Springboro crossroads redevelopment includes new performing arts center

Published: Monday, March 05, 2018 @ 12:34 PM

            This is a rendering of the proposed Springboro Center for the Performing Arts.
This is a rendering of the proposed Springboro Center for the Performing Arts.

A performing arts center featuring a 150-seat theatre is part of plans for redevelopment of Springboro’s central crossroads.

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On Tuesday, city officials are unveiling plans for the development of 6.5 acres on the northwest corner of Ohio 741 and Ohio 73, Main Street and Central Avenue in Springboro. Members of the public are to provide input during a meeting from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Springboro City Hall.

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This morning, City Manager Chris Pozzuto said the arts center now calls for a 14,000-15,000 square foot building with a 140-150 seat theatre, activity and meeting rooms.

The land, formerly known as the Springboro IGA plaza, is south of the Settlers Walk and Austin Landing developments on Main Street.

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“We hope that the performing arts center construction closely mirrors the infrastructure (roads, water lines, etc.) for the rest of the redevelopment of the former IGA Plaza site. We would love to break ground sometime late summer, but that remains to be seen,” Pozzuto said via email.

The city is expecting to fund the project, but no cost estimate was available this morning.

“We are having conversations with other groups to identify different funding sources,” Pozzuto added.

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5 reasons to go see ‘Something Rotten’ in Dayton this weekend

Published: Friday, March 23, 2018 @ 12:46 PM

The Victoria Theatre Association s Premiere Health Broadway Series presents Something Rotten! the 10-time Tony Award-nominated musical comedy by Karey Kirkpatrick, John O Farrell and Wayne Kirkpatrick at the Schuster Center in Dayton, Tuesday through Sunday, March 20 through 25. CONTRIBUTED
Contributing Writer
The Victoria Theatre Association s Premiere Health Broadway Series presents Something Rotten! the 10-time Tony Award-nominated musical comedy by Karey Kirkpatrick, John O Farrell and Wayne Kirkpatrick at the Schuster Center in Dayton, Tuesday through Sunday, March 20 through 25. CONTRIBUTED(Contributing Writer)

The hilariously witty musical comedy “Something Rotten!,” nominated for 10 Tony Awards in 2015 including Best Musical, is playing through Sunday, March 25 at the Schuster Center.

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A clever and naughty sendup of William Shakespeare and musical theater conventions, the show charmingly centers on brothers Nick and Nigel Bottom, aspiring writers in 1595 London in desperate need of a hit. Their rival, the Bard, is treated as a rock star, but they feel confident in surpassing his greatness with the creation of the world’s very first musical. It is part of the Victoria Theatre Association’s Premier Health Broadway Series.

Here are five reasons why you should see this entertaining romp. 

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Josh Grisetti as Nigel Bottom, Rob McClure as Nick Bottom, and the cast of the national tour of the 2015 musical comedy Something Rotten! slated March 20-25 at the Schuster Center. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO BY JEREMY DANIEL(Contributing Writer)



In fact, Nick’s first solo is the comical “God, I Hate Shakespeare,” a laundry list of reasons why the Bard, a former actor in his troupe, just isn’t his cup of tea. Although effectively accented with an assortment of playful homages to “Henry IV,” “Twelfth Night,” “Romeo and Juliet,” and, most importantly, “Hamlet,” this breezy show is more of a love letter to the Renaissance, Broadway, musical theater, romance, and the universal bond of marriage and family. “We’re well aware the audience is going to come to this show not really sure of what they’re going to get,” said Maggie Lakis, who portrays Nick’s supportive wife Bea and offers a solid rendition of “Right Hand Man.” “‘Something Rotten!’ is a new show so it’s not a revival which is more commonly seen on tours these days. But it has great production numbers and it’s been wonderful hearing the audience experience the show for the first time because there are so many great surprises in it. And actually, it’s very rewarding to do a comedy right now considering everything that’s going on in the world.” 

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“Something Rotten” spoofs the musical. Submitted photo.(Staff Writer)



In a rare turn of events, the tour’s three principal leads closed the show on Broadway in early 2017. Tony nominees Rob McClure (Nick Bottom) and “Rent” alum Adam Pascal (Shakespeare) along with Josh Grisetti (Nigel Bottom) offer wonderfully cohesive chemistry befitting their time with this material. The verbal tap dance showdown between McClure and Pascal in the gospel-driven Act 1 finale “Bottom’s Gonna Be on Top” is a hoot. 

