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Police: Woman escapes officers after fleeing in Mystery Machine minivan

Published: Monday, March 07, 2016 @ 3:41 AM
Updated: Monday, March 07, 2016 @ 3:41 AM

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A woman in California managed flee from authorities Sunday following a high-speed chase in a brightly colored minivan painted to look like the Mystery Machine from “Scooby-Doo,” according to multiple media reports.

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In a news release, Redding police said they were searching for Sharon Kay Turman, 51, on suspicion of violating her probation and later fleeing from police while driving at speeds that topped 100 mph, reported.

Police attempted to stop Turman around 12:50 p.m. Sunday after Shasta County Probation Department officials said they had reason to believe Turman violated her probation, according to the news website.

They found her driving a 1994 Chrysler Town and Country minivan painted teal and green. She fled when authorities tried to stop her, police said, and the California Highway Patrol and Shasta County Sheriff's Office joined the chase.

They briefly lost sight of the minivan but a Redding police officer spotted it a short time later. Turman was driving “without concern for other motorists,” according to She ran a red light through an intersection, nearly striking four other vehicles, according to KRCR.

Authorities keeping watch over Turman in a CHP helicopter later saw her abandon the minivan in nearby Tehama County. Her whereabouts remain unknown.

Stunt coordinator Joel Kramer who allegedly assaulted Eliza Dushku faces more allegations

Published: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 @ 12:12 PM

1. Eliza Patricia Dushku is an American actress and model. 2. She is known for her roles on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "True Lies." 3. Her "Buffy" character was so popular the showrunners extended her role. 4. Dushku works with an organization that helps survivors of war in northern Uganda. 5. In 2018, Dushku said she was sexually abused at 12 by the "True Lies" stunt coordinator.

Two more women have accused stunt coordinator Joel Kramer of sexual assault following similar allegations from actress Eliza Dushku.

Stunt woman Laura Albert told Deadline that she brought her 15-year-old sister and her sister’s friend, 16, to the set of “Virus” in early 1997.

In a written statement, Albert claimed that Kramer “had lured the girls to go swimming at the pool in his hotel” after a day on set and go-karting after production ended.

Albert, who said she heard the allegations a month later, claimed that Kramer then “pulled his d — k out and said, ‘You cannot handle this.’”

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Her sister allegedly left, but the 16-year-old friend reportedly stayed and had sex with Kramer, who was 39 at the time.

The age of consent in North Carolina, where “Virus” was filmed, is 16.

Kramer denied inviting the two women to the pool, saying that they showed up on their own.

He also told Deadline that the 16-year-old went to his hotel room uninvited.

“She came in and we fooled around but no intercourse. She left about 1/2 hour later. I honestly did not know she was 17. Tattoos, and yes, pretty,” he said in a written statement.

“When I found out I was devastated. I also checked with the local laws and found out 16 was the consensual age. It bothered me for years. Yes all was consensual.”

Another stunt woman claims that Kramer forced her to perform oral sex on him in the late 1970s or early ’80s.

“When I got into Joel’s vehicle, instead of driving me to the other place, he drove us up into the hills on the south side of Ventura Boulevard into a quiet residential area. He pulled his vehicle over, unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis,” the unnamed woman told Deadline.

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“He grabbed me by the back of my head and forced my face down onto his penis and came in my mouth. He then released my head and cleaned himself up. I must have as well. I really don’t remember if he gave me tissues. I cannot remember if words were exchanged of any type, but he did drive me to the other place, where the group had gone.”

Kramer called the allegations a “fabrication” and claimed there was a “witch hunt” against him.

The accusations come days after Dushku claimed that Kramer sexually assaulted her on the set of “True Lies” when she was 12 years old.

Jamie Lee Curtis, who starred in both “True Lies” and “Virus,” said Dushku had shared the same allegations about the stuntman several years ago.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who also starred in “True Lies,” said Monday night that he was “shocked and saddened” by Dushku’s claims.

“I am also proud of her — beyond being a great talent and an amazing woman, she is so courageous,” he tweeted.

Standoff suspect served 4 years for firing gun into a crowd of 30

Published: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 @ 11:07 AM

            Donald Gazaway BUTLER COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE

A 31-year-old Cincinnati man facing multiple felony charges from a 30-hour standoff at a Liberty Twp. apartment complex last weekend has been involved with the court system before.

Donald T. Gazaway, 31, of the 1600 block of Cedar Avenue, was let into a residence in 700 block of East Hamilton Place late Friday night, according to detectives. He then demanded thousands in cash, pulled a gun and took a 10 year-boy hostage.

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During the standoff that ended peacefully Sunday morning, deputies say Gazaway shot at them in excess of 20 times and used the boy clad in Snoopy pajamas as a human shield.

