Uncle wants justice for 17-year-old shot to death

Published: Tuesday, March 15, 2016 @ 9:35 PM
Updated: Thursday, March 17, 2016 @ 6:01 AM

Family of 17-year-old shot looking for answers

The 17-year-old boy who was shot and killed Tuesday night was identified as Devonta Hoskins of Dayton, according to the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office.

  • The shooting happened in the 300 block of Roxbury Road in Dayton
  • Between 50 and 75 juveniles were involved in a disturbance in the area
  • Police activity Wednesday morning in Trotwood was related to the shooting




The victim was identified as Devonta Hoskins, 17, of Dayton. Dayton police continue to investigate the homicide.

“During the course of their investigation, homicide detectives have determined that a large fight occurred at Residence Park, and as the crowd began running from the area, shots were fired toward the victim, striking him,” according to a police media release.

No arrests have been made while detectives continue to follow up on leads.

Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call 937-333-2677 or Crime Stoppers at 937-222-STOP (7867).

Patrick Greene, uncle of Devonta Hoskins, said his nephew attended Belmont High School and was close to graduating. He said his nephew played baseball and basketball.

“I want to know what happened to my nephew … He would never do no wrong to anybody,” Greene said. “I hope justice gets served on this one for real because you all just killed a little kid. He’s 17 years old. Didn’t even begin to start his life yet.”

A 911 caller late Tuesday said there were several vehicles in the area of Residence Park around the time of the shooting that killed a 17-year-old male.

“The people are gone but a little boy just got shot,” said the female 911 caller. “There are some people still riding around in the park, ma’am I got to get out because it’s dangerous out here.”

Dayton police detectives confirmed Wednesday morning that police activity in the area of Stubbs Drive and Molly Avenue in Trotwood was related to the homicide in Dayton.

Our crew on the scene observed three people being transported in police cruisers from a reported traffic stop near that intersection in Trotwood. The vehicle stopped was also towed from the scene, reportedly for involvement in a homicide.

Detectives would not say if they had a suspect in custody, or what was the suspected involvement in the homicide by the three people taken from the scene.

Around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, police received multiple calls for shots fired in various locations in West Dayton, said Lt. Mark Ponichtera of the Dayton Police Department. Officers also received information that between 50-75 juveniles were involved in a disturbance in the area, but the crowd had dispersed by the time police arrived at the scene, Ponichtera said.

Moments later, police received more calls about shootings in the 400 block of Elmhurst Road. Upon investigating, officers discovered that a 17-year-old boy had been shot in the 300 block of Roxbury Road, Ponichtera said, noting that the victim was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital by a private vehicle.

A couple of hours before the shooting occurred, a group of young people were arguing on a nearby basketball court, said a resident who asked not to be identified. One group ended up on one side Elmhurst Road and the others were across the street and they continued exchanging words.

The unidentified resident said when the argument got heated, her son ran toward his house, but before he arrived, he heard several shots fired from what seemed to be multiple guns.

“We don’t know if anybody is dead on my lawn or not,” the resident said.

There was blood on the street and shell casings on the ground, and bullet holes in vehicles in the area.

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2nd person charged with threatening juvenile judge on social media

Published: Thursday, February 08, 2018 @ 11:53 AM
Updated: Saturday, February 17, 2018 @ 5:51 PM

Devin Wilson
Devin Wilson

UPDATE @5:49 p.m. (Feb. 17)

A mugshot has been released of a second man charged with making threats on social media toward juvenile court judge Anthony Capizzi.

Marquan Cooper, 22, is wanted on a charge of intimidation. 

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UPDATE @ 5:02 p.m. (Feb 16)

A second person has now been charged with making threats on social media toward juvenile court judge Anthony Capizzi.

Marquan Cooper, 22, of Dayton was charged with one count of intimidation.

Cooper was said to have made threats toward Capizzi and his family on social media using the alias “Quannie Coop”, according to the prosecutor’s office.

UPDATE @ 3:35 p.m. (Feb. 16)

Devin Wilson was indicted in Montgomery County for intimidation. He will be arraigned Feb. 22.

UPDATE @ 1:30 p.m. (Feb. 9)

Devin Wilson, 24, of Dayton has been formally charged in a threat made against a juvenile court judge, said Montgomery County Prosecuting Attorney Mat Heck, Jr. in a release. 

The alleged threat against Juvenile Court Judge Anthony Capizzi was made on Feb. 2 on social media under the alias of "Ball Meezy," the release said. 

Wilson is charged with one count intimidation, a third‐degree felony. His case will now be presented to a grand jury. 

Wilson is currently on probation for a drug trafficking offense.

Heck’s release said his office will be seeking that Wilson be taken off probation and sentenced to 18 months in prison. 