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Director/choreographer Casey Nicholaw is familiar to Dayton audiences thanks to his memorable work on “The Book of Mormon.” His contributions are equally inventive here particularly his knack for gradually building ensemble numbers to the fullest while inserting funny imagery where necessary including a few Grim Reapers during “The Black Death” and tap-dancing eggs in “Make an Omelette,” a key scene in Nick and Nigel’s musical. 

Adam Pascal, center, plays Shakespeare in "Something Rotten!," which comes to Bass Concert Hall May 30-June 4 as part of Broadway in Austin. Contributed by Jeremy Daniel



Brothers Wayne Kirkpatrick (Grammy-winning co-songwriter of Eric Clapton’s “Change Your World”) and Karey Kirkpatrick (Golden Globe-nominated screenwriter of animated film “Chicken Run”) deliver an impressive array of tuneful melodies from the snazzy pop elegance of opening number “Welcome to the Renaissance” to the rock urgency of “Will Power” (delivered with flair by Pascal with moves like Jagger assisted by four brooding backup boys portrayed by Daniel Beeman, Drew Franklin, Luke Hamilton, and Tony Neidenbach). “We were conscious of not wanting to be so inside that you could only get it if you had seen the most obscure musicals,” Wayne Kirkpatrick said. “We went broad, purposefully. We referenced not only the musicals people would know even if they hadn’t seen them, or maybe they’d only seen the movie. The same with Shakespeare. Everybody knows some Shakespeare lines. There are a lot of what we refer to as ‘hits,’ that everybody is going to know.” 

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The Kirkpatricks and Nicholaw truly pulled out the stops when creating/envisioning Act 1’s “A Musical” and Act 2’s aforementioned “Make an Omelette.” The former, brought about by Nick’s visit to see faulty soothsayer Thomas Nostradamus (kooky Blake Hammond), ingeniously and joyfully references an array of musicals from “Annie” and “South Pacific” to “Les Misérables” and “A Chorus Line” with a nod to the Radio City Rockettes for good measure. Both are must-see showcases worth the price of admission. 

“These two numbers sometimes receive mid-show standing ovations,” said Lakis, McClure’s wife on stage and off. “This show simply has everything you’d want from a musical comedy from great music to great costumes to great laughs.” 



What: “Something Rotten!” 

Where: Schuster Center, Second and Main streets, Dayton 

When: Through March 25; 8 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday; 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday; 2 and 7:30 p.m. Sunday 

Cost: $35 and up. 

Tickets/more info: Call Ticket Center Stage at (937) 228-3630 or visit ticketcenterstage.com

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Something good or ‘Something Rotten’? You be the judge

Published: Tuesday, March 20, 2018 @ 6:00 AM

9 shows at the Schuster Center

The Broadway smash hit “Something Rotten” is rolling into Dayton this week.

The show comes to the Schuster Center March 20-25 as part of the Premier Health Broadway Series.

>> ‘School of Rock’ and ‘Book of Mormon’ among the big shows coming soon to Dayton

“Something Rotten” spoofs the musical. Submitted photo.(Staff Writer)


In an era when all of the hype and attention were focused on their rival, William Shakespeare, two brothers — Nick and Nigel Bottom — were determined to write a hit play of their own.

When a soothsayer predicts that the future of theater is going to involve plays in which an actor suddenly breaks into song, the brothers plot to write the world’s very first musical.

Set in the 1590s, “Something Rotten” captured 10 Tony Award nominations including Best Musical when it opened in New York in 2015. What’s especially exciting is that three principal cast members who were in the show on Broadway will come to Dayton.

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“Something Rotten” comes to the Schuster Center March 20-25. SUBMITTED PHOTO(Staff Writer)


Portraying William Shakespeare is Adam Pascal, who wowed students and faculty when he came to Wright State University in 2015 as part of a year-long program called “Musicals Rock.” Joe Deer, chairman of the department of theater, dance and motion pictures at Wright State, says he chose Pascal “because he is such an iconic Broadway pop star.”

