New satellite to enhance forecasting, storm tracking

Published: Tuesday, February 27, 2018 @ 11:34 AM
Updated: Thursday, March 01, 2018 @ 6:05 AM

NOAA and NASA will send a new satellite to join GOES-16 and provide better data and imagery for the entire United States.

A new NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) satellite is scheduled to launch in to space this week with help from NASA.

The new satellite will continue to improve the ability of meteorologists to forecast and track weather moving across the United States, including our own Storm Center 7 team of meteorologists here in the Miami Valley.


Storm Center 7 Meteorologist Kirstie Zontini said these satellites carry working lightning mappers that can tell forecasters more about severe thunderstorms and improve lead time on warnings to keep your family safer during severe weather. 

>> WHIO Live Doppler 7 Interactive Radar

The GOES-17 will join GOES-16 in orbit to watch the western Hemisphere from Africa to New Zealand. This means GOES-17 will provide improved atmospheric measurements and imagery for the Pacific Ocean, western United States, Hawaii and Alaska. Weather systems in the US typically travel west to east so this will give forecasters even more information about developing systems and greater detail about severe thunderstorms. 

Images from GOES-17 can be generated as quickly as every 30 seconds. It will provide faster information when it comes to weather patterns, severe weather or hurricanes.

Wildfires will be better monitored with the enhanced imagery and hurricane tracking and forecasts will be improved. 

>> SkyWitness7

GOES-17 and GOES-16, which launched in 2016, will combine to provide this enhanced satellite imagery across the lower 48 states adding big improvements for Hawaii and Alaska.


A satellite like this one has a “geosynchronous orbit,” meaning it will keep the satellite over a specific location, like shining a flashlight. GOES-S will take 17 days to reach geostationary orbit and then it will be called GOES-17. 

NOAA and NASA will launch a new GOES satellite Thursday, March 1, which will help improve weather forecasting and storm tracking. IMAGE COURTESY NASA of GOES-13

This allows it to always monitor the atmosphere. GOES-S can scan Earth five times faster and with four times the image resolution than older GOES satellites.

The new GOES is expected to launch just after 5 p.m. March 1 from Cape Canaveral, Florida, weather permitting. 

Check this site for a live feed of the launch.

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West Carrollton cruiser struck by vehicle during traffic stop, driver arrested

Published: Friday, March 23, 2018 @ 3:24 AM
Updated: Friday, March 23, 2018 @ 9:40 AM

A woman accused of hitting a West Carrollton police cruiser, while the officer was on a separate traffic stop, was arrested on suspicion of OVI after her vehicle was stopped on Interstate 75 Friday morning, according to jail records and police.

Stephanie Dye, 47, was booked into the Montgomery County Jail following the incident on the highway in the area of I-75 and Interstate 675 around 2:45 a.m.

OTHER LOCAL NEWS: Officials investigate after person is shot in the mouth in Trotwood

Police said they had stopped a vehicle on the highway for a speed violation and as the officer was handling that traffic stop, Dye was accused of hitting the West Carrollton cruiser. 

The officer left the original traffic stop and was able to stop Dye’s vehicle a short time later without incident, investigators said.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol was called to assist with the crash investigation involving the cruiser.

No injuries were reported during the incident.

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Local driver falls asleep and hits garage

Published: Friday, March 23, 2018 @ 9:54 AM

Car drives into side of garage on Saratoga Drive in Troy

Friday morning a Troy driver was on his way home from a twelve hour shift, fell asleep at the wheel and hit a garage on Saratoga Drive. 

We are unsure if anyone was injured and will bring you the latest details as we receive them. 

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Winter Storm: ‘Either Dayton or Cincinnati will get nailed’

Published: Thursday, March 22, 2018 @ 7:21 PM
Updated: Friday, March 23, 2018 @ 8:18 AM

Another winter storm is taking aim on the Miami Valley and southwest Ohio just in time for the first weekend of spring. While the track is still somewhat uncertain, parts of the area could see significant snow Saturday. Storm Center 7 Chief Meteorologist Eric Elwell says we will need to pay close attention to this early spring storm.

A clipper-type system will push through southwest Ohio this weekend, but it’s too early to tell the storm’s track.

>> 5-Day Forecast

Snow is expected Saturday, with a good chance for accumulation.

“At this point it’s safe to assume areas southwest of Dayton will see the highest snowfall totals, but the exact amount is still in question”, according to Storm Center 7 Meteorologist Brett Collar.

>> Live Doppler 7 Interactive Radar

With this storm having a sharp gradient between a lot of snow and no snow, there’s still some tweaking needed over the next day or so. 

A line of winter weather is expected to blast through southwest Ohio on Saturday, but it’s too early to say who will get the most punishing hit.

“Here’s the bottom line: It’s an intense system and someone is going to see a lot of snow, we just don’t know where it’s going yet,” said Storm Center 7 Chief Meteorologist Eric Elwell. “Right now, it looks like either Dayton or Cincinnati will get nailed.”

» View the Doppler 7 radar

Elwell said it looks like there could be a “sharp cut-off” for who gets snow, and who doesn’t.

“It’s very possible that Cincinnati could get 6-plus inches of snow, and Dayton gets an inch or less. That’s how sharp we expect it to be,” Elwell said.

Right now, Oxford, Hamilton and Middletown appear to be in the direct track of the storm.

“We believe between Dayton and Cincinnati will see a lot of snow,” Elwell said. “But any small deviation in the track will play a huge role in who see’s what.”

Sunday is expected to be a pleasant end to the weekend with highs in the mid 40s and clear skies. Monday brings warm temperatures to start the new week with sunshine and highs in the low 50s.

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‘A whole new life’: Local people share their addiction recovery stories

Published: Friday, March 16, 2018 @ 6:42 PM

Amber Hartman Ortez talks about past life of drug addiction, sex trafficking and abusive relationships during an interview at the Safe Harbor House in Springfield. She’s now more than four and a half years clean. BILL LACKEY/STAFF
Amber Hartman Ortez talks about past life of drug addiction, sex trafficking and abusive relationships during an interview at the Safe Harbor House in Springfield. She’s now more than four and a half years clean. BILL LACKEY/STAFF

From a mother of two who overcame a decade of being sex trafficked, to a young man just out of jail for what he hopes will be the last time, local people who have come out the other side of the opioid epidemic are telling their stories.

No two recovery stories are exactly alike, but for each of the people interviewed here substance abuse was a symptom of larger issues of trauma, isolation and loss. Although at various stages of recovery, each expressed a desire to help others find their way out of addiction hell. And that includes sharing their story publicly.

It used to be very rare to see someone step in front of their church congregation or civic organization — let alone television cameras — and tell their story of addiction and recovery, said Greg Delaney, a pastor and outreach coordinator for Woodhaven Recovery in Dayton.

But this month he shared his story of long-term recovery at the White House.

“The climate has changed,” he said. “The narrative has changed.”

FULL STORY: Local recovering addicts tell their stories

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