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  • Michigan woman facing financial crisis wins lottery jackpot

    It has been a difficult year for a Michigan woman, who has struggled to pay the bills while taking care of her mother full time.

    Shawna Donnelly said she was even facing the prospect of being homeless, but her luck changed dramatically when she won $25,000 a year for life in a Michigan

  • NYPD officers help wheelchair-bound veteran who was left in front of steps in the

    Two New York Police Department officers helped an 85-year-old veteran in a wheelchair who was dropped off at the steps of his apartment in the cold and could not maneuver up them Saturday. 

    The officers from the 75th precinct, whose names were not released, were on patrol when

  • Dogs save lost woman who had fallen in snow

    Adam and Eva were not acting normally. 

    The labradoodles were pacing like they urgently needed to go out at 4:30  a.m.

    "(Adam) never tugged on my clothes before, so I was a cautious about letting them out because I didn't know if there was anything out there," 

  • Patriots fan invited onto field Sunday to get new wheelchair from team

    A Patriots fan whose wheelchair disappeared after last weekend’s playoff game in Foxborough received a new one from Robert Kraft before the start of Sunday’s AFC Championship Game. 

    Cindy Morais, of Tiverton, Rhode Island, was brought to tears when she was given the new wheelchair

  • Firefighter reunited with child thrown from burning building in viral video

    captured the moment a Georgia girl was  weeks ago. Now, the two . 

    was there when DeKalb County Fire Capt. Scott Stroup met the girl this weekend. 

    The fire ripped through the Avondale Forest Apartments on Jan. 3. 



  • Man choking on hamburger saved by first responders having lunch

    Three off-duty first responders were at the right place at the right time last Friday when they saved a man .

    Essex Police Chief Peter Silva, retired Wenham Police Lieutenant Larry Kavanagh and Hamilton Deputy Police Chief Kirby Brand were having lunch at the Village Restaurant in Essex when

  • WATCH: Jaguars' Leonard Fournette comforted by Patriots' Ricky Jean Francois after

    Leonard Fournette, the rookie Jacksonville Jaguars running back,  after his team lost to the 

    Fournette, who had 76 yards and a touchdown on 24 carries Sunday,  after the game. On Twitter, reporters began to document the running back breaking down, but then a

  • Drone saves 2 swimmers at Australian beach

    The Little Ripper turned out to be a lifesaver for two Australian swimmers caught in churning surf.

    Australian lifeguards were testing a new drone during a practice session at a beach in New South Wales when they received a call about two swimmers caught in 10-foot swells, according

  • Montreal man fools police with detailed snow car sculpture

    A Montreal man was able to briefly  after a snowstorm Monday.

    that Simon Laprise created a sports car out of snow in a snow removal zone. The sculpture, which he , looked like a real car that had been parked during a snowstorm and was covered in powder.



  • Police use Facebook to help man get off work during icy weather

    Police in Texas used social media to offer a helping hand to a man who was trying to get off work as roads across the region began to ice over earlier this week.

    Police posted a warning on their Facebook page at 6:37 a.m. Tuesday telling citizens that all city offices would be closed

  • Firefighters rescue dog from freezing waters in Colorado

    Firefighters in Colorado recently rescued a German shepherd from a freezing river.

    posted the now-viral rescue on its Facebook page.

    The 1-year-old pup, named Bill, was pulled from the Arkansas River by the department’s Ice Rescue team on Jan. 17.

    unsure how Bill

  • Grandson surprises grandfather with restored 1957 Chevy

    Fred Lamar’s 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air sat in a garage, just as he left it, for 30 years.

    Until about a year ago, when his grandson, Cameron Dedman, started restoring the iconic Motor City machine.

    On Saturday, Lamar, 81, nearly passed out when the car was revealed to him

  • WATCH: Firefighter catches child thrown from burning building

    captured firefighters rescuing a child from a burning building in DeKalb County, Georgia.

    , posted by DeKalb County Fire and Rescue, 

    The video shows a person on top of a ladder drop a child down to a firefighter as the flames roar around them.

    The firefighter catches

  • Good Samaritan riding Chicago train gives snow boots to homeless man

    Giving someone the shirt off your back is a time-worn phrase that means performing an act of kindness to help someone.

    A Chicago man helped a homeless man by giving him the snow boots off his feet,  reported.