Pascal, who began his career as a singer/musician in a rock band, got his big Broadway break in 1996 when a friend — Idina Menzel — suggested he audition for “Rent.” He was cast as the HIV-positive rock guitarist Roger Davis in the Off-Broadway, Broadway and London Productions of the iconic show and he was nominated for a Tony award for his performance. He went on to play the original Radames in Broadway’s “Aida” and appeared in “Memphis” and “Chicago.” In Dayton, he’ll play Shakespeare in all but two performances of “Something Rotten.”

>> PHOTOS: St. Patrick’s Day at the Dublin Pub

Adam Pascal will portray William Shakespeare. He says he loves being silly, over-the-top and brash. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO BY JOAN MARCUS(Staff Writer)

“Adam was one of the nicest and most direct master teachers we’ve had at Wright State,” says Deer. “He did a Pop/Rock audition workshop and was so open with students. He also did a question-and-answer session with Muse Machine students that was just perfectly tuned to their needs. The concert he gave was wonderful — just him and a guitar doing songs he’s performed on Broadway and that he just loves. We ended that event with him singing ‘Seasons of Love’ with all our seniors. It was wonderful.”

Deer says what’s fun about “Something Rotten” is that it starts with the idea of revised history — how things “really” happened as opposed to how we’ve learned about them in fancy theater-history classes. “So William Shakespeare is a Pop Star instead of the stuffy intellectual,” he explains. “It’s a delightfully absurd plot, filled with characters who are much more ambitious than they are smart or talented — except for Shakespeare! This is true musical comedy, with no pretensions of changing the art form. They just want to have fun.”

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The Victoria Theatre Association s Premiere Health Broadway Series presents Something Rotten! the 10-time Tony Award-nominated musical comedy by Karey Kirkpatrick, John O Farrell and Wayne Kirkpatrick at the Schuster Center in Dayton, Tuesday through Sunday, March 20 through 25. CONTRIBUTED(Contributing Writer)


Pascal agrees, calling the show a fun frolic, a laugh-out-loud comedy.

“What makes it unique is that it’s an original idea not based on previous source material and that’s a rarity in the landscape of musical theater,” he explains.” It’s one of those rare comedies appropriate for the entire family…. as long as you don’t mind having your kids hear the word ‘s—t’ a couple of times. It’s incredibly funny with different layers of comedy that appeal to a broad spectrum of audience members.”

You don’t need to know anything about Shakespeare and his plays in order to enjoy this show, insists Pascal. “I’m not that familiar with Shakespeare and I avoided it all through high school,” he admits. “This character can be anybody. The fact that he’s Shakespeare is almost incidental. In this universe, he’s a pompous, arrogant, buffoon who is wildly successful at what he does.”

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“Something Rotten” is the story of two brothers who are determined to write a hit play. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO BY JOAN MARCUS(Staff Writer)

He says his favorite songs in the production are those he can watch from the wings, such as the chorus number, “Musical.” His own big numbers include “Will Power” and “Hard to be the Bard.”

Pascal, who grew up in New York and now makes his home in Los Angeles, prefers being on tour. “I love going back to Broadway but the least part of it is being in the city. I didn’t enjoy living there. I enjoy the road —exploring new towns, new restaurants.”

Although he got his start as a musician in a rock band and still loves playing live music, Pascal says musical theater is a much better fit for him. “It’s where I’ve had the most success and where I feel most comfortable.”

What’s fun as a performer, he says, is the opportunity to be silly, over-the-top and brash. “To me there’s no more fun than getting to be in musical theater, especially in an incredibly funny musical. I would pay to do this!

Josh Grisetti as Nigel Bottom, Rob McClure as Nick Bottom, and the cast of the national tour of the 2015 musical comedy Something Rotten! slated March 20-25 at the Schuster Center. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO BY JEREMY DANIEL(Contributing Writer)


What: “Something Rotten”

When: March 20-25. Performances at 8 p.m. Tuesday through Friday; 2 and 8 p.m. Saturday and 2 and 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Saturday matinee performances are signed and/or audio interpreted.

Tickets: $30 and up plus service fees. Student and military discounts are also available at Ticketcenterstage.com or by calling (937) 228-3630.

Related programming: “Background on Broadway” At 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and at 1 p.m. Saturday you’ll learn about the development, history and artistry of the show. This free event is held in the Schuster Center’s 4th Floor Lobby. You must have a ticket to that day’s performance.