Gazaway was released from prison in July after serving four years for felonious assault in Hamilton County. He shot a gun into a crowd of 30 people at a party, according to court documents.

Twice Gazaway filed motions in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court asking for early release with letters from his fiance and a Cincinnati pastor in support.

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In a letter to Judge Dennis Helmick in August 2014, Gazaway wrote, “throughout being incarcerated, I have put (forth) a great amount of effort to make accomplishments to better myself to society. The progress that I have made has changed me drastically and has made me very family-oriented.”

Gazaway said in the letter he wanted to remain a law-abiding citizen for the sake of his fiancee and his daughter.

He had much the same to say in a letter to Judge Leslie Ghiz, dated April 24, 2015.

“(My) plan when I enter into society is to continue what I have started here in bettering myself and continuing to reiterate the positive attributes of living a structured life. I have a family, a home, and a great network of support when I enter back into society,” Gazaway wrote. He also pointed out training and courses he completed in prison.

Both judges denied early judicial release. Gazaway has a history of arrests dating back to 2004, according to court records.

‘Why are you doing this to me?’: How this weekend’s 30-hour hostage standoff unfolded in Liberty Twp.

Published: Tuesday, January 16, 2018 @ 3:32 PM

Liberty Twp. standoff suspect arraigned

Multiple police agencies with hours of training came to the aid of a 10-year-old boy held hostage in his Liberty Twp. home.

The 30-hour standoff began late Friday night. Donald Tobias Gazaway is accused of pulling a gun at a residence in the 700 block of East Hamilton Place, demanding thousands of dollars from the female resident and then using the boy as a human shield before surrendering Sunday morning.

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Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said that halfway through the standoff it became apparent the department was not equipped for such a lengthy incident. With SWAT officers tired from standing in frigid conditions, the reinforcements came in the form of Hamilton and West Chester Police.

“We knew we needed help. We asked for relief and, actually, they were calling us,” Jones said. He added that officers from those departments took the place of deputies so they could get some sleep and return Sunday morning.

Several trained deputies and police officers negotiated with Gazaway for hours through a speaker on a cell phone tossed to him, a bullhorn and Gazaway yelling to authorities.

MORE: Suspect in standoff demanded thousands from 10-year-old boy’s mother

“We did not at times think we were going to get a good result …. we thought he wanted us to shoot him,” Jones said.

While the sheriff will not say if that was actually a plan, he did say, “He never gave us a chance. We could not move in, we could not do anything without jeopardizing the child.”

Negotiators did provide food and water to Gazaway and the boy, who were in a vehicle in the garage most of the time.

At times, they could hear the boy cry and saying, “Why are you doing this to me?”

Chief Deputy Anthony Dwyer said the negotiation process was not good, due to the location and Gazaway’s refusal to actually use the cell phone officials provided.

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“At times, he said he was going to give up, then didn’t,” Dwyer said. “That happened several times. Then he would turn the radio on and sit there.”

Waiting out was what worked in the end, officials said.

New trial denied for ex-Fairfield teacher convicted of sex crime

Published: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 @ 6:30 AM

Tyler Conrad requests new trial

A new trial has been denied for a former Fairfield High School teacher found guilty of a sex crime involving a student.

Tyler Conrad, 27, was convicted in May of sexual imposition, a third-degree misdemeanor, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a first-degree misdemeanor, during a bench trial in Butler County Common Pleas Court. Conrad was found not guilty of a felony charge of sexual battery.

He was sentenced to 180 days in jail and has served his time. But his attorney Christopher Pagan filed a motion for a new trial arguing Conrad was prejudiced by lack of pretrial disclosure by the prosecution concerning the time of the alleged offenses.

MORE: Ex-Fairfield teacher Tyler Conrad guilty of sex crime wants new trial

In a ruling filed Friday, Butler County Common Pleas Judge Keith Spaeth denied the new trial motion noting, “the court rejects the implication that the prosecuting attorney engaged in misconduct. The defendant was permitted to assert his alibi defense and was given ample opportunity to present evidence thereof.”

Following a bench trial, Spaeth sentenced Conrad to 180 days in the Butler County Jail. He was also declared a Tier I Sexual Offender, requiring him to register his residence for 15 years.

MORE: Fairfield teacher Tyler Conrad’s trial ends after testimony from student

Spaeth found sufficient evidence to convict Conrad of sex crimes with a 15-year-old female student. Specifically, evidence concerning an incident that occurred between May 26 and May 29, 2016, when the teen said Conrad made arrangements to pick her up then drive her to a residence in Ross Twp., where he kissed her and touched her private area on the outside of her clothes.

Conrad has been terminated by the school board.