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Starbucks being sued for too much ice in drinks

Published: Monday, May 02, 2016 @ 11:05 AM
Updated: Monday, May 02, 2016 @ 11:52 AM

            NEW YORK - AUGUST 21: A couple has iced coffee drinks at a Starbucks Coffee shop in lower Manhattan August 21, 2009 in New York City. Starbucks, America's dominant coffeehouse chain, is changing some of its prices, raising them for elaborate specialty drinks and cutting prices for some others. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)
            Chris Hondros
NEW YORK - AUGUST 21: A couple has iced coffee drinks at a Starbucks Coffee shop in lower Manhattan August 21, 2009 in New York City. Starbucks, America's dominant coffeehouse chain, is changing some of its prices, raising them for elaborate specialty drinks and cutting prices for some others. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)(Chris Hondros)

A lawsuit filed against Starbucks claims there's too much ice in its cold drinks.

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Stacy Pincus of Chicago filed the $5 million lawsuit on Wednesday, with claims that the coffee giant falsely advertises how much liquid is in its cold beverages.

“Starbucks’ cold drinks are underfilled to make more money and higher profits, to the detriment of consumers who are misled by Starbucks’ intentionally misleading advertising practices,” the lawsuit says. "(The company) is advertising the size of its cold drink cups on its menu, rather than the amount of fluid a customer will receive when they purchase a cold drink -- and deceiving its customers in the process."

It continues: "The word beverage is defined as a drinkable liquid. Ice is not a beverage by definition."

Pincus says Starbucks advertises its cold drinks by fluid ounce but that the numbers are only accurate after ice is added to the drink.

According to the lawsuit, a venti-sized cold drink is advertised as having 24 fluid ounces but only includes 14 ounces of the actual liquid. The rest, the suit says, is ice, sometimes leaving customers with only half the amount of drink they expected upon their purchase.

But Starbucks says the claims are "without merit."

"Our customers understand and expect that ice is an essential component of any 'iced' beverage. If a customer is not satisfied with their beverage preparation, we will gladly remake it," said Jamie Riley, a spokesperson for Starbucks

The lawsuit is seeking monetary damages on behalf of everyone who has purchased an iced drink from Starbucks since 2006, Vox reported.

A lawsuit filed in March alleged Starbucks underfills its hot lattes by "approximately 25 percent."

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Butler Twp.

1159 Jackson Rd;$255,900


2212 Baldwin Dr;$399,900

971 Hyde Park Dr;$192,100

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5023 Crescent Ridge Dr;$115,000

6736 Galaxie Dr;$100,000

4212 Honeybrook Ave;$84,000

7815 N Main St;$15,000

10879 Putnam Rd;$141,000

5771 Summersweet Dr;$115,000


3514 Babson St;$23,600

21 Basswood Ave;$67,000

109 Brooklyn Ave;$14,100

3944 Bueno Vista Ave;$40,000

83 E Burton Ave;$12,000

818 Cherry Dr;$55,000

4324 Coach Light Trl;$133,000

737 Cosler Dr;$52,300

1253 Creighton Ave;$97,500

434 Delaware Ave;$10,000

1113 Demphle Ave;$19,750

1120 Epworth Ave;$87,500

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15 W Walnut St;$72,000


130 Farmersville Germantown Pike;$185,000

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3947 Boggs Ave;$30,000

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174 Waldorf Dr;$70,000

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5620 Chambersburg Rd;$200,000

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5700 Longford Rd;$75,000

4966 Longford Rd;$119,500

7803 Redbank Ln;$129,900

4777 Taylorsville Rd;$58,000

5824 Troy Villa Blvd;$25,500


5375 Brainard Dr;$146,000

1465 Cardington Rd;$100,000

2028 Colton Dr;$50,000

2942 Cunnington Ln;$98,000

349 Cushing Ave;$132,000

1280 Donson Cir;$110,000

2631 Dunhill Pl;$66,000

3607 Elmira Dr;$58,600

3056 Glenmere Ct;$180,000

1421 Norton Ave;$33,000

2040 Oak Tree Dr;$218,000

3739 Roslyn Ave;$99,900

1940 Smithville Rd;$270,000

4288 Wehner Rd;$135,000

1601 Willamet Rd;$94,000

514 Wiltshire Blvd;$155,000

539 Wiltshire Blvd;$155,000

Miami Twp.

4150 King Bird Ln;$189,500

5387 Mallet Club Dr;$146,000

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489 Fitzooth Dr;$165,000

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2173 Leeds Ct;$269,900

2038 Pine Forest Dr;$116,000

2227 Robinhood Dr;$165,000


2728 Holman St;$49,400

4533 Lamme Rd;$58,000

New Lebanon

214 Alstead Dr;$85,000


123 W Hadley Rd;$275,000

320 Harman Blvd;$340,000

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257 Monteray Ave;$216,600


4312 Beach Haven Ct;$134,000


5887 Barbanna Ln;$71,000

808 Burman Ave;$60,000

3656 Denlinger Rd;$151,869

213 Eppington Dr;$22,000

4902 Magellan Ave;$119,000

728 Mapleside Dr;$43,000

3312 Panorama Cir;$73,000

5306 Rockport Ave;$15,250

39 Sparks St;$33,440

5436 Union Rd;$14,000

6430 Waywind Dr;$63,000

5152 Whaley Dr;$61,000


119 Walden Farm Cir;$60,300

162 Warner Dr;$90,000

117 Woodard Dr;$91,900


521 Buttercup Ave;$65,000

75 Corporate Center Dr;$850,000

639 Greenhurst Dr;$63,000

6161 Ventnor Ave;$1,000,000

Washington Twp.

