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Dayton man wins big on ‘Live with Kelly’ during sixth appearance

Published: Wednesday, March 15, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

We might as well nickname Scott Walker “Winnie McLuckie.” 

The retired Dayton street maintenance worker has been called to play the “Live with Kelly” trivia contest a whopping six times in the past 11 years.

He’s won grand prize trips three of those times.

The part-time Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum security guard’s last victory came on the morning of March 14. 

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His seven-night, six-day trip to the all-inclusive Buccaneer resort in St Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands is valued at $9,500. 

LIVE with Kelly airs 9 a.m. Monday to Friday on WHIO-7.

Walker has been enjoying the ride, which has also included trips to St. Lucia and the Bahamas.

“It is just kind of surprising to to me that they keep calling,” Walker said. “It seems like they call every year or every two years.”

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This time around, Walker correctly guessed that actor Stanley Tucci made martinis for “Live” host Kelly Ripa and guest host Michael Weatherly of CBS’ “Bull.”


Since retiring, entering to be on the contest and watching and recording the show has been part of his routine.

“It is almost like an addiction,” he said.

If  “Live with Kelly” happens to call -- as it has those 11 times -- Walker reviews his recording and takes notes. 

He noted that the contest often relates to the show’s first guest. 

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Walker won a trip to St. Lucia  on “Live!” last year, and went on that trip alone in January after his companion could not make the trip. He said he made friends and had a great time.

He and his now-late wife Connie went on the trip he won to the Bahamas.

“She always called it her happy place,” Walker said.

Walker is also a frequent K99.1FM contest winner. 

Like this news organization, K99.1FM  is a Cox Media Group Company.   

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Tomi Lahren booted permanently from The Blaze, report claims

Published: Monday, March 27, 2017 @ 5:51 AM

The New York Post’s Page Six reports that Tomi Lahren has been booted off Glenn Beck’s The Blaze for good.

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The news comes after the contentious commentator and her show caught a weeklong suspension from The Blaze following her appearance on “The View,” in which Lahren took a pro-abortion stance. She said it was “hypocritical” for conservatives who believed in limited government to also believe it right for a government to intrude on something as personal as an abortion.

“Glenn is reminding the world of his conservative principles by sidelining Tomi after she insulted conservatives by calling them hypocrites,” one source told Page Six.

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“He just couldn’t sit by and watch as Tomi Lahren said there’s no way for conservatives to justify anything other than being pro-choice.”

The news comes as Lahren, 24, appears to be accepting the inevitable, spending time with friends and planning a next step.

Over the weekend, she posted a photograph on Instagram with the caption, “Thanks Houston for showing 2 Dallas girls some good times after a rough week.” She added the caption #gonnabeokay.

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Comedian Gabriel Iglesias in life-threatening battle with his weight

Published: Monday, March 27, 2017 @ 11:29 AM

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias in life-threatening battle with his weight

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias has always been on the heavy side–in fact that’s what he’s known for. His punchline is a dig at his own weight problem, “I’m not fat…I’m fluffy.” But now the comedian’s obesity has caught up with him. 

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A few weeks ago, he announced on Instagram that he was canceling upcoming shows; saying, “I’m dealing with some serious health and emotional issues.”

Since canceling some tour dates, Iglesias has been working hard to get his weight and diabetes under control. On Tuesday, he posted on social media that he was “down almost 20 pounds since I stopped touring and my diabetes is currently under control with exercise, diet and meds.”

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The comedian is hitting the gym hard to lose weight, and he’s honing his boxing skills impressively. He posted a short video on Instagram that shows his technique with the speed bag.

TMZ reported that Iglesias is hitting the gym five times a week for two hour sessions. He is hoping to drop over 50 pounds before resuming his tour. 

The comic is training with Ricky Funez, who is famous for whipping Justin Bieber into shape. Gabriel says that he came to Funez, “a broken, humbled man after I walked away from the road in Feb. and asked him for help.”

He also said that he’s been struggling with “emotional issues,” and it seems that those demons are harder to tame. 

The comic wrote that, “I have some things I need to do for myself b4 I can be in a good place.”

