Salsa legend Celia Cruz gets Google Doodle

Published: Monday, October 21, 2013 @ 7:58 AM
Updated: Monday, October 21, 2013 @ 7:58 AM

Cuban-American Celia Cruz was honored with a Google Doodle on Monday, Oct. 21, 2013. Celia Cruz is often referred to as 'la Reina de Salsa', or 'the Queen of Salsa.

She won a Grammy award in 1990 for Best Tropical Latin Performance for her song with another salsa legend Ray Barretto (Ritmo en el Corazon). Her birthday is Oct. 21, 1925; she was born in Havana, Cuba.

On July 16, 2003, Cruz died of brain cancer at her home in Florida at age 77. Her husband, Pedro Knight died in 2007. She had no children. After her death she was allowed to lie in state at Freedom Tower in Miami where more than 200,000 people paid respect.

Here are a few tweets about the Google Doodle:

Wrestler George 'The Animal' Steele dies at 79

Published: Friday, February 17, 2017 @ 2:51 PM
Updated: Friday, February 17, 2017 @ 2:51 PM

            Wrestler George 'The Animal' Steele dies at 79

Wrestling legend William James Myers, best known by his stage name, George "The Animal" Steele, has died, the WWE said Friday in a statement. He was 79.

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Steele battled health problems in the years before his death.

ESS Promotions agent Eric Simm on Thursday asked for the public's prayers for Steele and on Friday said the WWE Hall of Famer had been moved to hospice care.

"I am glad I got a chance to talk to him about three weeks ago," he wrote on Thursday. "I had the chance to say goodbye. … He was always one of my favorites to work with. … Thank you for being a mentor for me."

The last photo i took with him.I love reading everyones memories of him.  My special memory of him was our car rides everytime he was in town for me.  I got such an education.  I consider myself lucky.

Posted by Eric Simms on Friday, February 17, 2017

Steele, a Michigan native, launched his professional wrestling career in 1967 in Detroit while working as a coach and physical education teacher in Madison Heights. He was known for his wild and unpredictable attitude, his hairy bare chest and his bright green tongue.

Steele played a reviled villain for much of his wrestling career, although that changed in 1985 when Steele was abandoned by The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff during a match and taken under the wing of Capt. Lou Albano.

"His transformation was remarkable, as one of the most hated men in the sport became one of its most lovable figures," WWE officials said in a statement.

He was inducted in 1995 into the WWE Hall of Fame and 10 years later was inducted into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.

"Long after his in-ring retirement and WWE Hall of Fame induction, George 'The Animal' Steele's name still evoked terror for one generation of WWE fans and warm smiles for another," WWE officials said.

Steele coached football in Madison Heights for 25 years. He was inducted in 2006 into the Michigan High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

Friends and fans took to social media to mourn the entertainer:


Photos: Notable deaths 2017 Feb 19, 2017 - 10:25 AM

Ashton Kutcher asks US Senate to help end sex trafficking

Published: Wednesday, February 15, 2017 @ 3:48 PM
Updated: Wednesday, February 15, 2017 @ 3:48 PM

            Ashton Kutcher asks US Senate to help end sex trafficking

When actor Ashton Kutcher appeared in the U.S. Senate chamber on Wednesday morning, the hearing started lightheartedly enough. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) joked that the star of a number of romantic comedies is “better looking in the movies.”

However, the situation took a more serious turn as Kutcher began talking about his organization, Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children, an advoccacy group that combats the sexual exploitation of children.

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Kutcher is the father of two young children with actress Mila Kunis.

In emotional testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kutcher described one young victim in Asia.

“I’ve seen video content of a child that’s the same age as mine being raped by an American man who was a sex tourist in Cambodia, and this child was so conditioned to her environment that she thought she was engaging in play.”

Kutcher, 39, also testified that Thorn can help identify and rescue trafficking victims.

He said while the digital age has enabled sex trafficking it can  also help end it.

It's not just my job, it's my duty to the global community. Everyone has the right to pursue happiness.

Posted by Ashton Kutcher on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"It's not just my job, it's my duty to the global community. Everyone has the right to pursue happiness," Kutcher later posted to Facebook in explaining why he testifed at the hearing.

Adele breaks Grammy Award in two

Published: Monday, February 13, 2017 @ 4:48 PM
Updated: Monday, February 13, 2017 @ 5:02 PM

            Adele breaks Grammy Award in two

British singer Adele made headlines for more than one moment during the Grammys on Sunday night. 

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The 28-year-old performed twice during the show, once belting out her chart-topping "Hello" and again delivering a rendition of "Fastlove" in a tribute to the late George Michael.

During an acceptance speech for Album of the Year, Adele addressed Beyoncé, claiming that the "Formation" singer should have taken the award.

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"I can't possibly accept this award," Adele said during her acceptance speech. "The 'Lemonade' album was just so monumental, Beyoncé. It was so monumental and well thought out and beautiful and soul-baring ... We appreciate that. All of us artists here adore you. You are our light."

Adele was later seen with her award broken into two pieces. 

While The Independent called the incident a "happy accident," and many other outlets reported that the artist did not intentionally break the award, others said Adele purposely snapped the gramophone off of its base in an effort to share the award with her idol.

Either way, Adele didn't seem too upset. 

According to Cosmopolitan, at one point, Adele asked people on stage if they could help her put the award back together.

The "Someone Like You" singer was pictured later with five intact awards, so it appears that the Recording Academy had a replacement ready at least for photos. 

The 5-pound awards are made of a custom metal alloy called grammium at a studio in Ridgway, Colorado

Matt Damon knew about Clooney twins for months

Published: Monday, February 13, 2017 @ 2:12 PM
Updated: Monday, February 13, 2017 @ 2:12 PM

            Matt Damon knew about Clooney twins for months

Actor Matt Damon has known about George and Amal Clooney’s baby news for months.

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Damon confirmed that the celebrity power couple was having twins last week during an interview about his new movie “The Great Wall” with “Entertainment Tonight Canada,” but it seems he’s known about the news since last year.

“We were working together last fall and he came up to me on set and took me aside and told me, and I was so happy for him,” Damon, the father of four daughters, said on the "Today" show of Clooney.

Damon and Clooney are longtime friends and fellow stars of the “Ocean’s” film series.

“They’re going to be fantastic,” Damon said on “Today” of Clooney, 55, and Amal, 39 becoming new parents.

The Clooneys were married in 2014 in a ceremony in Venice, Italy.