GOP VP pick Paul Ryan returns to Miami University

Published: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 @ 1:17 PM
Updated: Thursday, August 16, 2012 @ 2:14 AM

Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan made his first Ohio campaign visit on Wednesday at Miami University — where he graduated in 1992 — and said he and Mitt Romney were committed to their plan to balance the federal budget and strengthen the middle class.

Ryan’s ties to Ohio quickly emerged and his alma mater became the stage for his Buckeye State debut. About 5,500 people turned out to hear Ryan speak on the quad behind the engineering building, according to the Secret Service.

The race for Ohio’s crucial 18 electoral votes is neck-and-neck, according to three polls released this week. The Rasmussen poll shows Romney and President Barack Obama tied at 45 percent, Public Policy showed Romney three points behind Obama and the Purple Strategies Poll shows Romney with a two-point lead.

Medicare has surged to the forefront of the election debate since Ryan joined the Republican ticket on Saturday. The budget plan drafted by Ryan last year would make huge changes to the entitlement program for older Americans.

Ryan didn’t shy away from the subject, challenging Obama to discuss the issue.

“We want this debate,” Ryan said. “We need this debate and we will win this debate.”

Ryan said Obama cut $716 billion from Medicare to pay for his health care plan.

“The president’s campaign says this raid of Medicare to pay for Obamacare, which leads to fewer services for current seniors, is an achievement,” Ryan said.

Ryan did not mention that those cuts were also included in his plan, passed by House Republicans.

“Today, Mitt Romney forced Paul Ryan to attack his own budget. Congressman Ryan knows that the $716 billion in Medicare savings that he included in two of his own budgets do not cut a single guaranteed Medicare benefit,” said Obama campaign spokesman Danny Kanner. “It’s a shame that someone picked for his ‘strong beliefs’ is now abandoning them just to help Mr. Romney score a political point.”

Each campaign lobbed heated remarks about the negative tone of the other campaign this week, and Ryan blasted Obama for a campaign “based on anger and division.”

“We will not duck the tough issues, we will lead,” Ryan said. “We will not blame others — we will take responsibility.”

Ryan is a Wisconsin native but spent four years at Miami and graduated in 1992 with a dual degree in economics and political science. He has served as a U.S. representative from Wisconsin since 1998 and chairs the House Budget Committee.

Ryan was chosen to speak at Miami’s 2009 commencement ceremony. The student newspaper editorial board then slammed the choice for not being prominent enough.

It’s hard to argue Ryan’s prominence now, five days after Romney tapped him to be his running mate.

Ryan’s former economics professor Rich Hart gave a short introduction, where he recalled chats with Ryan about economics models. Hart called Ryan bright, articulate, intellectually curious and inquisitive.

“Paul is a man of ideas, a man of vision,” Hart said.

Ryan told the crowd he spent a lot of his “formative years” on the campus, noting he likes his Skyline chili “5 Way” and he couldn’t cut it on the school’s hockey team.

He called for more jobs for young people, noting a recent study that found half of recent college graduates did not have a job in their field of study. He did not talk about college affordability or Pell Grants, loans available to the most financially needy students.

Democrats have attacked Ryan for the big changes he proposed to Pell Grants in his budget plan, which would result in fewer students meeting eligibility requirements and end the interest-free benefits on Subsidized Stafford loans for undergraduate students.

Ryan is Miami’s second vice presidential candidate. The first was Greene County native Whitelaw Reid, who ran unsuccessfully in 1892 on the ticket of incumbent President Benjamin Harrison, another Miami graduate.

Ryan has another Ohio event this morning in the Canton area.

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Millennials replacing engagement rings with diamonds embedded in fingers

Published: Sunday, March 18, 2018 @ 2:20 PM

Some Millennials Replacing Engagement Rings with Finger Piercings

Millennials are spurning traditional engagement rings and replacing them with diamonds embedded into fingers, WCBS reported.

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“We notice lately a lot of people coming looking for that,” said Sam Abbas, who owns NYC Ink Studio in Manhattan.

“I think it looks nice, but if you really think what it’s doing to the body – and you can have scarring – it’s so many complications that can happen from it,” Cynthia Rivas told WCBS.

The biggest issue is keeping the area around the piercing clean. Abbas suggests cleaning the finger at least two or three times. When seeking a piercing artist, it’s also important to gauge his or her experience, Abbas said.

“You’re dealing with the blood, so you got to be very, very safe,” Abbas told WCBS. “What we do, we sterilize everything.”

The embedding process takes about 10 minutes. An artist marks a spot with a pen, cleans the area with alcohol and iodine and then inserts an anchor -- typically made of gold or titanium -- to hold the diamond, WCBS reported.

