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Danville officer shot and killed, suspect ID’d

Updated: Sunday, August 28, 2016 @ 10:20 PM
Published: Monday, January 18, 2016 @ 6:30 AM
By: Breaking News Staff

            Danville officer shot and killed, suspect ID’d
Authorities are investigating after a Danville officer was shot and killed in the small town located in Knox County. VIDEO: provided by WBNS-TV.

UPDATE @ 6:30 a.m.

Herschel Jones III has been identified as the alleged suspect in the shooting death of Danville police officer Thomas Cottrell, according to a release from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

Cottrell was found dead at 11:47 p.m. Sunday behind the Danville Municipal Building — less than 30 minutes after the dispatch center received a call from a female in Danville stating that the police officers in Danville were in danger.

She said that her ex-boyfriend, Herschel Ray Jones, had left with weapons and was looking to kill an officer, the release said. Dispatch personnel attempted to make contact with the Danville officer, but were unsuccessful. Deputies from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office searched the village.

When Cottrell was found, his weapon and cruiser had been stolen.

Shortly after 1:30 a.m. this morning, Jones III was observed running from a residence on E. Washington Street. After a short foot chase, Jones III was taken into custody by officers in the area of the Danville Park.

A female outside of the residence was interviewed by officers and later released.

Officers from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and B.C.I. are investigating the incident.

UPDATE @ 5:45 a.m.

Officials in Knox County have identified the Danville police officer killed in the line of duty as Thomas Cottrell.

UPDATE @ 4:10 a.m.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol has confirmed an officer found shot in Danville has died.

The shooting prompted a statewide alert after the officer and police cruiser went missing around midnight in the village located in Knox County.

The officer, who has not yet been identified, was found shot outside the Danville Municipal Building.

The shooting suspect is also reported in custody after a two-hour search.

UPDATE @ 3:25 a.m.

While our newsroom has not received an official update on the condition of the shot officer, Franklin County Sheriff Chief Deputy Jim Gilbert said on Twitter the officer has died.

Gilbert tweeted “Prayers for Ohio’s first fallen officer for 2016 a Danville PD Officer was shot/killed this evening in Knox County.”

Danville is a village in Knox County with a population just over 1,000 according to the 2010 census.

UPDATE @ 2:15 a.m.

The suspect accused in the shooting of a missing Danville police officer is in custody.

Our news partner WBNS-TV in Columbus reports the suspect was arrested in Danville shortly before 2 a.m. after a two-hour long search.

Officials said the officer was found shot outside the Danville Municipal Building and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation heading to the scene to investigate.

We’ll continue to update this page as new information becomes available.


A statewide alert has been issued by the Ohio State Highway Patrol for a stolen police cruiser from Knox County and a missing Danville police officer that may be injured.

Our news partner WBNS-TV in Columbus reports troopers said the missing officer was on duty at the time and his hat was found in the area with blood on it.

No information has been released about on how badly injured the officer may be, where he is, or if he’s with the missing cruiser. Information on a potential suspect was also not released.

Danville is located in Knox County and is over an hour drive northeast of Columbus.

We’re monitoring this breaking story and will update this page when new information is available.

Great-grandmother beaten, burned in her home dies weeks after attack

Updated: Monday, August 29, 2016 @ 4:29 PM
Published: Monday, August 29, 2016 @ 3:07 PM
By: Nicole Carr - WSB-TV

An elderly woman who was beaten and burned inside her Meriwether County home has died weeks after the attack, the county's coroner confirmed to WSB.

Dorothy Dow, 83, was lying in her bed when three men and a woman kicked in her back door and attacked her in early August, according to police.

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"These suspects began to demand money from Miss Dow. She pleaded with them that she didn't have any money. They began to brutally beat her,” Sheriff Chuck Smith said. 

The family said Dow’s right and left arms were broken, and she had cuts and bruises all over her face. 

The sheriff said the robbers then poured a flammable liquid on the victim and lit it.

Dow did everything she could to survive and call for help.

"She remembered she had a gallon of water she filled her breathing machine with. With those broken hands, she took that top off the gallon of water and poured it on her head to put out the flames,” said her daughter-in-law, Beth Dow. 

Dorothy Dow then managed to crawl to another room to get her cellphone and call 911.

She was in the hospital in critical condition for weeks and died Saturday afternoon.

"That part's not real. We still can't put our hands around...that she was murdered," Dow said.