    Jessica Bell posted the good Samaritan act on Facebook. She said

  • Man finds daughter after putting her up for adoption nearly 40 years ago

    Jerry Miller’s daughter was taken from him shortly after she was born in 1978 in Covington, Kentucky. 

    At that time, he was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, and his chances of recovery were slim, . 

    His wife was 17 years old the newborn would be too much

  • WATCH: Formerly homeless boy cries tears of joy when he sees his own bed

    A formerly homeless boy  when he was surprised with his very own bed to sleep in.

    Eight-year-old Daeyrs of Detroit has , Dionna, for most of his life. They have been homeless since she lost her job as a nurse.

    According to  the family was finally granted

  • Florida students translate message in bottle from German kindergartners

    High school media specialist David Richards was walking on the beach in northeast Florida with his father when they found a bottle in the sand.

    “We were looking at it and we're like, ‘Whoa.’ We saw the cork was still in and the barnacles and we saw the message and

  • Cancer survivor starts nursing career at hospital that treated her 

    A Texas woman who beat cancer is back in the hospital. Only this time, she’s working there.

    Ashley Moore was a first-grade teacher who had Stage 3 non-Hodgkin lymphoma, reported. She quit teaching while being treated at Medical City Plano. Two weeks after being discharged

  • Watch: Pistons’ Boban Marjanovic gets down with ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’

    Detroit Pistons center Boban Marjanovic showed off some of his dance moves with teammate Tobias Harris in an Instagram post, grooving to Webstar’s “Chicken Noodle Soup.”

    At 7-foot-3 and 290 pounds, Marjanovic knows how to clear it out when guarding the basket. The

  • Massachusetts firemen deliver baby boy

    Three Massachusetts firemen helped deliver a baby boy Thursday afternoon,  Chief Christopher LeClaire announced Friday. 

    Humphrey Matombo, of Haverhill, pulled into Fire Station 2 and asked firefighters for help, saying his wife was in labor. 

    Firefighters realized

  • Watch: Grandma baffled by 'bun in the oven' pregnancy announcement

    According to the “Dictionary of American Slang,”  means that a woman is pregnant.

    A Louisiana grandmother was not familiar with the phrase, and it made for a hilarious back-and-forth dialogue between herself, her son and daughter-in-law.

    Shantelle Dozier wrote

  • 22 Minnesota courthouse workers split $250,000 Powerball jackpot

    Some workers at a Minnesota courthouse were out of order Thursday morning, but nobody was held in contempt. They were too busy celebrating.

    A group of 22 workers at the St. Louis County Courthouse were celebrating after learning they would split a $250,000 Powerball jackpot,  reported

  • Florida teacher donates kidney to student’s mother

    Donna Hoagland wasn’t even supposed to be Troy Volk’s fourth-grade teacher -- she was just filling in while his regular teacher was on maternity leave -- but the two are forever linked, now that that’s keeping his mother alive.

    Hoagland knew enough to ask what was

  • Hero delivery driver saves woman after she suffers medical emergency behind wheel

    A delivery truck driver from Pennsylvania is being called a hero after he jumped into action after seeing a driver having trouble staying on a highway.

    Brian Berry was making deliveries for Inco Beverage near Johnstown, Pennsylvania. He was on his way to a community when

  • Girls meet ‘Maui’ from Disney’s ‘Moana’ at Hawaiian Costco

    Imagine running into Costco to stock up and running into one of the Hawaiian demigods, and a Disney character at that, in real life.

    That’s exactly what happened to two little girls in Hawaii, .


    They went to their local

  • Dog missing in blizzard for five days reunited with family

    A dog was reunited with her family after she was lost during last week's blizzard and was .


    Albert Silver, from Bryant Pond in Woodstock, posted about his missing 13-year-old dog .

    He said she went outside on Jan. 4 while the family was plowing and shoveling, and went

  • Encore: Kentucky principal’s snow day cancellation was a lyrical gem

    It was a lyrical encore for a Kentucky principal who announced a school cancellation for the second time this week.

    Wearing a cowboy hat and a plaid shirt Thursday night, Chad Caddell of Union Pointe Academy warbled “I got friends in snow places,” a parody of Garth Brooks&rsquo

  • Police officer goes sled riding with kids

    A police officer took a few minutes out of his busy day to have some winter fun with a group of children in his community.


    a video of Kittanning police Officer Michael Bartosiewicz sled-riding with some kids this week.

    He said it's all about community relations.