"The defendant, on probation for less than one month, threatened a judge about a case, which is an assault on the entire criminal justice system. We have to take these matters very seriously, whether someone is threatening a judge, a prosecutor, a police 

officer, or any other court officer,” Heck said in a release.


A 24-year-old Dayton man was arrested Wednesday in connection with social media threats against a juvenile court judge, according to Dayton police.

Devin Wilson was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on a possible third-degree felony charge of intimidation or bribery of a public servant.

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Social media posts advocating violence against Montgomery County Juvenile Court Judge Anthony Capizzi were reported to several law enforcement agencies, according to an email obtained by this news organization.

Capizzi is handling the juvenile court portion of the Huber Heights AT&T armed robbery case involving six juveniles and one adult.

A Dayton police report shows Wilson was arrested at 8:40 p.m. Wednesday at his residence on Edison Street. 

“If I ever see him I’m beating the (expletive) outta him he better pray I don’t catch him downtown coming out of that building,” said one post that included a photo of Capizzi.

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Another post discovered by this news organization said, in part: “Somebody need to split Judge Capizzi wig when he get off work.”

Capizzi declined to comment.

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Wilson was on probation after pleading guilty in January to aggravated trafficking of drugs. Wilson received five years’ community control as part of a plea in which a charge of trafficking of cocaine was dropped.

If found guilty of violating his probation, Wilson could face 18 months in prison plus whatever sanction is imposed if he is found guilty of a crime, according to a judge’s ruling in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court.

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In another case that was considered in Wilson’s probation, he was found guilty of possession of less than five grams of cocaine and aggravated possession of drugs.

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Man arrested 18th time for indecent exposure, police say

Published: Saturday, February 17, 2018 @ 1:03 PM

Nebraska Man Arrested For 18th Alleged Indecent Exposure

A Nebraska man has been arrested for the 18th time for indecent exposure, authorities said.

The latest incident took place Thursday at an Omaha food court, KETV reported.

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Witnesses told KETV that Shawn Noble, 39, was yelling obscenities when he emerged from the food court restroom completely naked. When the property manager ordered him back into the bathroom to put on his clothes, he lunged at her, witnesses said.

Food court employees were able to barricade Noble inside the restroom until police arrived, KETV reported. Noble was charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct and taken to the Douglas County Jail.

Noble, a lifetime registered sex offender and transient, has over 30 arrests, including 17 previous arrests for alleged indecent exposure, KETV reported. He recently completed a six-month jail sentence for a 2017 indecent exposure conviction, according to court documents reviewed by KETV.

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Florida woman ‘just out of rehab’ had open 12-pack of beer, child in car, deputies say

Published: Saturday, February 17, 2018 @ 3:47 PM

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Roque(Palm Beach Post Staff Writer)

A Florida woman was arrested on Thursday after deputies said she drove intoxicated with a child sitting above an open case of beer tucked in the back seat.

A Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy pulled over Miami resident Stephanie Roque, 30, about 11 a.m. after she made a complete stop in her SUV in the center of a lane, the Palm Beach Post reported. The deputy said that Roque’s drivers license was suspended, and noticed she had a “strong smell of alcohol,” the arrest report states.

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Roque told the deputy that she “just got out of rehab today for a drinking problem,” according to the report. The deputy found a child in the backseat of the car with an open 12-pack of beer sitting underneath the child’s feet, the Palm Beach Post reported. Only nine of the 12 beers were in the case, the report states.

The deputy had Roque perform roadside sobriety tests, and then arrested her on charges of DUI and child neglect. Roque was booked into the Palm Beach County jail and released Thursday after posting a $4,000 bond, according to jail records.

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Police: Woman said she was frustrated when she tossed dog out of moving car

Published: Saturday, February 17, 2018 @ 2:36 PM

Janet Byas
Parker County Sheriff's Office
Janet Byas(Parker County Sheriff's Office)

A woman in Texas has been arrested after she was caught on camera tossing her small dog named Pumpkin out of a moving vehicle.

The Chihuahua-mixed breed survived the incident and was found Thursday roaming a family's rural property in Weatherford, WFAA reported. Surveillance cameras on the property provided clear identification of the vehicle. The dog's microchip further confirmed the owner's identity. 

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When questioned by Sgt. Ricky Montgomery, Janet Byas, 43, initially denied tossing the dog out of the vehicle. When the evidence of her involvement was presented to her, Montgomery said she admitted that she threw the dog out of the car because she was frustrated with it. She said Pumpkin would not stay on her property and she "couldn't handle it anymore," WFAA reported.

When WFAA asked for Montgomery's reaction to Byas' reasoning for throwing the dog out of the car, Montgomery said, "Grow up."

Byas was arrested and charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.

Pumpkin is recovering from the ordeal and will eventually be available for adoption, Parker County Animal Control said.

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