At least 8 killed in fiery Tennessee bus crash

Published: Wednesday, October 02, 2013 @ 3:39 PM
Updated: Wednesday, October 02, 2013 @ 4:37 PM


The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Authorities say a tire on a church bus blew out and the bus hit a tractor-trailer and sport utility vehicle in northeastern Tennessee, killing eight people.

According to, at least 8 people have been killed in the crash that happened around 2 p.m. Eastern on I-40 near the Interstate 81 split.

According to WSOC-TV in Charlotte, the bus was from Front Street Baptist Church in Statesville, N.C. Pastor's wife Dionne Stutts told WSOC the bus was carrying senior adult church members.  They were on their way home from an event called the Fall Jubilee in Gatlinburg. Church pastors say they are on the way to the area.

The state Department of Safety and Homeland Security said the chartered bus crossed the median in Jefferson County about 2 p.m. Wednesday on Interstate 40. The bus clipped an oncoming SUV and hit the tractor-trailer, which burst into flames. The bus, which was heading eastbound, overturned.

Tennessee Highway Patrol spokesperson Dalya Qualls says eight people died in the crash: six were on the bus, one in the tractor-trailer, and one in an SUV. 14 people were injured.

Election 2017: Sinclair asks voters to renew $28-million levy

Published: Sunday, October 22, 2017 @ 3:48 PM
Updated: Sunday, October 22, 2017 @ 3:48 PM

Sinclair Community College.
Sinclair Community College.

Sinclair Community College is asking Montgomery County voters to continue providing 20 percent of the school’s funding.

Sinclair is seeking the renewal of an operating levy on the November ballot, meaning if Issue 4 passes, it would not raise taxes. The school has never had a levy fail and hopes voters renew the 10-year, 3.2 mill levy that generates around $28 million annually for the college.

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The levy, which is one of two Sinclair gets funding from, costs the owner of a $100,000 home around $98 per year.

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“This is a big deal for us because this is 20 percent of our funding,” president Steve Johnson said. “Sinclair has had a major levy supporting it since the mid 60s.”

The levy up for renewal on Nov. 7 does not expire until the end of 2018 so the community college will have another chance to get it renewed if it were to go down next month.

Sinclair’s 10-year levy allows the school to invest in daily operations of the downtown Dayton campus as well as provide discounted tuition for Montgomery County residents. The discount means Montgomery County students pay just over $99 per credit hour while students from other counties pay around $146 per credit hour.

The discount means Montgomery County residents pay the lowest tuition in the state to attend a community college, Sinclair officials have said. Sinclair is one of six community colleges in the state that receive some funding through a levy, Johnson said.

The money generated by the Montgomery County levy can only be used within the county, according to state law, meaning no levy revenue can be used at Sinclair’s locations in Warren or Greene counties.

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But, a local group led by David Esrati said Montgomery County tax dollars are being used elsewhere.

In response to Issue 4, Esrati started an political action committee called “Reconstructing Dayton” and a website called Keep Sinclair Fair. The website encourages residents to vote against the renewal this fall.

“I’m sure they’re spending Montgomery County tax dollars in other counties. You can’t have a branch campus in Warren County and have all the support…all the things that go along with it,” Esrati said. “That is not covered for $47 extra a credit hour.”

It’s not fair, said Esrati, that Sinclair has locations in neighboring counties but that residents of those counties are not taxed.

He pointed to Sinclair ‘s interest in buying Far Hills Church on Clyo Road as evidence because it sits immediately next to Wilmington Pike, which serves as the Greene County line. Sinclair may convert the 100,000 square-foot church and the 40 acres it sits on into a new learning center for $6 million to $10 million.

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Esrati called for all counties Sinclair has facilities in to be taxed since Montgomery County residents already pay for Sinclair. Sinclair has locations in Preble County, Greene County, Warren County and a Huber Heights location that serves people from Miami, Montgomery and Greene counties.

Levies are not needed in other counties because Sinclair’s operations are substantially smaller than in Montgomery County, Johnson said. Although Sinclair has the authority to put a tax levy on the ballot in Warren County, Johnson said county leaders do not think one is needed right now.