Kim Kardashian says she'll try for baby No. 3

Published: Monday, March 27, 2017 @ 12:21 PM

Kim Kardashian says she'll try for baby No. 3

Less than two years after giving birth to her first son, Kim Kardashian has revealed she would like to have a third child, the reality television star said in a new promotional video for her family’s show on E!

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“I want my kids to have siblings, but the doctors don’t feel like it’s safe for me,” Kardashian says in the clip.

Both of Kardashian’s previous pregnancies were considered high-risk. 

During her first pregnancy, Kardashian had pre-eclampsia, a condition characterized by high blood pressure. During her second, she experienced placentia accreta, which happens  when the placenta attaches too deeply in the uterine wall.

Kardashian wrote about her pregnancy struggles on her website before delivering her son in 2015.

“I’m going to try to have one more baby,” Kardashian says in the clip, which teases scenes of the 36-year-old at a doctor’s office.

“I don’t want you to do something that would put you in danger,” Kris Jenner told her daughter. 

Kardashian and rapper Kanye West welcomed their first child, daughter North West, in June 2013. The couple wed in 2014, and welcomed son Saint West in December 2015.


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Daytonian of the Week: Bryan Stewart

Published: Wednesday, March 22, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Daytonian of the Week: Bryan Stewart

Bryan Stewart admits he has ulterior motives for wanting to keep young adults in the Dayton area.  

“It just makes Dayton a more fun city to live in,” said Stewart, the  legislative aide to Dayton City Commissioner Christopher Shaw and a University of Dayton graduate student. “Ideally those will be people starting their own companies or leading (existing) companies.”

Stewart, the founder of The Longest Table Dayton, was raised in Oakwood and Dayton’s Belmont neighborhood, where his parents lived.

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His father Dennis Stewart is a security guard and a former owner of the Walnut Hills Bar.

His mother, Linda Hart, works in sales and marketing. 

Stewart said his upbringing helped make him a serious extrovert. 

“It exposed me to a lot of different walks of life,” he said.  

The Longest Table, an UpDayton Summit winning project,  holds monthly dinners and encourages community dialogue. 

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Stewart said he sees the potential in young people and the power of politics to make positive change for people. 

 “Sometimes it can be so toxic and nauseating,  but it is so important,” Stewart, the social chair for the Montgomery County Young Democats, said of politics. 

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We caught up with Bryan Stewart, the latest Daytonian of the Week

What superpower would you love to have?

The cosmic power of the Silver Surfer. 

What inspired you to create the Longest Table?

It all started from a tweet from a mentor. Around the same time, I began to notice the organic potential of Dayton’s neighborhood organizations. I saw Tallahassee’s Longest Table meal and conversation as a way we could start to connect different pockets of Dayton.

What is your vision for the city?

Diverse, dense urban living. Innovative and colliding community spaces with fun programming. Highlighting our past but also punching out of our weight class in new areas of health care, aviation and manufacturing.


What do you love about life in Dayton?

Young people have real agency in Dayton. People are Midwest friendly. It’s affordable and you can make things happen here with a lot less obstacles.

Why do you care?

I’ve had a handful of life experiences that radically shook my take on what’s fair and what’s guaranteed. I’ve had a lot of incredible opportunities, and I want to share those chances with others. I used to say I love politics, but in reality I think what I actually love is community building and development.


What is the future of politics?

Less transactional and more connected. The future of politics lies in more direct communication with elected officials, more direct opportunities for learning about policy, and more direct ways to actively engage in community development. Social media’s potential is definitely not where it could be. I see more hands-on ways for citizens to get involved in the process and actively engaging in their neighborhoods.


What is your favorite Dayton guilty pleasure?

The Jalisco Burrito at Taqueria Mixteca on Third Street.


What would you do on a perfect date in Dayton?

Whatever my girlfriend wants, but usually that means Link biking to dinner, snagging a beer at a local brewery, then a show at the Neon.


Where do you go for a great time?

Black Box Improv. They deliver every time.


What would you change about Dayton?

Stereotypes. Peoples’ fear to cross the river.


What should "outsiders" know about life here?

Faux, forced, urban environments are being rejected by millennials. We’re moving downtown, we’re moving closer to cool amenities we can walk or ride a bike to and there’s huge potential in this trend. "Outsiders" should start more businesses and offices in this space because it’s only going to grow.