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Bartender uses lost $20 bill to buy winning lotto ticket

What do you do when you find a $20 bill on the street? Donate it, save it — or buy a lottery scratch-off ticket worth a million dollars?  "Mom can definitely look forward to a new car or something," lottery winner Hubert Tang told KPIX. Hubert Tang did just that, by ...

Cancer Patient Sings Fight Song Duet with Rachel Platten - Full Version

Cancer Patient Sings Fight Song Duet with Rachel Platten - Full Version

( - Children's Hospital Los Angeles)

(Getty Images)

McDonald’s to offer all-day breakfast starting this fall

By popular demand: McDonald’s is about to start serving all-day breakfast. The fast-food chain announced via its Twitter account that the change is coming Oct. 6. More than 14,300 McDonald’s locations in the U.S. will serve all-day breakfast, the Wall Street Journal reports. The breakfast items that will be ...

Why a BBC reporter's blue whale sighting was so rare

You know that feeling when you see something shocking mid-conversation and totally lose your cool? Well that's what this BBC reporter did when he saw a blue whale during a live TV interview. "Oh, stop. I'm so sorry. I've just heard — this is incredible — I've heard word that ...

Children should know about the dangers of alcohol by age 9

It's a question parents ask themselves all the time: When is the right time to talk to my kids about drinking? Well, according to a new study, children should be warned about the dangers of alcohol by age 9. Now, it might sound a little excessive to sit a 9-year-old ...

Your parents weren't wrong: Claw machines are rigged

Surprise! Claw machines are rigged. OK, no one's really shocked, are they? And yet people keep trying to get those little plush toys. Here's the secret. There's a thing called "claw strength" that's working against you and your wallet. Vox writer Phil Edwards pulled instruction manuals for different makes and models of ...


12-year-old records cellphone video of robber breaking into her home

A 12-year-old girl was in her Auburn, Massachusetts, home during a break in, and talked to FOX25 exclusively about it Monday night. The moment the young girl realized someone was breaking into her home, she called 911. "There is a guy trying to break in and I don't know what ...

Oops: Guy sends naked selfies to HR department while applying for job

Somewhere there is a master list of “do’s” and “don’ts” when seeking a job. Surely, sending a picture of your junk to the HR department where you’re applying must fall under “don’t.” One 23-year-old man is now living proof doing so can put a real crimp in your potential paycheck. ...

Cooling mist sprayers at Auschwitz causing outrage

The former Nazi concentration  camp in Auschwitz, Nazi Germany, currently in modern day Poland, is a tourist attraction reminding millions of the atrocities of those imprisoned and slaughtered there during World War II. A great many of those prisoners were killed in gas chambers. That’s why dozens of people complained ...

11831 items
Results 1 - 10 of 11831next >