Shootin' From The Hip

Shootin From The Hip
Shootin' From the Hip hosted by Jeff Pedro and Mark Avery
Saturday Afternoons 2PM to 3PM. | Call the show at 937-457-1290 | Like the show on Facebook

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Shootin’ from the Hip is a informative show that provides a forum for firearms and shooting enthusiasts and civilians interested in self defense and personal safety to become informed about a wide variety of related issues and to dispel myths about firearms by promoting the truth backed by verifiable sources. Topics to be discussed include firearms safety and training, firearms selection, practical and legal issues involved in owning, carrying and/or potentially using a gun for self defense, mental preparation for confrontation, firearms, ammunition and firearms accessories product reviews, discussions of current, pending and proposed legislation related to the firearms industry and personal safety, and firearms maintenance and cleaning, among other related topics.

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