  • Man injured pushing pregnant wife out of truck’s path

    A California man is being credited with saving his pregnant wife’s life after he pushed her out of the way of an oncoming truck.

    Aaron Gutierrez, of Fresno, suffered a broken leg and shoulder when he was struck by the fast-moving vehicle Friday night, . Gutierrez’s mother was

  • Boston museum to protect art with pest-sniffing dog

    Boston's Museum of Fine Arts has a new four-footed employee .

    The museum introduced Riley, a 12-week-old Weimaraner puppy that will be trained to sniff out pests that could damage the museum’s priceless works of art.


    Riley is owned by Nicki Luongo, the museum's

  • 'I don’t believe it myself': Ohio breast cancer survivor, former teacher turns 104

    To , like Ruth Ann Slade did Tuesday afternoon, one must have good genes and what her friend called “inner strength.”

    Slade, who spent 37 years as a first- and second-grade teacher in Poasttown, Ohio,  and persevered after her leg was pinned under a patio door

  • Husband, wife win $1 million prizes in separate contests just months apart

    Imagine . That’s how lucky a Massachusetts couple has found themselves over the last few months.

    Robert Goodwin won a $1 million jackpot , . Anyone would be astonished at his good fortune, but for Goodwin and his wife, this wasn’t their first rodeo.

    Back in

  • Young cancer victim says 'each day is a gift, not a given right'

    A  to the world moments before she died. 

    Holly Butcher, 27, of Australia, asked her family to post the letter on her Facebook account once she was gone. 

    Butcher died on Jan. 4 from Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that affects mostly young people

  • Man raises more than $30,000 on GoFundMe to help Harlem kids see ‘Black Panther’

    Marvel’s “Black Panther” is one of the most anticipated movies of the year, and one New Yorker wants to make sure a group of Harlem kids gets to see it.

    Frederick Joseph to help young students “see a black major cinematic and comic book character come to life,&rdquo

  • Hundreds of students, parents welcome third-grader back after cancer fight

    A little girl who was diagnosed with and has beaten cancer not only earned her first day back at school, she deserved it.

    Bridget Kelley missed 15 months of school, but when she finally made it to class on Jan. 2, she was greeted by her classmates and their parents, bringing

  • WATCH: Toddler born deaf hears music for the first time in adorable viral video

    A formerly deaf toddler is discovering a love of music .

    Owen Montoya is 15 months old, and until recently, he was unable to hear. The boy from Phoenix was born deaf and recently , according to the .

    Footage shows Owen reacting to hearing his parents&rsquo

  • Couple in their 70s loses 400 lbs together, cite divine inspiration

    A North Carolina couple in their 70s has  after they said they received divine inspiration to get healthy.


    Becky and Donnie Hensley live in Weaverville, North Carolina. Their home has a lot of their old pictures, which show how much they weighed seven years ago.


  • Kindhearted cop drives family stranded in Boston after surgery home to Maine

    A police officer  when he drove a family that was stranded at Boston’s North Station back to its home, in Portland, Maine.

    Kori Malenfant, 19, underwent brain surgery several days ago at New York City’s NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital. She and her family were traveling

  • Cleveland Zoo announces names for 3 otter pups

    Cleveland’s newest otter pups finally have names.

    The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo announced that the three Asian small-clawed otter brothers, born Sept. 24, were named Adhi, Bejo and Cipto,  reported.

    According to zoo officials, Adhi means “first,” Bejo means

  • Big brother comforts sick baby sister in heartwarming viral video

    A video of a  is warming hearts across the country.


    A video shared to Facebook by mom Danielle Davis of Haughton, Louisiana,  in his arms when she wasn’t feeling well. The video was viewed more than 2 million times on Instagram.

    “The kids adore

  • Army veteran pulls over, stands for funeral procession for man who served in WWII

    A photo  is going viral.

    Facebook user Kristen Collins . She’s the granddaughter of Fred Ladage, who recently passed away at 91. He served in the Navy and Navy Reserve during World War II.

    When the family went to transport Ladage to his final resting

  • Police officer rushes to aid of woman whose electric wheelchair stopped working

    A police officer in Knoxville, Tennessee, jumped into action after he found a woman stuck on a hill near railroad tracks in a wheelchair that had stopped working.

    Jim Quick lived up to his name when he hopped out of his cruiser and helped the unidentified woman when her

  • Watch: Stunning encounter with orca in British Columbia

    A stunning video from Victoria, British Columbia, shows a close orca encounter.

