7 things we cannot wait for this spring

Published: Tuesday, March 21, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Looking for a summer spot that has all the features of a perfect patio? Check this out! (Image provided by TJ Chumps)
Looking for a summer spot that has all the features of a perfect patio? Check this out! (Image provided by TJ Chumps)

Well, it’s officially spring. But unfortunately, we’re still waiting for consistent sunny days!

So for now, we will dream about these 7 things that signal springtime in Dayton!

Inside the Butterfly House at Cox Arboretum Metropark on Springboro Pike. CONTRIBUTED


There's no better way to welcome spring than with a beautiful hike through nature. The Dayton-area has an overabundance of scenic parks and trails, and they each offer something a little different. If you’re just interested in taking in some beautiful scenery, we recommend a walk through the paths at Cox Arboretum or a walk through the beautiful Charleston Falls. Looking for a more rigorous hike? Try the trails at John Bryan State Park in Yellow Springs.

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A view from the fountains at The Greene in Beavercreek. CONTRIBUTED


Sure, shopping is a year-round activity. But there’s nothing like the feeling of spending an afternoon at The Greene enjoying a bit of the outdoors while watching the fountains, sipping a beverage on one of many fantastic restaurant patios or just breezing in and out of your favorite stores. If you want a more unique shopping/dining experience, head to Yellow Springs instead. The village is known for its unique shops and dining destinations, including Ha Ha Pizza, The Winds Café, The Sunrise Café, Peach’s Grill and the Yellow Springs Brewery.

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Young’s Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs offers more than 50 flavors of creamy, delicious homemade ice cream. Heaven! CONTRIBUTED PHOTO


Sure, you can eat ice cream anytime you want. But ice cream can also be an experience. Especially if it’s at Young’s Dairy!! Spend the day at the dairy barn and see animals, impress your date by showing off your skills in the batting cages or take in a game of putt-putt golf. If you’re hungry, you can grab a casual lunch at The Dairy Store or some comfort food at the Golden Jersey Inn. End your day with a delicious ice cream treat with Young’s homemade ice cream. We recommend the Buckeye sundae. It’s a peanut butter and chocolate lover's dream.

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One of the best parts about spring is taking your dining and drinking experience outdoors. Dayton area bars and restaurants have some amazing patios to grab a quick drink or a full meal. Here are a few of our favorite patios: El Meson in West Carrollton, The Winds Café in Yellow Springs, The Trolley Stop and Lily’s Bistro in the Oregon District, Jimmie’s Ladder 11 in Dayton, Basil’s Dayton with a river view and The Dublin Pub in the Oregon District.

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You know spring has arrived when Dragons baseball begins. Heater and Gem and the rest of the Dragons will play at home Sunday through Friday. (Source: Contributed)


A true sign of spring and warm weather is Dayton Dragons baseball. A Dragons game should be on everyone’s Dayton bucket list. Even if you aren’t into baseball, Dragons games offer a fun experience for all ages. It’s the perfect setting for a family outing, to enjoy a beer and baseball with friends or even a date. The Dragons’ home opener is set for April 6th.

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Yellow Cab Food Truck Rallies


Oh, sweet heavenly food trucks. A sure sign of spring is when you can get your paws on a Fat Cat Burger from McNasty’s, devour a bite-sized mac and cheese croquette from Hunger Paynes, or feast on a Pig Apple sandwich from PA’s Pork.

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Take a spin on one of the more than 300 miles of connected trails in the Miami Valley. CONTRIBUTED


One of the best things about living in the Dayton area is a wonderful, interconnected system of bike paths that allow you the flexibility to take a short ride or basically bike across the entire Miami Valley. This is the perfect activity if you want some quiet reflection time while getting some great exercise, or something you can do alongside friends and family. Choose your own biking adventure with more than 300 miles of trails in the region.

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Football players under 12 at high risk of brain injury, study finds

Published: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 @ 2:55 AM

A new Boston University study published Tuesday found a single season of youth football can change a child's brain.

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The findings focused on children 12 and under and, according to the study, those first 12 years of a child's life are critical to brain development.

That’s why any damage – no matter how small – could mean health concerns years later.

Youth football is a family tradition for many, but this new study out of BU has found the longer a child waits to play football, the better it is for their brain.

“There's really something specific about hitting your head over and over again at a young age and it is disrupting normal brain development,” the study’s lead author, Dr. Michael Alosco, said. 

