Fairborn OKs area's first public CNG fueling station

Updated: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 @ 5:48 AM
Published: Monday, February 18, 2013 @ 10:40 PM
By: Steven Matthews - Staff Writer

            Fairborn OKs area's first public CNG fueling station

The first public compressed natural gas fueling station in the Miami Valley will be in the city of Fairborn.

Fairborn City Council approved 5-2 Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio’s request to build a public CNG fueling station at its Fairborn site, 1135 E. Dayton-Yellow Springs Road. Councilmen Jim Hapner and Robert Wood voted against it. The discussion lasted nearly two hours before a standing-room-only crowd.

Vectren operates a CNG station at that site to serve its own private six-vehicle fleet, so this location makes sense for expansion because it already has the appropriate infrastructure in place, company officials said.

There are no current plans to expand beyond this project, said Colleen Ryan, president of Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio.

Of Vectren’s six operational centers in southwest Ohio, the Fairborn site is the only one that has a CNG station. It will be only the 13th public CNG station in the state.

“If you want to put Fairborn on the map, put one in Fairborn,” Ryan said. “It’s a great thing to do for the community and the state of Ohio.”

Ryan said there will be minimal impact to traffic and the condition of roadways. Vectren expects the public CNG fueling station to average 10 vehicles a day, mainly service and trash-sized trucks.

The station is expected to be open to the public as early as the summer, barring any unforeseen delays or regulatory issues. The cost of the expansion for Vectren will be about $900,000.

“I’m not so sure there’s a hidden agenda by Vectren,” said Hapner, who questioned Ryan about the monetary investment. “I don’t think it’s a wise business decision.”

The unmanned CNG station — accessed from Trebein Road — will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On-site surveillance cameras will be monitored at Vectren’s headquarters in Evansville, Ind.

The project had already been delayed a month in order to answer concerns raised by citizens who live just north of the site. Those concerns included safety, traffic flow and the location of the proposed site.

“I look at it as Vectren making an investment in Fairborn,” Councilwoman Marilyn McCauley said. “It’s not how much taxes we’re going to get or how many jobs it’s going to produce. It’s an investment in the future of this city and the businesses in the city.”

2 teens arrested after allegedly breaking into school

Updated: Thursday, December 08, 2016 @ 9:06 AM
By: Breaking News Staff

            2 teens arrested after allegedly breaking into school
Desmond Winton-Finklea/Staff

UPDATE @ 8:57 a.m. (Dec. 8):

Two teens that allegedly broke into Vandalia-Butler High School this morning have been identified.

Sean Wilt, 19, and Dylan Sharp, 19, were booked into the Montgomery County Jail early this morning, according to Lt. Kurt Althouse.

Wilt was booked on a preliminary charge of burglary and Sharp was booked on a preliminary charge of breaking and entering.


Vandalia police are investigating after two teenage, adult men were arrested following a break-in at Vandalia-Butler High School Thursday morning.

Officers responded to the high school at 600 South Dixie Drive early Thursday morning after receiving an alarm from the school.

Vandalia police Sgt. Tom Vallery said when officers first responded to the school, one suspect was spotted running from the building, and was taken into custody after a short foot chase.

A short time later, a second suspect was located in a parked car nearby and was also taken into custody.

Police said both suspects are teenagers, between 18 and 19 years old.

Officers on the scene initially told our crew the men were doing parkour, a type of free-running exercise involving running, jumping, and climbing.

Vallery updated the report and said it could not be confirmed if parkour was the intention of the suspects. The only apparent items that were taken were drinks, and there was no apparent damage to anything inside the building.

Police were working to determine how the men entered the high school, and said there was no apparent forced entry to the school.

Investigators are reviewing security camera footage in the school that is believed to have captured the incident.

Police will present charges of breaking and entering for approval to the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office

No other details were available.

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WATCH: Trooper helping change tire nearly hit

Updated: Thursday, December 08, 2016 @ 8:58 AM
By: Breaking News Staff - Breaking News Staff

A trooper helping a motorist change a tire was nearly hit by a passing car.

According to a post on the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Facebook page, the trooper and motorist were nearly struck by the car, driven by a drowsy driver.

A new study released by AAA earlier this week found that drivers who miss between one and two hours of sleep nearly double rtheir risk of ending up in a crash.

The post did not specify where in Ohio the incident happened. We are working to find out more.

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Dayton traffic from the WHIO Traffic Center

Updated: Thursday, December 08, 2016 @ 8:40 AM
By: Breaking News Staff

            Dayton traffic from the WHIO Traffic Center
Staff photo

Check this page for a full list of crashes, disabled vehicles, construction projects and other hazards impacting your commute.

Traffic issues can be reported by calling our newsroom at 937-259-2237 or tweeting @WHIOTraffic .

Sgt. Mark Bowron is updating conditions every six minutes on AM 1290 and News 95.7 FM.

Major Highway Incidents

  • On southbound I-75 at Wagner Ford Road, a disabled semi in the center lane is causing traffic delays as of 8:35 a.m.
  • On the ramp from Ohio 122 to northbound I-75 in Middletown, there is a semi rollover as of 8:40 a.m.