The procedure costs approximately $100; the selected gem has an additional cost, Abbas said. 

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Man steals Jeep from dealership during test drive, police say

Published: Saturday, March 17, 2018 @ 9:17 PM

Police: Man Steals Jeep from Dealership During Test Drive

Authorities are looking for a man who stole a Jeep on Thursday from a dealership during a test drive, police said. 

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The suspect walked into Philly Auto dealership around 7 p.m. and expressed interest in a red Jeep Cherokee on the lot, according to WPVI

The man and a salesman went on a test drive. During the drive, the man started driving erratically and the salesman asked him to pull over, according to WPVI. The salesman started to switch seats with the man when the thief pulled out a gun and drove off, leaving the salesman on the side of the road. 

No shots were fired and there were no injuries. The man has not been seen since the incident.

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Trump slams Mueller, McCabe in Sunday tweets

Published: Sunday, March 18, 2018 @ 11:07 AM
Updated: Sunday, March 18, 2018 @ 2:08 PM

Preisdent Donald Trump criticized special counsel Robert Mueller on Sunday.
Getty Images
Preisdent Donald Trump criticized special counsel Robert Mueller on Sunday.(Getty Images)

In a flurry of tweets Sunday morning, President Donald Trump criticized special counsel Robert Mueller’s legal team, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and former FBI Director James Comey, CNN reported.

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Trump suggested partisan bias, wondering on Twitter why the Mueller team had “13 hardened Democrats, some big Crooked Hillary supporters, and Zero Republicans?”

Another tweet refuted the news that McCabe had written memos about his interactions with Trump. McCabe told CNN that he had three meetings and one telephone call with the president. 

"Spent very little time with Andrew McCabe, but he never took notes when he was with me," Trump tweeted, calling the memos “fake.”

Trump’s tweets came a day after it was reported that Mueller interviewed McCabe and asked him about Comey’s firing, CNN reported.

Michael Bromwich, McCabe’s attorney, said in a tweet Sunday afternoon that “the whole truth will come out in due course.”

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Victims of the FIU pedestrian bridge collapse: What we know

Published: Sunday, March 18, 2018 @ 11:49 AM

WATCH: Victims of the FIU Pedestrian Bridge Collapse

The victims of the Florida International University bridge collapse range in age from 18 to 60.

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They include a father of three, a teenager aspiring for a career in political science and Cuban owners of a party business. 

Their lives all came to an abrupt end on the afternoon of March 15 when a pedestrian bridge at FIU fell, trapping vehicles underneath and injuring numerous lives.

>> Photos: Miami pedestrian bridge collapses

Here’s the latest of what we know about them: 

Brandon Brownfield

He was a husband, father and a tower crane technician for Maxim Crane Works.

He moved to South Florida a few years ago with his wife, Chelsea, and recently purchased a home in Homestead, according to the Miami Herald. 

“After ten years of knowing and loving Brandon, 3 years and 11 months of marriage, and 3 beautiful girls; our love runs deep, and has been strengthened by our faith. I keep trying to find the words to share with you - our friends and family - but nothing feels right,” Chelsea wrote on Facebook. 

He was from Waynseboro, Virginia, and studied at Brevard Community College, according to his Facebook page. 

He leaves behind his wife and three daughters. 

Rolando Fraga 

Rolando Fraga was a 60-year-old systems technician and truck driver who lived near FIU. He was from a town south of Havana, Cuba.

He died when the bridge collapsed on his Jeep Cherokee, according to the Miami Herald

The day before, on the morning of March 14, he posted the following message to Facebook: “Nothing is forever. Coffee gets cold, people leave, time passes and people change.”

Osvaldo Gonzalez

Co-owner of Classic Design Party Rental business, Osvaldo Gonzalez, 57, died when the bridge collapsed on a white van he was in with Alberto Arias.

He came to South Florida from Cuba during the 1980 Mariel boatlift, according to the Miami Herald

Alberto Arias

Alberto Arias, 53, was the other owner of Classic Design Party Rental. He studied at Miami Dade College and previously lived in Havana, Cuba. 

“He went out of his way to help anybody. He was a business owner and he just took a lot of pride in his work and family,” Ismael Segovia, his cousin, told NBC 6

Navarro Brown

Navarro Brown, 37, was an employee with Structural Technologies VSL. He was from Jamaica.

Appelonia Brown, his cousin, told the Miami Herald that he was a “hard-working, humble youth.” 

Alexa Duran

The 18-year-old Florida International University student was a political science major and previously attended Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School in Southwest Ranches and Country Club Middle School in unincorporated Miami-Dade County, according to her Facebook profile.

“She is the funniest person I know,” Manny Perez told the Miami Herald

Alexa Duran died when the bridge fell on top of her gray Toyota SUV.

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