>> On Boston25News.com: One youth football game results in five concussions

Researchers examined 214 amateur and professional football players and found those who started playing football before they were 12 years old were at higher risk for behavioral and cognitive problems.

“That's a critical period of brain development, especially in males,” said Alosco. 

According to the study, the risks for behavioral problems doubled and the risk for elevated depression tripled.

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Alosco told WFXT that their findings revealed any injury to a child's brain could result in permanent damage.

“We're talking about those tiny hits to the head, over and over repeatedly that don't necessarily result in symptoms, but we think are enough to cause injury to the brain,” he explained. 

Just earlier this summer, WFXT investigated the growing trend of youth flag football as many are families opting out of regular football because of health concerns.

“I just think it's a little too dangerous at their young age. They're so fragile,” parent Jeanine Hetzel said. 

>> On Boston25News.com: Despite new helmets, doctors warn of concussion risk for football players

WFXT asked Alosco whether he would recommend parents not let their child play youth football. He said more research needs to be done, but he did say one thing. 

“You just have to ask yourself: Do you really want your young kid to go out there and start hitting their head at such a young age – not even just football – in anything?” said Alosco. 

Socially Savvy: How I re-routined my day

Published: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 @ 6:01 AM

Let’s face it, we are creatures of habit, some of us stuck in the same cage day in and day out. Let me ask you a question. From the minute your alarm goes off, what is your morning routine? It may be something along the lines of: wake up, shower, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, drive to work. Now within those few items, how often do you do the same thing? Every. Single. Day.

For example, do you brush your teeth in the same order every time? I do (bottom left, bottom middle, bottom right, top right, top middle, and top left). Do you put socks on before pants? How about that commute to work? Do you take the same exit, same road, at the same time everyday? It is kind of freaky how often we do the same thing over and over again.

Repetitiveness can lead to us to many things. Some find themselves in a rut and feel as though they are trapped and moving nowhere with their lives. Others may feel a loss of purpose and get lost in daily bean counting.

I admit, I do things over and over again, but I recognize when this starts to get dull and boring. That is when I make a change. You have to institute some change into your routine to help nurture your continued growth.  Here are some simple things you can do to re-routine your day.

Mix it up

Are you the type of person who hits the snooze alarm three times in the morning? I challenge you to try not hitting it once. Maybe wake up earlier and go for a walk to get the blood pumping and clear your mind. Do you eat a drive-thru breakfast on the way to work? How about cooking up a couple of eggs and maybe some fresh fruit? Take the same highway to work every day? Maybe get off a couple exits before your normal exit and find your way via the backroads. Break your daily mold!

Schedule the time

For me, what helped the most to complete tasks and goals faster was to schedule the time out on my calendar. Here is an example of my daily routine once I get to work.

  • 7:30am – 8:30am, Morning Prep
    • Get everything organized and ready for my day, as well as eat a quick bite
  • 8:30am – 9:15am, Social Media Schedule Out
    • Work on filling my Buffer accounts with items from content generated websites such as Feedly
  • 9:15am – 9:30am, Break & Walk Around
    • Take time to visit other folks in the office and say hi
  • 9:30am – 10:30am, Blog Prep & Maintenance
    • This is the time that I spend generating blog ideas, writing, and updating websites
  • 10:30am – 10:45am, Snack Attack
    • Eat a little snack to keep me going
  • 10:45am – 12:00pm, Department Work
    • Work on items within my department and work scope


The above schedule is just an example of my morning phase. I always have to keep in mind one word: flexibility. You will not be able to do the same thing every day, at the same time, uninterrupted. Be able to be flexible when it comes to your routine. Your routine, is simply the framework to help you stay on task and motivated.

Trial & Error

Just because you change something does not mean it will be perfect on the first try. What works on Mondays and Fridays may have a completely different feel on Tuesday and Thursdays. Don’t even get me started on the impact it would have on your Wednesdays. Once you create that routine you are not married to it. Tweak and change as you go to keep it working best for you.

What are your routines?  Do you do something special in your mornings or afternoons?


Local brewery helping put instruments in the hands of Dayton-area kids in need

Published: Monday, September 18, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Brewing beer at Hairless Hare Brewery in Vandalia.

You can always feel good about donating your time, money and energy to a worthwhile cause. But when you can see that cause benefiting people in your area, it feels that much better.