  • On southbound I-75 near the West Third Street exit in Dayton, police and medics were dispatched on a reported crash with injuries around 7:55 a.m. AS of 8:20 a.m., the right lane remains blocked and tow trucks are on scene.
  • Surface Street Incidents

    • On Old Troy Pike at Shull Road in Huber Heights, police were dispatched on a reported crash around 7:25 a.m.

    Ongoing Construction & Other Closures


    • US 35 between Woodman Drive and Smithville Road,road closure December 8th at 8 pm through December 9th at 5 am. The official detour is: US 35 west to Woodman Drive to US 35 east to I-675 south to I-75 north to US 35.
    • Smithville Road Ramp to US 35,ramp closure December 8thbetween 2 pm and 3 pm. The official detour is: Smithville Road to US 35 east to Woodman Drive to US 35 west
    • Smithville Road Ramp to US 35, overnight ramp closure December 8that 8 pm through December 9th at 5 am.The official detour is: Smithville Road to US 35 East to I-675 South to I-75 north to US 35.
    • I-70 between Taywood Road and I-75,Nightly lane closures October 15th – December 16th between 8 pm and 6 am. One lane will remain open in each direction.
    • SR 49 south between Brookville-Salem Road and Pleasant Plain Road,Lane closures November 28th through February 20th. One southbound lane will remain open at all times.
    • The Webster Street bridge is closed as it is rebuilt. A detour will take motorists to Keowee Street to Monument Avenue. The project is scheduled to be completed in November of 2017
    • I-70 between Airport Access Road and SR 48, lane addition project. Two lanes open in each direction. Motorists will encounter barrels and construction in this area.
    • The First Street, Second Street and Third Street ramps along I-75 northbound and southbound, are permanently closed. A newly constructed ramp is scheduled to open to motorists in the downtown area in December of 2016. The official detour during these ramp closures is: I-75 North to U.S. 35 East to Jefferson Street to First and Third streets. Motorists can also use Main Street or Edwin C. Moses Boulevard.
    • Vista View Drive between Second Street and Third Street, road closed through September of 2017. Detour posted.


    • I-75 between CR 25A (Piqua) and US 36,Lane width restrictions September 12th – June 15th of 2017. Lanes are restricted to 12 feet. Two lanes will remain open in each direction.
    • Statler Road between Cromes Drive and Free Road,road closure September 13th – June 15th, 2017. The official detour is: Cromes Drive/Looney Road to US 36 to Troy-Sidney Road to Statler Road.

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    Ohio lawmakers take on minimum wage, pet store regulations

    Updated: Thursday, December 08, 2016 @ 8:27 AM
    By: Laura Bischoff - Columbus bureau

    Ohio lawmakers take on minimum wage, pet store regulations
    Ohio statehouse

    Ohio lawmakers rolled together restrictions on minimum wage rates, pet stores, bestiality, cockfighting and high-speed cell phone technology into one convoluted, controversial bill and passed it out of the House on Wednesday during the lame duck session.

    Senate Bill 331, also known as the “Petland Bill,” started out as an effort to block local government from regulating where pet stores can buy puppies. (Grove City — outside of Columbus — and Toledo have such local restrictions.) The bill turned out to be unpopular with animal welfare advocates and city leaders who favor local control.

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    Then this week in committee, House members folded into SB331 two items popular with animal rights groups: restrictions on cockfighting and bearbaiting and an explicit ban on sexual contact with animals. (Ohio is one of a handful of states where bestiality isn’t specifically prohibited by law.)

    Also attached to the bill is a ban on local governments setting minimum wage rates different than the state rate. Cleveland residents are scheduled to vote in May on whether to phase in a $15 an hour local minimum wage. And lawmakers added regulations on the construction and attachment of micro wireless equipment in city public right of ways, which they say will lead to quicker deployment of 5G cell phone technology statewide.

    Also tossed in is language that grants private employers exclusive authority to set their workers’ schedules, fringe benefits and location — a hedge against any efforts to curb the use of flexible scheduling practices that are popular in the retail and restaurant industries.

    State Rep. Ryan Smith, R-Bidwell, said businesses want uniform regulations — whether they’re running pet store chains, wireless telecom companies, or outlets that pay minimum wage or use flexible scheduling.

    “This is really about keeping Ohio business friendly,” Smith said.

    The House voted 55-40 in favor of the amended bill, after a 45 minute debate. The bill returns to the Senate for agreement on the changes.

    Some highlights from today:

    * Minimum wage: The Ohio House has approved a bill that would prohibit local municipalities from setting minimum wages higher than the state level.

    Republican backers say a patchwork of minimum wage laws would create an uncertain business environment that could hurt current companies and drive those considering Ohio to look at other states.

    Democratic opponents say local communities should be allowed to set minimum wages above Ohio’s current level of $8.10 to help workers.

    The bill was included in legislation overriding local ordinances that regulate pet stores, requiring them to purchase animals from shelters and rescue groups as opposed to buying them from high-volume breeders, which critics say are often puppy mills that treat animals poorly.

    The legislation also includes bans on bestiality and a crackdown on cockfighting and “bearbaiting.”

    * Abortion: The 20-week ban would be added to legislation already on its way to Republican Gov. John Kasich that would prohibit abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

    House lawmakers heard testimony about the 20-week ban Wednesday morning with a scheduled committee vote in the afternoon and a goal to put it on the House floor later in the day.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report