Cold Case Project: Still no trace of missing pregnant woman

Published: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 @ 10:47 AM
Updated: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 @ 10:47 AM

Nikki Lyn Forrest was 4 and a half months pregnant when she vanished.

More than 2  years later, Piqua police still don’t know what happened to Forrest or the baby she was carrying. They also don’t know the identity of the people who turned Forrest’s purse in to a nearby pharmacy.

“We would like to talk to the people who found the bag,” said Piqua Deputy Chief Tom Christy. “We think that’s a critical part of an investigation that’s lacking.”

Forrest, 19, who had been somewhat transient during the previous year, disappeared Sept. 25, 2010. That day, she had two arguments in two Miami County cities, one in Piqua and one in Troy.

The first argument was with a friend of her late mother. Forrest had been staying at the woman’s home on Piqua’s Young Street. The argument was about the rules Forrest was to respect to stay there, and Forrest responded by packing her things and leaving, according to Piqua Police.

It’s unknown how she travelled the eight miles to the northern part of Troy, but she arrived there later that same evening. She stopped by a girlfriend’s place on Trade Square West, then walked to the home of an ex-boyfriend about three blocks away. That man reported that they argued about her plans for the two of them to move away from the area. Then, while the two were in his driveway, a blue car picked her up and she left, he told police.

That is the last reported sighting of Forrest, who was midway through a high-risk pregnancy that required she take daily medication.

That medication was found days — it’s not exactly clear when — later in her shoulder bag, along with her identification card, a food stamp card and some other personal items. The people who found the bag saw the prescription issued by the pharmacy at the Covington Avenue Kroger in Piqua, and took it there. The pharmacy called Forrest’s emergency contact, who then contacted police.

Police have never identified the people who dropped off the bag and still hope they come forward. They told Kroger employees that they found the bag on a covered bridge on Eldean Road, off County Road 25-A, just north of Troy and five miles from where Forrest was last seen.

But the exact location is unknown, though police have searched the areas around Eldean Road. They have contacted other states to check for birth records. They obtained Forrest’s cellular phone records, but it hasn’t been used since she vanished. A waitress at a Waffle House, Forrest never picked up her last paycheck.

Christy said that there were several people that he hoped would cooperate with police, including the ex-boyfriend, who stopped talking after making his initial statement. Thomas said that Forrest was not known to police before she went missing, but a number of her acquaintances were.

The day she vanished, Forrest also texted Tammy Weddington, her step-mother who had custody of her from the time she was 12. Weddington said Forrest indicated she was OK and that she and a friend were probably moving out-of-state.

Weddington told the Dayton Daily News last year that she persuaded her ex-husband to give her custody after Forrest’s mother died and he appeared unable to handle her. She said that Forrest was a good student involved in band, choir and other activities, but when she turned 18, in November of her senior year, she announced that she no longer wanted to live with Weddington.

Within the past month, police received what they hoped was a good tip: it was about a woman who used the names Nikki Lyn, the same first and middle names Forrest, but a different last name. She matched the general description of the missing girl, and frequented a Cincinnati-area business. But police quickly determined that it the person was not Forrest, Christy said.

Christy said police will look into any information or tip, and that hopes a new a new service on the department’s website will encourage people to come forward. By clicking on “Submit a Tip,” people can send texts or emails anonymously. Police can also respond and ask questions, though without knowing where those questions are being sent – so that the original person’s anonymity is protected, Christy said.

People can also call Crime Stoppers at 937-615-TIPS (8477).

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Dog, suspect unharmed after brief standoff with Dayton police

Published: Sunday, February 18, 2018 @ 1:04 PM

East Dayton Standoff

Update@1:25 p.m.:

Police officers were initially sent to scene Saturday night for on domestic violence-related incident call, and the suspect wasn't home. But once he returned home Sunday afternoon, neighbors called police, and officers returned to the scene, said Sgt. Kyle B. Thomas of the Dayton Police Department.

When officers arrived, the unidentified suspect refused to come out and was concerned about the safety of his dog. So officers asked him to secure the dog in the house so it wouldn’t get injured, Thomas said. 

The dog’s breed and name were not released.

Officers then continued negotiating with the suspect and he subsequently came out of the house, and was taken in to custody. 

SWAT was not called to the scene. But the K9 unit as well as the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center were there make sure the dog’s well taken care of while the investigation takes place, Thomas said. 

There were not injuries to the dog, suspect or officers, Thomas, said, thanking the community for getting involved. 

“The community stepped up,” he said. “They were aware that we were looking for this guy and they made some calls and let us know where we could find him. Without their help we wouldn’t have him in custody right now.” 

It is unclear if the suspect has been charged. We will bring you the information as soon as charges as well as the 

First report:

We are hearing reports of a possible police standoff at an apartment complex located at Superba Court and North Irwin Street in Dayton. 

Multiple callers to our newsroom said there are several officers in the area, and they are using a loudspeaker to get someone to come out of a building. Although a police dispatch sergeant acknowledged that officers were called to the area, he couldn’t confirm that there is a standoff. 

We have sent a photographer to the scene, and we will bring you the latest information as it becomes available. 

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Florida sheriff to politicians who don't support gun control: 'You will not get re-elected'

Published: Sunday, February 18, 2018 @ 10:03 AM

WATCH: Florida Teacher Speaks Out About High School Shooting

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel blasted politicians after a gunman killed 17 people at a Parkland, Florida, high school, saying that if gun laws don’t change, “you will not get re-elected in Broward County.”

