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Dr. Kristen Lindsey lost her job as a veterinarian after killing a cat with a bow and arrow, then posing with the dead cat (covered up in the photo) in a Facebook post. (Photo: video) 

Veterinarian brags about killing cat with bow and arrow, is fired

Licensed veterinarian Kristen Lindsey has lost her job after killing a cat with a bow and arrow, then posing with the arrow stuck through the head of the dead cat in a Facebook post. (Source:  The post, which has since been removed, read “My first bow kill, lol. The ...

Lillian and William Wilson were married for 73 years and died within minutes of each other, at separate nursing homes.

Married 73 years, they died minutes apart

William and Lillian Wilson were married 73 years. Both had Alzheimer’s and lived in separate nursing homes. They both died Tuesday, within minutes of each other, their son Doug said. (Source: Doug Wilson said he drove his 89-year-old mother to see his father, who was 93, sometimes. They last ...

(Photo: Twitter)

Online petitions call for ESPN reporter Britt McHenry to be fired

Petitions calling on ESPN to fire reporter Britt McHenry after her tirade against a towing company employee was caught on camera are gaining steam. McHenry was suspended from ESPN for a week after the video of her insults went viral.  >> Click here to watch the original report, including the ...

Darius Butler wipes sweat from his face while working out in Austin in 2014.

Study: Odor of happy, sweaty people may make you happy, too

The results of a study published in the journal Psychological Science suggest that a woman will respond positively when exposed to the sweat of a man who is in a happy state at the time the sweat is collected.  To put it simply: Happiness is contagious, and if you need ...

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 31:  Johnny Kemp performs during Amateur Night at The Apollo Theater on August 31, 2011 in New York City.  (Photo by Shahar Azran/WireImage)

Johnny Kemp, known for 'Just Got Paid,' dies at 55

Musician Johnny Kemp, singer of the hit, "Just Got Paid", died April 16th. He was 55. The details around his death are not clear at this time. claims that Kemp was supposed to be on Tom Joyner’s annual cruise but a statement from Reach Media, Inc. indicates Kemp was not aboard ...

(Photo: Charlotte, N.C., Fire Department)

Photo: N.C. firefighters treat dog exposed to smoke

Charlotte Fire Department personnel treated a dog exposed to smoke after a dryer fire Friday. The fire department tweeted a photo of the rescue Friday afternoon. No other injuries were reported. And here is a bonus photo for you, this one showing a police officer in Richardson, Texas, helping ...

Woman allegedly stabs male passenger with pen for snoring on flight

A man on board a flight headed for Manchester, N.H. was stuck with a pen before the plane took off from Chicago O'Hare airport on Thursday afternoon. According to Chicago police, a woman on a Southwest flight headed to Manchester reportedly struck someone with a pen while in Chicago.  Passenger ...

Photo of a lunch served at James Hurst Elementary School in Virginia.

School lunch fail: ‘Fishy’ photo goes viral

A Virginia elementary school is facing criticism after a student’s mother posted a photo of an unappetizing lunch on social media. The image of the fish filet with a bun sitting atop of it along with a side dish of corn has quickly gone viral. WAVY posted James Hurst Elementary ...

Gorilla cracks the glass viewing window while charging girl at a Nebraska zoo.

Gorilla’s running leap at girl cracks zoo glass

A girl in Nebraska got more than she bargained for during a wild encounter with a Silverback gorilla at a zoo. The video shows the gorillas moving about calmly in the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium habitat and a girl behind the viewing window pounding on her chest. Suddenly, one of ...

Kate Major Lohan

Police: Lindsay Lohan’s father scratched up after intoxicated wife attacks

Lindsay Lohan’s stepmother Kate Lohan was arrested after she came home drunk and used long, acrylic nails to scratch her husband Michael Lohan in Boca Raton, according to an arrest report. Kate Major Lohan, 32, faces a charge of domestic battery and will be released from Palm Beach County Jail ...

Jimbo Boggess stands in front of his diner, which has been shut down after he posted a controversial sign in the window.

'White History Month' deli owner now asking for public's help

It was the sign read around the world. A deli owner in New Jersey became the target of a public backlash when he placed a sign in the window of his restaurant that said, “Celebrate Your White Heritage in March White History Month.” The sign quickly went viral online and ...

Photo credit: Associated Press

Starbucks releasing S'mores Frappuccino

Finally! A campfire in a cup! You can soon enjoy the ooey, gooey goodness of that delightful chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker combo in frozen drink form when Starbucks releases their S'mores Frappuccino.  According to Mashable, the cold blended beverage features a marshmallow-flavored whipped cream base, topped with milk chocolate sauce, ...

Airline rolling out new 'Star Wars' plane

It’s hard to have missed the frenzy that fans have been in since the release of the new Star Wars trailer for “The Force Awakens.” Jumping on the wave of excitement, Japan carrier All Nippon Airways (ANA) has plans to roll out a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner painted like scrappy droid ...

Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

Shark found lurking in Florida man's backyard

Go ahead and file this under the 'things you don't ever want to see in your backyard' category.  A Bonita Springs, Florida resident got a shock when he looked outside and saw an eight to nine foot long bull shark swimming in the backyard of his condo.  Richard Frey tells ...

Family accused of setting up fake GoFundMe account for daughter

A mother, father and grandmother are all facing charges after being accused of taking money in a fake GoFundMe account.   Cobb school police say Joannessa Clawson and James Clawson along with the child's grandmother, Patti Ann Baldassarre, raised money for their “sick” three-year-old daughter, who in reality was not sick. ...

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