    The video was shared on Facebook by Paul Keene.

    "So I’m having breaky at Jam Cafe this morning with my fishing buddy Bob Fraumeni...and he pulls out this vid that he took yesterday off Race

  • Arkansas teen rescues baby deer on frozen pond

    An Arkansas teenager helped rescue a baby deer trapped on a frozen pond, reported.

    Donna Fletcher was feeding animals Thursday when she heard the baby deer thrashing about on the ice, according to her son, Charlie Cram.

    The pond, about an acre in size, was frozen over as

  • Savings bonds returned 30 years later to help homeless man get off the streets

    A Kansas pawn shop owner helped a homeless Chicago man get off the streets, returning savings bonds now worth $3,000 that he pawned more than 30 years ago,  reported.

    Woodrow Wilson Jr., who was stationed at an Army base near Junction City, Kansas, sold a stack of $100 savings

  • Man plans perfect one-night proposal, wedding for girlfriend

    A woman in New York went from girlfriend to fiancée to bride all in one night.

    Nicole Carfagna suffers from lupus. It’s an illness that can get worse with stress.

    Danny Rios decided he could lessen that stress by taking care of everything

  • Buffalo Bills make good on thank-you gift, send wings to Bengals

    The Buffalo Bills are making good on a promise they made Sunday, sending 1,440 chicken wings to the Cincinnati Bengals as a thank you for their last-minute win against Baltimore on Sunday, . Cincinnati’s come-from-behind 31-27 win sent the Bills into the playoffs for the first time since

  • Florida group hangs coats on fences, poles to help residents stay warm

    Hard freezes are a rarity in central Florida, but a group is trying to make sure nobody stays cold during this year’s chilly weather.

    Bright Hopes in Pasco County has been collecting coats and tying them around trees, light poles and fences, leaving a note saying the clothing

  • Woman gets tattoo that plays voicemail from her late grandmother

    A Chicago woman found a unique way to keep her deceased grandmother close to her heart.

    Sakyrah Angelique got a tattoo under her left collarbone that an app can read, using her cellphone’s camera and play an audio file,  reported. 

    Angelique  a video Tuesday

  • Trader Joe's store in Michigan donates 35,000 pounds of food to shelter

    A Michigan store donated 35,000 pounds of food to a local shelter after its refrigeration system failed Wednesday morning,  reported.

    The Trader Joe's store in Kalamazoo made the donation to the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission. 

    “They called us and we were able to mobilize

  • Woman wins $5 million jackpot from winning ticket she didn’t want to buy

    A New Jersey woman  a whopping $5 million richer after checking the numbers on the scratch-off lottery ticket she accidentally purchased two weeks ago.


    Oksana Zaharov, 46, meant to buy a $1 scratch-off ticket while she was shopping in New York City, but she was  by the

  • Mom serves lunch to more than 100 kids when snow storm closes schools

    Most kids cheer when snow cancels school. But that one day off from classes could mean that some children won’t have anything to eat until they report to school once the snow passes.

    That’s the realization that Amy Price had this week when her son’s school

  • New Year's baby born on freeway after South Carolina police chase

    A South Carolina father watched his baby girl’s birth .

    Carl Alewine’s fiancee’s  and he was racing down Interstate 26 near  to get her to the hospital.

    The car  when several law enforcement officers started chasing Alewine.

  • Sledding dog takes winter woes away

    We’ve heard of sled dogs but what about a sledding dog?

    Secret the dog can sled all by herself, .

    The 3-year-old Australian shepherd drags her sled to the top of the hill of the property of her owner, Mary, then hops on and takes off. 

  • Soldier makes it home just in time to be at his baby girl’s birth

    Two days, 7 planes, 10 flights and thousands of air miles, but a soldier made it home just in time to be at his daughter’s birth.

    But he almost didn’t make it.

    U.S. Army combat engineer Francois Clerfe flew from Iraq to Kuwait to Turkey to Frankfurt

  • 'You're the best, #PatriotsNation': Fans donate blankets to those in need

    It was cold out in the stands at Gillette Stadium Sunday for the New England Patriots game, and plenty of fans brought .

    Now those blankets are going to those in need.

    It was 13 degrees at kick-off with a wind chill of about -2.