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You get to choose the ending at this new musical coming to local stage

Published: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 @ 6:00 AM

The Creative Arts Building at Wright State University is home to the Festival Playhouse. Submitted photo by William Jones.
HANDOUT/© Wright State University Photo
The Creative Arts Building at Wright State University is home to the Festival Playhouse. Submitted photo by William Jones.(HANDOUT/© Wright State University Photo)

Everything old is new again as Rupert Holmes’ delightful Tony Award-winning 1985 musical comedy whodunit “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” receives its Wright State University premiere beginning Thursday, March 15 in the Festival Playhouse of the Creative Arts Center.

Inspired by the unfinished novel by Charles Dickens, the audience-friendly musical uses the conceptual framework of an old English Music Hall to tell its story of Edwin Drood, whose murder in the small town of Cloisterham, England baffles its citizens. Due to Dickens’ death, the audience gets to choose which character is the killer, often leading to hilarious and unique results.

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“This show is wonderfully interactive because the audience is much more a part of the show rather than just watching it,” said director/choreographer Greg Hellems, who staged an entertaining “9 to 5” last season for WSU. “The constant breaking of the fourth wall engages people in a way they prefer to go to the theater for. This is an experience you wouldn’t have if you were sitting at home watching TV.”

>> PHOTOS: Wright State ArtsGala 2017

Tony Award-winning 1985 musical comedy whodunit The Mystery of Edwin Drood receives its Wright State University premiere beginning Thursday, March 15 in the Festival Playhouse of the Creative Arts Center. CONTRIBUTED(Contributing Writer)

The large ensemble cast features principals Kenneth Erard as the Chairman, Kyle Miller as John Jasper, Megan Valle as Edwin Drood, Emma Buchanan as Rosa Bud, Alejandria Solis as Helena Landless, Nick Wasserbauer as Neville Landless, Casey Borghesi as Princess Puffer, Kyle Sell as Durdles, Rachel Woeste as Mr. James Throttle, and Sam Maxwell as The Reverend Mr. Crisparkle.

“This show offers a great opportunity for ensemble work,” Hellems added. “Plus, the actors have the challenge of playing two roles, the actor in the Music Hall Royale and the characters in the play. They also have to understand the show’s stylistic differences, particularly the melodrama happening within the play and the interplay happening with the audience. There are so many layers in this show.”

Hellems’ artistic team includes music director Scot Woolley, set designer Pam Knauert Lavarnway, lighting designer Matthew P. Benjamin, costumer Elizabeth Bourgeois, properties by John Lavarnway, and sound designer Ryan Burgdorf.

>> Must-see Dayton theater in March

Holmes, most famous for “Escape (The Piña Colada Song),” wrote a beautiful and challenging score consisting of such tuneful numbers as rousing opener “There You Are,” “The Wages of Sin,” “Perfect Strangers,” “Both Sides of the Coin,” “Don’t Quit While You’re Ahead,” and uplifting finale “The Writing on the Wall.”

“Perseverance is an important theme in ‘Writing on the Wall,’” Hellems noted. “It speaks to facing adversity and finding your own personal strength. There’s a common theme running throughout the show with every character about trying to manage and deal with their personal problems and how they overcome.”


What: “The Mystery of Edwin Drood”

When: March 15-April 8; March 15, 28, 29 and April 5 at 7 p.m.; March 16, 17, 30, 31, April 6, and 7 at 8 p.m.; and March 18, 31, April 1, 7 and 8 at 2 p.m.

Where: Festival Playhouse of the Creative Arts Center, 3640 Col. Glenn Hwy., Fairborn

Cost: $22 for adults; $20 for seniors and students

Tickets: Call (937) 775-2500 or visit https://liberal-arts.wright.edu/theatre-dance-and-motion-pictures/box-office.

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‘School of Rock,’ ‘Book of Mormon’ are coming to Dayton — and you won’t believe what else

Published: Tuesday, February 27, 2018 @ 7:00 PM

9 shows at the Schuster Center

The touring shows the Victoria Theatre Association will be bringing to town for the new theater season that begins this fall were announced at a festive gathering Tuesday evening at the Victoria Theatre. 