7757 Brams Hill Dr;$86,000

8394 Hawks Nest Ct;$66,500

8966 Maple Run Dr;$275,000

9071 Normandy Ln;$110,000

9444 Tahoe Dr;$168,000

1584 Turnberry Village Dr;$162,500

8425 Washington Village Dr;$82,500

West Carrollton

1570 Cedar Bark Trl;$95,000

232 W Circle Dr;$15,659

605 Lake Forest Dr;$150,500

4937 Lindbergh Blvd;$93,500

6 Maple Hill Dr;$40,500

1606 Pine Tree Ln;$35,500

1404 Redbluff Dr;$30,000

631 Upland Dr;$70,000

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3590 Armada (Private) Dr;$245,500

2734 Bahns Dr;$122,500

700 Carlsbrook Dr;$215,000

2740 Edwin Dr;$203,900

2590 Greenside Dr;$245,000

3543 Napanee Dr;$175,500

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2650 Netherland Dr #103;$121,000

35 Parkhurst Rd;$168,000

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3203 Suburban Dr;$200,000

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2427 Periwinkle Dr;$182,900

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2487 Chicory Trl S;$38,900


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332 Holmes Dr;$95,000

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1273 Oakhill Ave;$50,000

1218 Rona Parkway Dr;$143,000

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406 Wallace Dr 408;$55,000

138 Waterford Blvd;$236,500

Sugarcreek Twp.

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1288 Carpenter Rd;$210,000

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167 Cooper Ln;$55,200

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698 Marshall Dr;$99,900

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2306 Tennessee Dr;$105,000

299 W Third St;$65,000

422 E Third St;$12,500

Yellow Springs

108 S Walnut St;$226,000

Clark County

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187 Winchester St;$108,900

Mad River Twp.

3995 Marion Dr;$90,000

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3130 Rocky Point;$319,900

3775 Rocky Point;$163,000

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1916 Alamo Ave;$126,900

1825 Montego Dr;$84,000

4403 Willowbrook Dr;$93,400

4105 Ashton Ln;$180,000

New Carlisle

611 Colony Trail;$226,900


1606 Lagonda Ave;$12,000

1338 Providence Ave;$104,000

1708 Southgate Ave;$50,000

917 Lagonda Ave;$11,000

1563 Rutland Ave;$55,000

501 Reames Ave;$15,200

2201 Clifton Ave;$45,800

800 Southfield Ave;$30,000

115 Lawnview Ave;$44,000

110 N Clairmont;$22,000

803 Eastmore Dr;$48,000

1824 Fairway Dr;$111,000

2819 Conowoods Dr;$167,500

1835 Timberline Dr;$165,000

1740 Marinette Dr;$77,000

3032 Brixton Dr;$111,000

930 N Fountain;$102,000

3113 E High;$85,000

2928 Archer Ln;;$71,000

1711 East Mile;$138,400

1326 N Plum;$40,400

2927 Derr Rd;$75,400

2502 Beatrice St;$34,200

2713 Duncan St;$26,000

1719 Mound St;$21,000

Springfield Twp.

617 Sheffield Dr;;$70,000

422 Shrine Rd;$66,700

325 Elbron Rd;$130,000

1655 Titus Rd;$134,500


11 W Main;$33,000

Miami County


540 E Main St;$32,100

295 Spitler Ave;$16,900

Concord Twp.

1206 Spruce St;$75,000

728 Swailes Rd;$210,100


194 N Pearl St;$169,000

Huber Heights

2639 Blueflag St;$51,420

6093 Buttonbush St;$52,700

3080 Cattail Dr;$267,500

3215 Dry Run St;$265,865

1200 Scarlet Oak Dr;$43,400

2598 Sunset Maple Dr;$37,400

Monroe Twp.

7190 S Tipp Cowl Rd;$24,500

7805 Tipp Cowl Rd;$119,351

Newton Twp.

1599 S Greenlee Rd;$610,000

10035 Panther Cree Rd;$312,000


318 Blaine Ave;$80,900

437 Glenwood Ave;$59,000

1628 Haverhill Dr;$50,000

2341 Kiowa Ct;$180,000

1028 Park Ave;$12,000

2-4 Rundle Ave;$107,600

616 Wood St;$15,000

Springcreek Twp.