    The coldest game they ever

  • Woman pays for stranger’s birthday cake in memory of her daughter

    A mother who lost her 9-month-old daughter in 2008 when a TV fell during a move and killed her has inspired people on the internet by .


    McKenna Jodell Fox’s death occurred when her mother, Ashley Fox, was disconnecting a TV during a family move, . The TV fell forward

  • Washington State police department wants to thank Good Samaritan

    A in Washington State wants to find a man involved in a violent scuffle, but not to arrest him.

    A stranger helped save the life of an Aberdeen police officer during an arrest, investigators said. The department wants to thank the man for putting his own life in danger.

    The officer

  • Donations ease sting after vandalism wipes out Iowa honey business

    Donations nationwide have eased the sting for an Iowa couple whose beekeeping business was destroyed by vandals,  reported.

    Justin and Tori Engelhardt, who own Wild Hill Honey in Sioux City, discovered their 50 hives and supplies had been ransacked Thursday. Nothing was stolen

  • Italian grandmother learns how to use Google Home Mini

    It’s difficult enough to get your grandparents to run the cable box. Imagine when an 85-year-old Italian grandmother gets her hands, or voice, .

    Ben Actis recorded his grandmother learning how to use the new voice-activated device. 


  • Woman gets Christmas kidney after five-year wait on transplant list

    A Virginia woman got the gift of life this Christmas.

    Sandra Bragg was one of the more than 80,000 people who were on the list for a kidney transplant. But she had high hopes that this Christmas would bring the life-changing surgery she needed, .


  • Christmas gifts found on Florida interstate will be returned to child

    A woman who found a bag of presents on a Florida interstate on Christmas Eve has located the child they belong to and hopes to return the gifts soon.

    Andrea Reed posted an update to her Facebook page Thursday, thanking people on social media for their help in locating the family of

  • Volunteer cuddlers at Florida hospital help spur infant development

    A program at a north Florida hospital to give them love.

    The babies are in the neonatal intensive care unit at UF Health Jacksonville and sometimes their parents can't be with them.

    UF Health Jacksonville is one of Northeast Florida’s biggest and busiest hospitals

  • Gambler hits it big on Christmas at Texas casino

    This will be a Christmas one lucky gambler will never forget. 

    The unidentified winner was able to pocket a $1.5 million jackpot playing Bally’s Million Degree progressive machine at .


    The gambler, who hit the jackpot

  • MUST SEE: Dog unwraps puppy for Christmas

    An elderly dog, Cash, was heartbroken when his best four-footed friend died three years ago, but his owner came up with the perfect Christmas present this year to help lighten Cash’s mood, .

    Cash’s owners, Marie Ahonen and her partner, bought him a puppy of his

  • Strangers use tragedy to give girl the gift of hearing for Christmas

    When a 5-year-old Seminole County girl died earlier this year after a life filled with health issues, her parents decided to entrust her brand-new hearing aids to her teacher, in the hope that they would find their way to a .

    The pink hearing aids ended up in the hands of 4-year-old Brianna

  • Watch Diddy surprise his kids with a puppy for Christmas

    Music producer, rapper and mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs made Christmas merry and bright when he . 


    “Daddy is magic!” he  that captured the moment. Overcome with joy,Diddy’s 11-year-old daughter Chance screamed and cried with happiness

  • Arizona girls get special Build-A-Bear Christmas gifts to remember late father

    For children whose father has died, Christmas can be a sad time. Holding on to memories are difficult because the void remains.

    But thanks to the ingenuity of an Arizona girl and her mother, the memory of a Phoenix man who died in June was preserved in a special way for the teen&rsquo

  • Twitter user helps soccer star Christian Pusilic reunite with dog for Christmas

    Thanks to Twitter, soccer star Christian Pulisic was reunited with his dog for the Christmas holidays.

    Pulisic, a midfielder for the German team Borussia Dortmund who has played for the U.S. men's national team, had returned to the United States for the Christmas break, reported

  • Metro Detroit church gives away cars for Christmas

    A church in metro Detroit gave away gifts on four wheels this Christmas.

    Triumph Church in Southfield gave away the previously-owned cars to those in need,  reported. The recipients included a single mother, a single father, a college student and a family. The cars were presented to the

  • Salon owner works to give away wigs to women undergoing cancer treatment

    A two-time cancer survivor is taking her experience and turning it into a way to help other women .


    Cynthia Boren opened in Broken Arrow so that men and women can find wigs that look natural.