>> PHOTOS: We can’t wait to see these Broadway shows here in Dayton

Here are the shows we can’t wait to see:

Premiere Health Broadway Series 2018-19 


Oct. 2-7, 2018, Schuster Center

SCHOOL OF ROCK – THE MUSICALOCTOBER 2-7, 2018 – SCHUSTER CENTERSCHOOL OF ROCK is based on the hit film. The musical follows Dewey Finn, a wannabe rock star posing as a substitute teacher who turns a class of straight-A students into a guitar-shredding, bass-slapping, mind-blowing rock band. This high-octane smash features 14 new songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber, all the original songs from the movie, and musical theater’s first-ever kids rock band playing their instruments live on stage. CONTRIBUTED

The VTA’s 2018-19 Premiere Health Broadway Series kicks off Oct. 2 with “School of Rock — The Musical.” Based on the hit film, the musical features 14 new songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber as well as all of the original songs from the movie. Musical theater’s first-ever kids’ rock band will play their instruments live on stage. 

>> Where you can see School of Rock right now


Jan. 15-20, 2019, Schuster Center

FINDING NEVERLANDJANUARY 15 - 20, 2019 – SCHUSTER CENTERFINDING NEVERLAND tells the musical story behind one of the world’s most beloved characters: Peter Pan. Playwright J.M. Barrie struggles to find inspiration until he meets four young brothers and their beautiful widowed mother. Spellbound by the boys’ enchanting make-believe adventures, he sets out to write a play that will astound London theatergoers. With a little bit of pixie dust and a lot of faith, Barrie takes this monumental leap, leaving his old world behind for Neverland, where nothing is impossible and the wonder of childhood lasts forever. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO BY JEREMY DANIEL(JEREMY DANIEL)

Next up is “Finding Neverland,” which follows the life of playwright J.M. Barrie, author of “Peter Pan.” 

>> The best concerts coming up in Dayton in 2018


Feb. 12-17, 2019, Schuster Center

RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN’S THE KING AND IFEBRUARY 12-17, 2019 – SCHUSTER CENTERTwo worlds collide in this musical, based on the 2015 Tony Award®-winning Lincoln Center Theater production. One of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s finest works, THE KING AND I boasts a score that features such beloved classics as “Getting to Know You,” “I Whistle a Happy Tune,” “Hello Young Lovers,” “Shall We Dance” and “Something Wonderful.” Set in 1860s Bangkok, the musical tells the story of the unconventional and tempestuous relationship that develops between the King of Siam and Anna Leonowens, a British schoolteacher whom the modernist King, in an imperialistic world, brings to Siam to teach his many wives and children. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO BY JEREMY DANIEL(JEREMY DANIEL)

One of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s most glorious musicals, “The King and I,” comes to the Schuster during Valentine’s Day season. 

Set in 1860s Bangkok, it’s the story of the unconventional relationship between the King of Siam and the British schoolteacher who comes to instruct his wives and children. 

The beloved songs from this Tony winner range from “Getting to Know You” and “I Whistle a Happy Tune” to “Shall We Dance” and “Hello Young Lovers.” 


March 5-10, 2019, Schuster Center

ON YOUR FEET!MARCH 5 - 10, 2019 – SCHUSTER CENTERFrom their humble beginnings in Cuba, Emilio and Gloria Estefan came to America and broke through all barriers to become a crossover sensation at the very top of the pop music world. ON YOUR FEET! takes you behind the music and inside the real story of this record-making and groundbreaking couple who, in the face of adversity, found a way to end up on their feet. Directed by two-time Tony Award® winner Jerry Mitchell (Kinky Boots), with choreography by Olivier Award winner Sergio Trujillo (Jersey Boys) and an original book by Academy Award® winner Alexander Dinelaris (Birdman), ON YOUR FEET! features some of the most iconic songs of the past quarter-century – and one of the most inspiring stories in music. CONTRIBUTED


Emilio and Gloria Estefan are the focus of “On Your Feet!,” the inspiring story of the talented Cuban couple who came to America, faced adversity and managed to break barriers and reach the top of the pop music world. 


April 2-7, 2019, Schuster Center

LES MISÉRABLESAPRIL 2-7, 2019 – SCHUSTER CENTERCameron Mackintosh presents the new production of Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg’s Tony Award®-winning musical phenomenon, LES MISÉRABLES, direct from an acclaimed two-and-a-half-year return to Broadway. Set against the backdrop of 19th century France, LES MISÉRABLES tells an unforgettable story of heartbreak, passion, and the resilience of the human spirit. Featuring the beloved songs “I Dreamed a Dream,” “On My Own,” “Stars,” “Bring Him Home,” “One Day More,” and many more, this epic and uplifting story has become one of the most celebrated musicals in theatrical history. With its new staging and reimagined scenery inspired by the paintings of Victor Hugo, this new production has left both audiences and critics awestruck. CONTRIBUTED

A new production of the celebrated musical “Les Misérables” featuing new staging and scenery inspired by the paintings of Victor Hugo will be at the Schuster Center. Classic songs from the Tony winning musical include “I Dreamed a Dream, “On My Own,” “Bring Him Home” and “One Day More.” 


