A familiar coffee brand may soon become a coffee shop

Published: Monday, June 19, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

What you never knew about coffee.

We caught up with Bill Miller, the Dayton native and founder of online coffee and tea retailer Grind House Coffee and Tea Co., to find out more about him and his company. Miller lives in Franklin, and his roasting and packing facility is located in Fairfield.

How did your business get its start?

Grind House Coffee and Tea Co. has always been a dream of mine. My family has had a love for coffee and tea that started with my great-grandfather. My mother knew I had always wanted to open a coffee shop and encouraged me to start looking into it. When my mother passed away in 2015, it was my father who told me to get up and follow my dreams. I started Grind House in November of 2015. I literally was sitting in a Starbucks during lunch and asked myself, “What are you waiting for? You could do this with your eyes closed.” Since that day I haven’t looked back.

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What the response has been?

In the beginning the response was very slow. I had to build my customer base and conversion rates in order to get the word out. With the help of social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), our customer base has grown. Our customers really like the flavored coffees as well as our loose leaf tea blends, and our merchandise sales are increasing.

Bill Miller, founder and owner of Grind House Coffee & Tea Co. SUBMITTED(Staff Writer)

Tell us about your background.

I was born and raised in Dayton. The neighborhood I grew up in is Ridgewood Heights but better known as Crown Point, near the VA Hospital. I’m a product of the Dayton Public School system. I attended Miami Chapel Elementary, where I started playing the cello in the third grade. I attend Stivers Junior High and then Colonel White High School for the Arts, class of 1993. After high school, I attended Northern Kentucky University.

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How did you get into the coffee and tea business? 

My family has always imported beans from other countries. We would experiment mixing different beans together and see what worked and what didn’t. When I was older I learned how to create flavored coffees and how to blend teas.

What your plans are for the company?

My plans for Grind House is to simply grow it into a company that our customers can rely on to serve quality coffees. I want our customers to know that they can expect the same quality coffees that they order online, in our coffee shops, which are coming soon!

I want to open a chain of coffee shops in the Dayton area and then expand to the Columbus and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky markets. Eventually, I’d like to expand to the East Coast — but that’s the 10 year plan!

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Who are your customers?

My customers are from all over the United States, and I do get the occasional international order. I’ve gained a lot of attention in the Online Coffee Clubs and Groups, friends of mine on Facebook and Instagram, family and word of mouth. I’ve done a lot of farmers markets and craft shows in the Cincinnati area in the past couple of months.

Grind House Coffee & Tea Co. is planning a chain of coffee shops in the Dayton and Cincinnati areas. SUBMITTED(Staff Writer)

Where do you ship? 

I ship anywhere the U.S. Postal Service will deliver. And I only use the USPS.

Is it all direct to consumer?

Everything is shipped from our roasting facility directly to the customer to ensure their coffee is FRESH!

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Do you sell to restaurants and other retailers?

In the past I’ve tried to get into some local restaurants but failed because they have contracts with their food supplier. There are some local Hair Salons in Englewood and Miamisburg and Centerville that serve Grind House coffee as well as a Boutique in Miamisburg. But our main focus is our online sales and opening up the first coffee shop in Dayton, Ohio. We are looking at multiple spaces in the Oregon District, Downtown Dayton, Miamisburg, Centerville, Springboro, Franklin and Middletown.

Tell me more about your coffees and why they’re worth seeking out.

I think we offer an eclectic selection of single origin coffees from almost every part of the globe. There are people out there that never realized that you could flavor coffee beans with chocolates and vanilla’s and bourbon! My goal is to fill the room with the delicious aroma of the flavored coffee once you open the first bag.

For more information, check out www.grindhousecoffeeandteacompany.com.

Thief unwittingly leaves wallet, photo ID at crime scene

Published: Saturday, October 21, 2017 @ 11:00 PM

A thief unwittingly turned himself in after leaving his wallet behind after leaving a Dayton store.