Justin Pierce Grady, 38, Cortavious Deshun Heard, 18, Shanquavious Keontrell Cameron, 17, Mina Christine Ellery, 17, and Angel Latrice Harmon, 17, are all facing multiple charges in connection to the attack.

"I can't imagine being one of their mamas, and know that your child has done this," Dow said.

Police believe the motive was robbery. They say Dorothy Dow owned a blueberry farm and would pay locals cash to pick the berries. Some of the attackers were former employees.

"I would love to talk to them and ask 'Why? Why did you do this?' I do want them to be punished," Dow said.

Dow said police assured the family charges against the suspects will be upgraded if her mother-in-law died.

JUST IN: Dorothy Dow has been in the hospital since the vicious attack earlier this month.
Posted by WSB-TV on Sunday, August 28, 2016


Dorothy Dow Aug 29, 2016 - 3:24 PM

Massachusetts man accused of threatening to kill Obama, burn mosque

Updated: Monday, August 29, 2016 @ 2:34 PM
Published: Monday, August 29, 2016 @ 2:14 PM
By: Dalton Main - WFXT - Boston

A Massachusetts man is accused of stockpiling weapons and threatening to kill police, Muslims and President Barack Obama, according to court records.

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Joseph Garguilo is also charged with possessing ammunition while under a domestic violence restraining order, according to a criminal complaint filed Sunday in federal court.

A person reported Garguilo to be "unstable and unpredictable," and said that he "hates gays, minorities, and the police," court records show. The complainant, whose name was redacted, also told investigators that Gaarguilo has been using drugs. The complainant "was in fear for her life and for the public."

FBI agents on Friday raided Garguilo's home in Holliston in search of weapons after getting tips from people concerned about his mental state and things he has said.

In a conversation with a witness, he allegedly "made a comment to the effect that when President Obama was on the golf course in Martha's Vineyard, Garguilo should have taken the opportunity to kill him."

During a search of Garguilo's home, agents said they found ammunition, "parts to assemble AR-15 rifles, chemicals that could be combined to create incendiary and/or explosive compounds and materials threatening the commission of violent attacks against members of the Islamic faith." FBI Special Agent Maximilian Fox said a number of loaded magazines and a plastic can full of bullets were found.

According to court documents, Garguilo has had a number of run-ins with law enforcement and has been suspected of several crimes. He is currently under a domestic violence order issued in July in Wrenthan District Court. He was due in court Monday in connection to that order.

A witness told authorities she was worried about Garguilo because he had recently acquired the parts to make an AR-15 and because "he was stockpiling food, water and other weapons, to include Tasers, mace guns, hunting knives and thermite. The tip also reported that Garguilo had stated that 'he will plant bombs in police stations ... and kill as many homeland security officers as he can before they kill him.'"

"According to the report, Garguilo googles how to make bombs and how to kill a person the quickest along with what are of the body makes a person bleed the fastest," the court documents stated.

Garguilo allegedly told a witness he planned to "chain a mosque closed and burn it down … burn every [expletive] down in there" – though no specifics were mentioned.

According to the court documents, a witness also told police "Garguilo believes that the structure of America will collapse and that America is going to enter a state of martial law. According to Garguilo has demonstrated the use of tasers to both children and has deployed them against inanimate objects and on himself."

Agents also recovered quantities of aluminum powder, ammonium nitrate, and iron oxide. These materials can be used to create explosives and incendiaries. 23. Finally, agents also recovered handwritten notes threatening violence against members of the Islamic religion.

Garguilo is not licensed to carry a gun in Massachusetts. In the court documents, agents request a warrant to conduct a more thorough search of his home.

He could face five to 10 years in prison and a fine of $25,000, according to the Department of Justice.

Charges pending against Huber teacher arrested in raid

Updated: Monday, August 29, 2016 @ 1:33 PM
Published: Monday, August 29, 2016 @ 12:13 PM
By: Jeremy P. Kelley - Breaking News Staff

            Charges pending against Huber teacher arrested in raid
Facebook Photo of Kelly Stone and woman arrested in back of Kettering cruiser. STAFF PHOTO/Marshall Gorby

UPDATE @ 12:08 p.m. (Aug. 29):

It could be at least two weeks until prosecutors revisit possible drug charges against a Huber Heights teacher arrested during a drug raid in Kettering Friday, according to prosecutors.

