evans Title building on North Hyatt Street to use for a new seniors center. The group was considering new construction but changed plans because of costs. CONTRIBUTED
Tipp City Seniors Inc. plans to buy and renovate the Evans Title building on North Hyatt Street to use for a new seniors center. The group was considering new construction but changed plans because of costs. CONTRIBUTED

TIPP CITY – Tipp City Seniors Inc. has found an existing building it plans to call home after hopes of building a new seniors center were ended when bids exceeded resources.

The organization soon will close Friday on buying the Evans Title building on North Hyatt Street, just north of the city post office.

Voters in Tipp City and Monroe Twp. agreed in fall 2015 to support a 1-mill, five-year levy to raise money for a new home to replace the current South First Street structure that organization leaders said was too small, not accessible and lacked parking.

Before the seniors can complete building renovations and a move, the Tipp City Council is being asked to approve an amendment to the city zoning code to add fraternal, charitable and service-oriented clubs as a permitted use within the OS-Office Service Zoning District.

Council previously approved two similar requests that would have allowed the center in two locations – off North Third Street and further north on Hyatt Street – that later were abandoned. The first location was dropped because of issues with the Miami Conservancy District restrictions and the second because of the growth in project cost.

Plans to build a new facility a short distance to the north of the Evans Title building on Hyatt Street had to be dropped after bids for the proposed new building came in at around $2 million, or $240 to $280 per square foot. When prices first were sought, the seniors were told they could build for $140 per square foot, and the 1-mill levy was based on those numbers, said John Berk, who is chairing the seniors building committee with Gordon Pittenger Sr.

“I guess we were old fashioned or something, but we thought that (1-mill levy) would build us anything we wanted,” Pittenger said.

The levy income will be used to pay off a loan to buy the building and leave some money for building alterations, which initially will include a sprinkler system and a warming kitchen. Other desired changes would be done as money is available, Pittenger said.

The seniors hope to move into the building in the spring.

Berk said a new home was needed for existing membership along with a planned larger membership the organization thinks would be possible with more space, parking and added activities. The organization has around 185 members.

“We are really trying to reach out to people in their 60s and 70s. They pretty much say, ‘When you get your new building, we’d be interested in joining,’” Berk said. “They won’t come to this building where there is very limited parking,”

After buying the Evans Title building, the seniors will place for sale the existing South First Street home and the five acres it purchased off North Hyatt Street for the center whose were abandoned.