“If at some time the leaders of Warren County want to have a levy…and want to have lower tuition and they want to have more programs and a bigger campus and all that stuff we’d be interested in talking to them about that,” Johnson said. “But, at this point in time, you know, the very small, modest thing that it is, is what it is.”

Fallen Miami Valley firefighters, first responders honored at Centerville memorial

Published: Sunday, October 22, 2017 @ 3:48 PM

Firefighters and EMS professionals killed in the line of duty were honored Sunday at Centerville’s Stubbs Park Sunday morning.

71 names appear on the memorial dedicated to fallen firefighters and first responders and dedicated in 2010, according to Darrell Perkins, President of the Miami Valley Firefighters EMS Memorial Association. 

“Remembering our brothers and sisters killed in the line of duty is important not just for the survivors but for their families and loved ones,” Perkins said. 

>>Firefighter, EMS memorial pays tribute to fallen

Now in its 27th year, the memorial service honors fallen firefighters and responders in all nine of the counties comprising the Miami Valley. 

Perkins said the memorial features the names of those killed in action from as far back as the middle 1800s. 

“I recently had a person comment on our Facebook the other day after posting a death back in 1951 and she posted that it was her great-grandfather,” Perkins said. 

>>Memorial honors fallen Hamilton firefighter, first responders

The organization is planning future fundraising events to do needed repair work on the memorial and to continue events like Sunday’s memorial. 

“Events like this do cost some money, so we’re going to continue that [fundraising]…sadly, one of these days I’m sure we’ll have to add another name and we’d like to have money in reserve for that,” Perkins said.

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Report: South Florida teacher fired for throwing X-rated party in classroom

Published: Sunday, October 22, 2017 @ 3:45 PM

A dance teacher in Miami-Dade was fired for allegedly throwing a surprise party with X-rated decorations and favors at school.

Parents told WSVN that the teacher works at Mater Lakes Academy, a charter school for grades six through 12. The party took place in the teacher’s classroom after school on Wednesday, with students as young as 11 years old. 

A mother of one of the students told WSVN that the party was for a former male student and when he walked into the room, “they surprised him with a hat that had a penis attached to the top and a string to be able to pull it so it can get erected.” 

The party also had candles and hats shaped as genitalia, WSVN reports. 

“There was a cake that had a lollipop shaped as a vagina,” the mother told WSVN. 

School administrators told WSVN that the teacher, who remains unidentified, has been fired and said in a statement:

“Once we became aware of the situation, we addressed it immediately and have taken the appropriate measures and the individual has been dismissed.”


Family bitten by bed bugs on nine hour international British Airways flight

Published: Sunday, October 22, 2017 @ 3:42 PM

A bed bug feeding on human skin. The insects bit passengers on a nine hour British Airways flight from Vancouver to the U.K.
VW Pics/UIG via Getty Images
A bed bug feeding on human skin. The insects bit passengers on a nine hour British Airways flight from Vancouver to the U.K.(VW Pics/UIG via Getty Images)

A British Columbia woman and her daughter described a harrowing tale of being bitten by bed bugs on a British Airways flight from Vancouver to the United Kingdom.

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Heather Szilagyi was on the  nine-hour international flight with her fiance and her 7-year-old daughter when she said she saw the insects crawling around on the seat in front of her.

“To actually see them pouring out of the back of the TV on the seat, that was actually really gross,” she told National Post.

Szilagyi took a series of photos that show the nasty bites that the creatures left on her daughter. She worked in hotels for years and said she recognized the insects immediately.

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A British Airways spokesperson said in a statement that bed bugs on flights are extremely rare, but added, “Nevertheless, we are vigilant and continually monitor our aircraft. The presence of bed bugs is an issue faced occasionally by hotels and airlines all over the world.”

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Szilagyi told CTV that they had trouble getting in touch with somebody from the airline until they finally posted about the incident online.

“I’m not asking for money, I’m not asking for anything,” she said, but on their way home, the airline flew them first class, and she noted that there were no bed bugs on that trip.