June 25-30, 2019, Schuster Center

WAITRESSJUNE 25 - 30, 2019 – SCHUSTER CENTERInspired by Adrienne Shelly’s film, WAITRESS tells the story of Jenna – a waitress and expert pie maker who dreams of a way out of her small town and loveless marriage. A baking contest in a nearby county and the town’s new doctor may offer her a chance at a fresh start, while her fellow waitresses offer their own recipes for happiness. But Jenna must summon the strength and courage to rebuild her own life. This music celebrates friendship, motherhood, and the magic of a well-made pie and contains mature content. CONTRIBUTED


The final treat of the Broadway series is “Waitress,” the story of a small-town waitress and expert pie maker who dreams of escaping her loveless marriage and finding a happier life. The musical is based on the popular film. 


Projects Unlimited Star Attractions 2018-19 


Oct. 23-25, 2018, Schuster Center

THE WIZARD OF OZOCTOBER 23 - 25, 2018 – SCHUSTER CENTERThere truly is no place like home as the greatest family musical of all time, the wonderful WIZARD OF OZ, twists its way into Dayton. The entire family will be captivated as they travel down the Yellow Brick Road and beyond with Dorothy, Toto and their friends the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow in this lavish production, featuring breathtaking special effects, dazzling choreography and classic songs. A spectacular celebration of the iconic 1939 MGM film, THE WIZARD OF OZ will blow you away from the moment the tornado touches down and transports you to a dazzling Oz, complete with munchkins and flying monkeys. CONTRIBUTED

Catch up with Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion in this lavish production, featuring breathtaking special effects, dazzling choreography and classic songs. Based on the 1939 MGM film, this production includes a tornado touchdown, munchkins and flying monkeys.


Feb. 1-2, 2019, Schuster Center

CHICAGOFEBRUARY 1 & 2, 2019 – SCHUSTER CENTERThis triumphant hit musical is the recipient of six Tony Awards®, two Olivier Awards, a Grammy®, thousands of standing ovations and now is the No. 1 longest-running American musical in Broadway history. CHICAGO is a universal tale of fame, fortune and all that jazz and one show-stopping song and dance number after another. CONTRIBUTED

The Tony and Grammy winner and the longest running American musical on Broadway is headed back to town. The classic tale features show-stopping song and dance numbers.


May 21-26, 2019, Schuster Center

THE BOOK OF MORMONMAY 21 - 26, 2019 – SCHUSTER CENTERThe nine-time Tony Award®-winning Best Musical follows the misadventures of a mismatched pair of missionaries, sent halfway across the world to spread the Good Word. Now with standing room only productions in London, on Broadway, and across North America, THE BOOK OF MORMON has truly become an international sensation. Contains explicit language. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO BY JULIETA CERVANTES(JULIETA CERVANTES/Photo: Julieta Cervantes)

This hilarious Tony-winning musical comedy returns. The story follows the misadventures of a pair of missionaries sent halfway across the world.

>> The theater shows you must see in March


Thanks to the Morris Furniture Company Family Series, the kids can look forward to live entertainment as well. 

That schedule includes “The Ugly Duckling” (Nov. 10); “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Musical” (Nov. 16-17); “The Phantom Tollbooth” (Feb. 2, 2019); “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” (Feb. 23, 2019); “Diary of a Worm, A Spider & A Fly” (March 23, 2019) and “Magic School Bus Live: Lost in the Solar System” (April 27, 2019). 

Also announced is the line-up for the popular National Geographic Live series. The speakers will include former NASA chief scientist Ellen Stone on Feb. 3-4; big wall climber Mark Synnott on March 10-11 and Arctic photographer Florian Schulz on April 14-15. The series takes place at the Victoria Theatre. 


Season tickets are available now. Single-show ticket information will be available at a later time. For ticket information, visit (937) 228-3630 or ticketcenterstage.com.

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