Police said they were dispatched to Dollar General on 2312 N. Main St. in Dayton around 8 a.m. Saturday, and found a wallet left behind by one of the suspects. Police found several items with the suspect’s name on them, including a photo ID. 

The second suspect was identified as a heavyset man between 30 and 40, wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt. The suspect ran away on foot south through the nearby alley, appearing to have several items hidden under his sweatshirt. 

According to reports, police found hangers with five children’s outfits near the wallet, as well as three packs of Ivory soap and a Halloween mask.

Moraine police shooting vigil: Jamarco McShann’s death ‘senseless’

Published: Saturday, October 21, 2017 @ 7:45 PM
Updated: Saturday, October 21, 2017 @ 9:10 PM

Vigil for Jamarco McShann ends with balloon release

Community members and family gathered tonight for a candlelight vigil to remember a man shot and killed Friday in a Moraine police shooting.

Local activist, the Rev. Jerome McCorry, spoke at the vigil and said he represents the family of 23-year-old Jamarco McShann.

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“This was senseless,” he told the crowd in the Pinnacle Park lot that marked the spot where McShann was shot and killed.

Moraine police said he pointed a gun at them, which family members dispute.

Jamarco McShann

A large photo of McShann was held up at the vigil, which ended with a balloon release and a vow from organizers to seek justice.

“It’s about a bunch of scared cops who use the excuse ‘I feared for my life,’ ” McCorry said. “In the name of Jamarco a federal lawsuit will be filed.”

Pastor runs past firefighters to be with woman who fell down 50 foot cliff

Published: Saturday, October 21, 2017 @ 11:01 PM

A woman in her 70s fell from a 50 foot cliff. (Photo: Fox23.com)
A woman in her 70s fell from a 50 foot cliff. (Photo: Fox23.com)

An older woman is recovering after falling about 50 feet off a cliff in rural Claremore, firefighters said.

A family friend said the woman, who is in her 70s, was dumping out some leaves when she slipped and fell behind her home.

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Multiple agencies spent about 90 minutes rescuing her while a medical helicopter waited nearby.

Firefighters said the woman was alert and talking when she was rescued. She was taken to a Tulsa hospital where she is recovering from bruises, a broken arm and a couple of broken ribs.

Pastor David Mewbourne of Claremore Assembly of God, the woman's pastor of 14 years, said he ran past firefighters and climbed down the cliff to keep her company while they worked on a way to rescue her safely.

Mewbourne said a tree was the only thing that kept her from going into the Verdigris River.

New father accused of selling heroin from maternity ward

Published: Saturday, October 21, 2017 @ 10:24 PM

Cody Hulse. (Photo: WPXI.com)
Cody Hulse. (Photo: WPXI.com)

A new dad is accused of selling heroin from his family's room in the maternity ward.

Cody Hulse's child was born Thursday and police say a few hours later, Hulse was arrested on accusations he was selling heroin out of the maternity ward. 

Only Channel 11 was there as Hulse faced a judge Friday.

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On his way to jail, Channel 11 asked him what he had to say about the allegations.

"I have an addiction problem," Hulse said. "I do." 

Police say they stopped a car on North Main Street and could see heroin bags in plain sight.

They asked the person where they got the drugs, which led officers to Room 511 of the maternity ward of Excela Health Westmoreland. 

They found Hulse inside his girlfriend's room. 

They say he cooperated and told them he sold heroin to people who visited the room earlier that day.

Inside his pocket, police say they found 34 bags of heroin, needles, rubber bands and a spoon. 

Channel 11 contacted Excela Health about the arrest and whether there's anything the hospital can do to prevent something like this from happening again.

A spokesperson told Channel 11, "We appreciate the efforts of the city of Greensburg Police Department. Excela Health's security team works cooperatively with local and state law enforcement on an ongoing basis to help insure our health care is delivered in a safe environment for patients, visitors and employees."

The baby's mother denied knowing he had heroin in the room, but said she knew Hulse had issues with heroin in the past.