    Boren accepts donations to help her give away the wigs.

    She’s working

  • Kitten born with two faces dies

    A kitten born with two faces has died.

    Bettie Bee was born Dec. 12 in South Africa with a rare congenital condition called craniofacial duplication,  reported. The kitten was born with two noses, two mouths and three eyes. While Bettie Bee received special care and was initially thriving

  • More than friends: Buddies for 60 years find out they’re long-lost brothers

    Two men who have been friends for 60 years found out they’re more than friends. They’re actually brothers.

    Alan Robinson and Walter MacFarlane met when they were in sixth grade. They are only 15 months apart in age and didn’t have a clue that they were

  • Woman married 80 years says she loves husband even more now

    A Texas couple has reached a remarkable milestone, celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary earlier this month.

    Lois and B.E. Thompson, both 98, have been through a lot together. B.E. is bedridden and in the latter stages of Alzheimer's disease, reported. The couple’s loving bond

  • Police help teen accused of shoplifting gifts to give to little sister

    He said he was just trying to get Christmas presents for his little sister. It was how the 15-year-old was going about getting them that could have landed him in police custody. Instead, police came to the teen’s aid to provide for his family. 

    Police officers

  • VIDEO: Rapper T.I. helps single mothers buy last-minute Christmas gifts

    Atlanta rapper T.I. continued his record label’s tradition of .

    The rapper posted a video on his  page on Christmas, saying he wished he could have stayed longer and helped more people.


    He and his team walked into a Target store and surprised unsuspecting shoppers

  • Mom left speechless at Navy daughter’s Christmas homecoming

    She didn’t seem sure as to why she was getting a full-length mirror for Christmas, but it was what was reflected in the glass that mattered.

    On the night before Christmas, a Navy mom got the surprise of her lifetime and the video of her daughter’s homecoming

  • Waffle House servers in Ohio receive huge tip from church members

    Five women who work at an Ohio received a touching Christmas surprise from members of Grand Lake United Methodist Church.

    Rev. Mick Whistler, the lead pastor of the church in Celina, challenged church members to set aside $1 each week of Advent, with each family bringing five $1 bills

  • Alaska restaurant helps feed homeless on Christmas Day

    An Alaska restaurant helped feed the homeless at a shelter on Christmas Day, as more than 500 people were treated to a hot meal,  reported.

    For the volunteers dishing out food from the Bean Cafe in Anchorage, it is a chance to give back to the community and help

  • Las Vegas car clubs host cookout for homeless

    Members of car clubs in Nevada sponsored a Christmas cookout for the homeless in Las Vegas,  reported Monday.

    The event, called Save Our Christmas, took place in a lot on Las Vegas Boulevard. Members of several car club barbecued food and handed it out, along with food, blankets

  • Diamondbacks’ top draft pick pays off family’s mortgage as Christmas present

    The Arizona Diamondbacks’ first-round draft pick gave his family an unforgettable Christmas gift,  reported.

    Pavin Smith, the team’s No. 1 pick in the 2017 draft, received a signing bonus of more than $5 million. The former University of Virginia star used part of that

  • 'Cash Me Outside' teen Danielle Bregoli pays off mom's mortgage for Christmas

    Danielle Bregoli, the 14-year-old who shot to fame after inviting her critics to catch her outside during an appearance on “Dr. Phil,” with a check big enough to pay off the elder Bregoli’s mortgage.

    In a , Danielle can be seen handing her mother, Barbara Ann Bregoli

  • Officers buy kids Christmas presents after finding family without tree, gifts


    A pair of Indianapolis police officers took action when they found a family without presents for their young children early on Christmas Day, buying toys, candy and doughnuts for the children.

    “There are times in the profession of law enforcement that it can be

  • Officer provides unforgettable Christmas for 13-year-old girl

    An and beyond to help a 13-year-old girl have a special Christmas.

    Channel 2 Action News was there Sunday when Officer Che Milton delivered a bag full of gifts, money and gift cards to Erika Gibbons and her family.

    A couple of weeks ago, Milton said he got a call from Erika's

  • Veteran surprises children, who 'unwrap' returning father for Christmas

    A  in festive wrapping and stoically standing next to a Christmas tree.

    The man, a Marine Corps veteran, is working as a security contractor in Iraq and had returned home for the holidays. 