Kelly Stone, 30, also known as Kelly McGill, was released from jail after prosecutors did not approve charges within 48 hours of her arrest.

The other individual arrested, Donte Shackelford, 31, was charged with having weapons under disability after he was found to be in possession of a stolen gun, the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office said.

UPDATE @ 12:14 p.m. (Aug. 26): Huber Heights school Superintendent Susan Gunnell said late Friday morning that the district was just hearing details of a teacher’s drug arrest. But she confirmed that the Kelly Stone arrested in the Kettering raid is the Huber Heights teacher listed as Kelly McGill.

She said she wasn’t aware of any complaints against Stone, who had just started her second year with the district.

“It’s highly unfortunate. When we get this information we take it very seriously and put our steps in motion,” Gunnell said. “First and foremost, who we want in front of our children are people who are able to make good decisions and follow rules and guidelines.”

UPDATE 10:37 a.m. (Aug. 26):

An elementary school art teacher in Huber Heights City Schools was one of two people arrested in a Kettering drug bust Friday morning.

Kelly Stone, 30, was arrested on a drug possession charge, according to jail records, in connection with a raid in the 1200 block of Rose Bower Drive, just south of the Stroop-Marshall intersection.

Stone, also known as Kelly McGill, teaches art at Charles Huber Elementary and Wright Brothers Elementary, according to district officials. She taught at Summit Academy Community School in Dayton from 2012-15 according to the state treasurer’s web site.

Kettering police confirmed that their information also showed Stone as a teacher at Huber Heights schools.

Kettering Police Chief Christopher Protsman said the raid was conducted after an investigation into drug complaints from neighbors.

The other person arrested on the scene was Donte Shackelford, 31. He was arrested on a warrant from another jurisdiction, according to jail records.

Kettering Police Lt. Dan Gangwer said KPD’s investigation led to a search warrant and Friday’s raid. He said detectives are still working on the investigation and more charges could be forthcoming.

UPDATE 10:17 a.m. (Aug. 26):

We are looking into the possibility that a woman jailed during this morning’s raid is a local school teacher.

We are working to gather more details.

UPDATE @ 8 a.m. (Aug. 26)

Two people have been detained following a drug raid at a Kettering home on Rose Bower Drive.

Kettering Police Chief Christopher Protsman said this morning’s raid was after an investigation into drug complaints from neighbors.

Our crew on the scene observed both a man and a woman were placed in the back of police cruisers.

A police K9 is currently searching around a vehicle and garage of the house.

We’ll update this page as new details become available.


We’re following reports of police activity in the area of Marshall Road and Rose Bower Avenue in Kettering Friday morning.

Officers along with Kettering’s Special Response Team were reportedly surrounding a home on Rose Bower Avenue, but details were not available from dispatchers.

Our crew on the scene observed one man was placed in the back of a police cruiser.

We’ll update this page as new details become available.

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Foreign hackers target state election systems; FBI investigates

Updated: Monday, August 29, 2016 @ 12:24 PM
Published: Monday, August 29, 2016 @ 12:04 PM
By: Cox Media Group National Content Desk

            Foreign hackers target state election systems; FBI investigates
The seal of the F.B.I. hangs in the Flag Room at the bureau's headquaters March 9, 2007 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Federal investigators believe hackers based outside of the United States are behind a pair of cyberattacks reported over the summer against election systems in two states, according to an FBI flash alert obtained by Yahoo! News.

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The alert, dated Aug. 18, warned officials about attacks in July and August in which hackers "exfiltrated" information from two unidentified state boards of election. Authorities did not say what information was stolen in the attacks, however, unidentified sources told Yahoo! News authorities were referencing separate attacks in Arizona and Illinois.

The Arizona Secretary of State's Office closed part of its voter registration system after the FBI detected "a potential threat" in June and malicious software was found on a computer used to access the system, according to The Arizona Republic. No data was stolen in that attack, a state official told Yahoo! News.

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Hackers were, however,  able to steal the personal data of as many as 200,000 Illinois voters during an attack in late July that crippled the state's voter registration system for more than one week, Yahoo! News reported.

"The FBI is requesting that states contact their Board of Elections and determine if any similar activity to their logs, both inbound and outbound, has been detected," the FBI flash alert recommended. "Attempts should not be made to touch or ping the IP addresses directly."

The alert was sent out amid increased fears of foreign cyberattacks after emails from the Democratic National Committee were hacked and as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump claims the presidential election is rigged.