Hairless Hare Brewery in Vandalia recently teamed up with Craft For Causes, an organization that works with the music industry for charitable causes. This year’s cause has been the Mr. Holland’s Opus Fondation — an organization that puts instruments in the hands of underprivileged children —in conjunction with the popular blues rock group Tedeschi Trucks Band

>>Local brewery targets historic Fairborn firehouse for 2nd location

Hairless Hare Brewery in Vandalia will feature two beers as part of National Beer Day.

Hairless Hare was selected to create a beer correlating with the group’s Wheels of Soul tour, which included a summer stop at Rose Music Center. The local brew masters proved worthy of the task, brewing up the Wheels of Soul Pineapple IPA, proceeds from which were put back into the charity. Those sales, and money raised from auctions, totaled $2,700. The best part about it? The money stays in the Dayton area. 

>> Hairless Hare Brewey snags 2 national gold medals

As if helping out local kids by buying tasty beer wasn’t enough, Hairless Hare customers were entered in a national contest to win cool prizes. Whether it was karma, luck or whatever, Doug Pietrzak of Troy won an electric guitar signed by the Tedeschi Trucks Band.

>>Dayton’s craft beer walking trail is growing

Area schools with day music programs interested in applying for a grant from the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation can go here to see if they qualify.

Shape up your body and your mind at new downtown Dayton studio

Published: Monday, September 18, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

A circuit-training catalyst class at WellSpace in Dayton. CONTRIBUTED
A circuit-training catalyst class at WellSpace in Dayton. CONTRIBUTED

Working up a sweat and getting into shape are only part of the equation at WellSpace.

Downtown Dayton’s newest wellness studio — located at 116 N. Jefferson St. — is focused on balancing a healthy body, mind and spirit. 

>> Local food truck to open beer, wine pub in Dayton Mall

“We want to take a balanced approach to help people attain optimal health,” co-owner Matt Parente said. “We acknowledge that each individual’s balance is just as unique as they are, and we will meet you where you’re at.”

The 7,200-square foot downtown facility — which celebrates its official grand opening Friday — offers a wide array of classes from the quiet mindfulness of meditation and gentle yoga to the upbeat heart-pumping circuit training catalyst class. 

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“We want to be a one-stop hub to help people take better care of themselves,” Parente said. “The multiple offerings of each mind, body, spirit training found at WellSpace are designed to personalize your experience, and we have excellent instructors to guide you through each practice.”

Parente, a certified personal trainer, is an instructor himself, teaching yoga and pilates. There are currently 14 instructors, including life coaches and a spiritual mentor. 

>> ‘No regrets whatsoever’ over no-kids policy, local tavern owner says

Co-owner Michael Boyd beams with pride as he surveys the transformation of the expansive, airy space that was once home to a far different business venture.

“I spent 30 years in advertising and marketing and the last few years running a tech company right here,” Boyd said. “I’m approaching a milestone age and I wanted to do something to make people feel good and live longer.” 

>> Sound familiar? Dayton Arcade seeks $5M in state incentives

Boyd enlisted the help of Parente — his personal trainer, turned partner — and the rest is history.

“The vision of WellSpace was to create a welcoming, clean, safe and peaceful escape from our busy lives,” Boyd said. “We will host many offerings that will enable our community to bring balance back to their lives.” 

>> New art gallery opening in downtown Dayton

In addition to a seven-day schedule of classes, WellSpace will also host workshops and seminars including an upcoming Healthy Living Workshop on Saturday at 6 p.m. and a Health and Spirituality Workshop on Sept. 24 at 4 p.m. Both events are free. The co-owners are also open to designing specialty classes.

“We know there are many different ways to move, think and feel,” Boyd said. 

>> New record store opening in downtown Dayton

Boyd and Parente, both native Daytonians, are looking forward to making their mark in the revitalized downtown community.

“We’re incredibly excited to jump into the mix of all this energy flooding into downtown,” Parente said. 

>> The amazing ‘Crystal City’ in downtown Dayton is a must-see

“The city is revitalizing all around us, and it’s exciting to be a part of it,” Boyd said.


When: Friday, 5 p.m.

Where: 116 N. Jefferson St., third floor

What: Live music, sketch portraits, demonstrations and refreshments at Downtown Dayton’s newest wellness studio

More: call 937-718-0180 or visit www.wellspacedayton.com