>> WATCH: Florida school shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez slams politicians, NRA in emotional speech

According to the Huffington Post, while speaking at a vigil in Parkland for the victims of the shooting, Israel said, “If you’re an elected official, and you want to keep things the way they are ― if you want to keep gun laws as they are now ― you will not get re-elected in Broward County.”

>> Click here to watch

The vigil was attended by thousands at an amphitheater that was lit by candles and had 17 4-foot angels – one for each of the victims who was killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

>> On 'Thoughts and prayers' check raises eyebrows on social media after the Florida shooting

Last week, Israel called on lawmakers to allow law enforcement officers to involuntarily detain people who post questionable and disturbing content on social media.

“We need to have the power to take that person and bring them before mental health professionals at that particular time, involuntarily, and have them examined,” he saidthe Huffington Post reported. “People are going to be rightfully concerned about their rights ― as am I. But what about these students? What about the rights of young kids who go to schools?”

>> PHOTOS: Remembering Parkland, Florida, school shooting victims

He added that he wishes law enforcement officials could act “if they see something on social media, if they see graphic pictures of rifles and blood and gore and guns and bombs, if they see something, horrific language, if they see a person talking about ‘I want to grow up to be a serial killer.’”

Democrats in Congress are already calling for gun control while Republicans are saying that it’s too soon to talk about it.

>> Classmate of Nikolas Cruz: ‘No one has ever been a friend to him’

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said during a press conference Thursday that we need to think less about fighting “each other politically” in the wake of the shooting.

“This is one of those moments where we just need to step back and count our blessings,” he said Thursday at a news conference, according to CNN. “We need to think less about taking sides and fighting each other politically, and just pulling together. This House, and the whole country, stands with the Parkland community.”

>> Florida school shooting timeline: Seven minutes, three floors and 17 dead

Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., tweeted that Congress should vote on measures to implement “universal background checks, a ban on military-style weapons and a prohibition of those on the terror watchlist from purchasing firearms.”

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Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, a Democrat, said Congress will have “another round” of this debate, but admitted that it’s hard to get any sort of gun legislation passed.

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Kasich bashes Congress, urges it to consider ‘common sense gun laws’

Published: Sunday, February 18, 2018 @ 11:04 AM

On State of the Union, Gov. John Kasich discusses the recent shooting in Parkland, Fla. and what Congress must do in the wake of it.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who signed laws making it legal to carry concealed weapons at day-care facilities and college campuses, said he has “no confidence” Congress will approve what he called “common sense gun laws” in the wake of a mass shooting last week at a Florida high school.

During an interview Sunday on CNN’s State-of-the-Union, Kasich, who earned the endorsement of the National Rifle Association during his 2014 re-election campaign, indicated he would support “reasonable things,” such as full background checks for people buying guns and banning what are known as bump stocks, which allow a semi-automatic weapon to fire like an automatic weapon.

“You’re never going to fix all of this,” Kasich said. “But common sense gun laws make sense.”


WSU lawsuit could hinge on ‘handshake’ agreement

Cop killings up so far in 2018; Westerville officers mourned

No cover-up of pepper-spray incident, sheriff’s investigation finds

In a major reversal, Kasich suggested he might support a ban on an the sale of AR-15 semi-automatic weapons like the one used in the Florida attack. Kasich said “if all of a sudden you couldn’t buy an AR-15, what would you lose? Would you feel as though your Second Amendment rights would be eroded because you couldn’t buy a God-darned AR-15?”

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)(Washington Bureau)

“These are the things that have to be looked at and action has to happen,” Kasich said.

In 1994 as a member of Congress, Kasich voted to ban the production and sale of 19 semi-automatic assault weapons. But when he ran for president in 2016, Kasich called the ban “superfluous and we don’t need laws that are superfluous. It didn’t have any impact.”

The ban on the sale of semi-automatic weapons expired in 2004 when Congress failed to renew it.

Kasich said he has formed a committee “on both sides of the issue” in Ohio to “look at everything” about improving gun safety. Neither Kasich nor his aides have said who is on the committee, but he said he was “hopeful” they would produce recommendation.

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)(Washington Bureau)

“If they don’t produce anything, I’ll put my own stuff out,” Kasich said.

David Pepper, chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, said he was “glad” Kasich is on national TV and “speaking out” on guns.

“Hopefully he’s got some ability to work with the statehouse to find solutions and roll back some of the worst pieces of legislation they pushed through in the last seven years,” Pepper said.

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2 kids dressed as 'tall man' unable to gain admission to 'Black Panther'

Published: Sunday, February 18, 2018 @ 12:52 PM

This image released by Disney and Marvel Studios' shows Chadwick Boseman in a scene from
This image released by Disney and Marvel Studios' shows Chadwick Boseman in a scene from "Black Panther."(Marvel Studios/Disney via AP)

Two kids decided they wanted to go to the new Marvel superhero film “Black Panther,” but they didn’t want to pay for two movie tickets. So, they tried to dupe the movie theater’s manager.

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The duo went to the theater disguised as one “tall man” under a trench coat, but unsurprisingly, their plan didn’t work. However, despite their unsuccessful attempt to save on movie tickets, they have gone viral on Twitter thanks to their hilarious antics.

A Twitter user going by the name of Pillsbury tweeted a video of the charade, captioning it, “We tried getting the two-for-one special at ‘Black Panther.’ The manager was not having it.”

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