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New restaurant offers half off wine tonight

Published: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 @ 4:02 PM
Updated: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 @ 4:02 PM

Need a reason to try a new bistro?

How does a deal on wine sound?

Lily’s Bistro, the new Oregon District eatery we previewed in May, will celebrate its first month in operation by kicking off its Tuesday half off bottle of wine weekly special.

The bottles will be reduced with food purchase.

“This gives people a chance to try some of our bottles that they maybe normally wouldn’t,” Emily Mendenhall, general manager of the business located at in Dayton 329 E. Fifth St., said in a statement. “It allows the staff an opportunity to really talk about the difference between a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and a French Sancerre, or to introduce folks to some of our interesting wines from lesser-known regions.”

Lily’s, a casual-upscale restaurant, is owned by Lisa and Bob Mendenhall. The couple also owns Blind Bob’s nearby.

Here are other weekly specials:

• Monday — service industry night: drink specials for those who work in restaurants.

• Wednesday and Thursday — happy hour from 5 to 7 p.m: specials on draft beers, wines and unique cocktail.

• Friday and Saturday — late-night menu: dine on selected items and hang in the bar and/or patios until 1 a.m.

Lily’s is in the former site of Boulevard Haus/Cafe Boulevard.


Lily’s Bistro

329 E. Fifth St., Dayton

(937) 723-7637

Monday to Thursday — 5 to 10 p.m.

Friday to Saturday — 5 to 11 p.m.

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Health Inspections: Max’s Sport and Spirits

Published: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 @ 1:44 PM

Restaurant inspections. CONTRIBUTED

Address: 112 S. Main St., Union

Date of inspection: April 25

Violations: Egg/milk wash for chicken was holding at 72F. In order to limit the growth of pathogens ensure TCS food items are kept at or below 41F. Discussed using an ice bath to keep the mixture cold with staff members.

Observed build-up on slicer food contact areas. In order to limit the risk of contamination ensure the slicer is cleaned/sanitized prior to use.

The dish machine is not sanitizing at this time. No chlorine residual was observed. Discussed sanitizing dishes in the three compartment sink with staff until the machine is repaired. In order for dishes to be sanitized a 50 – 100 ppm chlorine residual shall be provided.

Observed build-up in the following areas: pizza shelving, walk-in cooler shelving, walls, around the fryer area, and fan covers. Ensure facility areas/items are kept clean and free of build-up.

Comments: Discussed options for taking a level 2 food safety class with PIC.

A follow-up inspection will be conducted on or after 5/2/17.

Health Inspections: Frickers

Published: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 @ 1:43 PM

Fricker’s Frickles are delicious fried pickles. Try to say that three times. (Staff photo by Connie Post)

Address: 251 Springboro Pike, Miamisburg

Date of inspection: April 24

Violations: This report is a follow-up to the inspection conducted 04/17/2017.

03.4(F)(1)(b) – Improved – At time of re-inspection, food temperatures inside prep cooler (across from grill) had improved.

- Cooked potatoes- CH- 43.85F

- Hot dogs- CH- 40.5F

- Sliced swiss cheese- CH- 42.8F

- Coleslaw- CH- 43.0F

- Cottage cheese- CH- 38.9F

- Sliced bologna- CH- 40.5F

- Diced tomato- CH- 39.9F

PIC was informed to monitor temperature of foods hourly. If food temperatures begin to increase, ensure foods are placed in another working cooler, inside freezer to quickly cool, or on ice (ice shall be placed at same level as food).

Comments: No further re-inspection needed at this time.

Health Inspections: Danner Supermarket

Published: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 @ 1:50 PM

Restaurant inspections

Address: 1233 Danner Ave., Dayton

Date of inspection: April 24

Violations: Observed meat department employee enter the meat cutting area and put on food gloves without washing hands. All food establishments shall ensure employees working with food wash hands before putting on gloves.

Chicken is stored over beef and pork in the walk in cooler at the time of inspection. All food establishments shall store chicken below other raw meats to prevent contamination.

Deli meat sliced in house and packaged is in correctly label for identification. All food establishments shall properly label products package in house for correct identification.

Deli slicer in the meat cutting area has accumulation of food debris. All food establishments shall clean food contact surfaces, sight to touch, to prevent contamination of food.

Feces of pests are observed on shelving where chips are located on the sales floor. All food establishments shall clean feces and ensure pests are controlled to not be an issue and to prevent contamination of food.

Chemicals are stored next to food plates, single service items, at the time of inspection. All food establishments shall store chemicals to prevent potential contamination of single service and food use items.

Comments: Raw chicken is not stored in coolers that are not working correctly to maintain temperature of 41 degrees F or below.

Dead insects are removed at the time of inspection.

Food safety training is in process of registration for the owner/operator and the meat cutting employee. Owner will register for level 1 food safety training at PHDMC the week of May 1, 2017.

Re-inspection will occur in 10 days or thereafter.

Health Inspections: Dollar General

Published: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 @ 8:50 AM


Address: 3959 State Route 122, Franklin

Date of inspection: April 27

Violations: Fixed equipment did not appear to be properly sealed or spaced for cleaning. Mop sink is not caulked to the wall. Equipment that is fixed shall be installed so that it is spaced to allow access for cleaning, from adjoining equipment, walls, and ceilings a distance of not more than one thirty-second inch or one millimeter; or sealed to adjoining equipment or walls, if the equipment is exposed to spillage or seepage; Counter-mounted equipment shall be installed to allow cleaning of the equipment and areas underneath and around the equipment as specified in this rule.

Comments: Facility is constructed as per plans. Plumbing final inspection 4-25-17 by EAM. An inspection will be conducted within 30 days.