    "We didn't find out until about two weeks ago that he would be coming home," 

  • Surfing Santas catch waves on Florida beach

    Thousands as a total of 837 Santa-suit wearing surfers caught waves Sunday morning. 

    The Surfin’ Santas event began several years ago and has steadily grown to be one of the world’s unique Santa-themed gatherings. 

    More than 10,000 people were attendance

  • Track Santa: NORAD is up and running

    It’s Christmas Eve, and the U.S. military squadron charged with protecting the airspace for North America is already on duty to track Santa Claus.

    The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) will be tracking St. Nick and his eight reindeer as they trek across the country

  • New Orleans hairstylist gives away 560 bicycles to needy kids

    A Louisiana hairstylist bought and gave away 560 bicycles Saturday as part of the New Orleans Police Department’s bike drive to benefit children, reported.

    Jesseca Dupart said she had her best year of business since opening Kaleidoscope Hair Products three years ago. When

  • Chiefs' Marcus Peters gives away 300 coats to local youths for Christmas

    As a defensive back, Marcus Peters strives for blanket coverage. Saturday, the Kansas City Chiefs’ cornerback helped provide some cover for underprivileged youths.

    Peters handed out 300 winter coats at the inaugural Kansas City Christmas Coat Giveaway,  reported. He also

  • Without a stable home, quarterback finds comfort living with coach

    A  always have a special bond, but at Harding University High, it's a deeper, more meaningful one.

    Sam Greiner started coaching the football team in 2015.

    He said, right away, the athletic director told him some of his star players weren't eligible to play, including quarterback

  • Restaurant offers free Christmas dinner to those in need

    A is offering a free Christmas dinner to anyone in need on Christmas Day.

    “If you know someone who would not be able to have a festive holiday (meal) on Christmas Day, Thai Siam Restaurant would like to extend our warmest invitation to a free turkey and meatloaf dinner,&rdquo

  • Man hosts Christmas breakfast, gives gifts to neighborhood kids

    For the past 12 years, has a merry Christmas.

    Larry Rogers invited children and their families to have a warm meal in front of his home at his annual Christmas breakfast Saturday. 

    Rogers also had clothes, toys and books to give to the children.

    “You got kids

  • Virginia family, including toddler, hike entire Appalachian Trail

    This is one family that enjoys taking a hike.

    The Quirin family -- Bekah, Derrick and 1-year-old Ellie -- hiked the entire length of the Appalachian Trail this summer,  reported.

    The Quirins, who live in Roanoke, Virginia, completed the 2,190-mile trek over a six-month period

  • Hurricane Irma brings romance to Florida senior citizens

    Hurricane Irma created romance for two Florida senior citizens, whose whirlwind courtship after the storm led to their marriage,  reported.

    Denise Praz and Joseph Mazur were married in Naples on Dec. 15, three months after Irma smashed into their independent living facility in

  • Texas high school senior takes graduation photos in home flooded by Harvey

    A Texas high school senior decided to take her graduation photos in her house, which was flooded by Hurricane Harvey in August.

    Claire Fortier is graduating from Cinco Ranch High School next year. She wanted to take professional photographs in August, but the strong hurricane smashed

  • Santa prays with Texas boy, seeks good health for child's ailing father

    A Santa Claus in a store gets plenty of requests and wish lists from children. A request from a Texas boy, however, asking for good health for his ailing father, produced a heartwarming scene as St. Nick offered to pray with the child.

    The photo of 12-year-old Jacob Coker and Santa

  • 5-year-old Florida boy writes Santa, seeks new heart for baby sister

    A 5-year-old Florida boy had a special request in a letter he wrote to Santa Claus: a new heart for his baby sister.

    Isaac Vargas left his note for Santa at the Christmas on the Square celebration in Live Oak, reported. His 2-month-old sister, Ray Lynn, was born with a rare heart

  • Georgia officer reunited with man he helped deliver on interstate in 1997

    A Georgia police officer was reunited for the first time with the man he helped deliver on the side of an  20 years ago.

    “I hugged him and said, ‘Look, we're family. I brought you into this world,’” Suwanee Officer Elton Hassell said.

    On a July night

  • Neighbors call 911 after seeing ‘dummy’ Christmas decoration hanging from roof

    Strings of lights are bunched and askew, a ladder is falling over and there appears to be a man atop it, hanging from the roof of the house. 

    The scene appears so real that some neighbors called police, paramedics and firefighters Thursday to help, . 

    But the

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