10395 Augusta Ln;$33,000

20 W Snodgrass Rd;$30,000

Tipp City

403 N 4th ;$139,900

560 W Broadway ;$20,000

952 Cedar Grove Dr;$54,980

937 Cedar Grove Dr;$54,980

635 W Main St;$139,000

307 Miles Ave;$105,000


715 Dixie Ave;$56,000

421 Elmwood Ave;$43,678

736 Gloucester ;$60,000

1010 Maplecrest Dr;$153,900

1460 Michael Dr;$135,000

1057 N Nutmeg Sq;$101,500

1165 Parklawn Ct;$49,900

1122 Patton St;$56,000

1013 S Walnut St;$81,000

112 E West St;$35,500

Union Twp.

3527 S Elleman Rd;$95,000

8548 W Emerick Rd;$165,000

4411 S Kessler Fred Rd;$275,000

9145 W Sr 55 ;$165,000

West Milton

115 W High St;$70,000

15 S Jay St;$127,000

634 S Main St;$109,000

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101 Jetta Dr ;$85,000


236 Eaton Ave ;$105,000

113 Morton Rd ;$155,000

Gasper Twp.

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195 Norseman Dr ;$149,000

5228 Paint Creek Rd ;$20,000

579 Skodborg Dr ;$88,000


404 E South St ;$38,000

Gratis Twp.

9752 Gratis Jacksonburg Rd ;$185,000

7056 Greenbush Rd ;$132,000

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10349 N 503 SR ;$23,000

Jefferson Twp.

6514 320 SR ;$68,000

Lanier Twp.

2185 Enterprise Rd ;$30,000

New Paris

304 E Main St ;$40,000

West Alexandria

108 Central St ;$65,000

111 N Main St ;$239,747

Warren County


256 Auburn Meadows Ct ;$258,290

Clearcreek Twp.

4366 Carnell Dr ;$106,900

9680 Crooked Creek Dr ;$309,575

633 Grand Wood Ct ;$149,900

1735 Sunny Brook Dr ;$314,365

Deerfield Twp.

9732 Carriage Run Ct ;$459,000

9286 Carriage Run Cir ;$258,000

6901 Fallen Oaks Dr ;$170,000

9674 Greenery Ct ;$185,000

5522 Harbourside Dr ;$265,000

8070 Heritage Ln ;$250,000

4465 North Shore Dr ;$121,000

8640 Rocky Trail Ct ;$175,500

7863 Woodview Ct ;$219,000

9186 B Yarmouth Dr ;$145,000


43 Arlington Ave ;$113,900

Franklin Twp.

7505 Flamingo St ;$152,000

7773 Lyn Dr ;$43,000

4430 N Route 123 ;$173,000

Hamilton Twp.

2824 Alysheba Ct ;$37,500

5400 Appaloosa Cir ;$209,761

7656 Healy Dr ;$249,894

246 Heftner Cir ;$165,000

6164 Hickory Wood Ct ;$220,620

1185 Linford Cir ;$195,000

1718 Oak Grove Ln ;$285,000

6219 Old Forest Dr ;$492,615

6778 Silvertip Ct ;$258,870

3109 Willow Wind Ct ;$44,000

8700 Woolstone Ct ;$237,500


1616 N Hastings Ct ;$183,000

1446 Homestretch Dr ;$365,000

1563 Tollgate Ct ;$150,000


1692 Mounts Rd ;$201,852


1012 Brookcrest Dr ;$156,250

101 E Circle Dr ;$61,500

5766 Clearwater Dr ;$240,000

300 Cox St ;$128,000

4167 Embassy Ct ;$447,005

5179 Franklin Park Dr ;$141,000

2706 Hartfield Ln ;$395,695

6730 Keeneland Way ;$313,000

6245 Lake Springs ;$151,000

3716 Normandy Ct ;$188,600

3269 Range Ct ;$330,000

6274 Woodridge Ct ;$270,000


2585 Vinny Dr ;$132,000


4679 Megan Danielle Dr ;$182,670

South Lebanon

1026 Brant Pl ;$48,375

4579 Kibbey Ln ;$273,020

386 Stone Ridge Blvd ;$245,000

987 Trovillo Dr ;$316,610

963 Trovillo Dr ;$297,710


135 Cambridge Dr ;$197,500

53 Christman Dr ;$226,500

185 Orchard Dr ;$260,000

515 Whispering Pines ;$149,000

Turtlecreek Twp.

4189 Black Bear Dr ;$280,575

4165 Bluestem Dr ;$366,977

1905 Meadowsweet Dr ;$295,955

2002 Prairie Clover Dr ;$205,000

1836 Stubbs Mill Rd ;$92,500

2244 N Tumbleweed Ln ;$230,000


99 Edwards Rd ;$131,000

Butler County


455 Beech Ave;$159,000

5470 Camelot Dr;$45,000

5685 Chesapeake Way;$220,000

5248 Dee Alva Dr;$120,000

2 Griffin Ln;$56,400

975 Millers Run Ct;$235,000

5711 Neptune Way;$164,900

1251 Nilles Rd;$60,000

29 Providence Dr;$40,500

6044 Retha Dr;$289,045

100 Security Dr;$625,000

4783 Slade Dr;$90,000

2050 Woodtrail Dr;$20,000

Fairfield Twp.

2914 Canal Rd;$156,500

2545 Fairfield Rdg;$165,000

2580 Fairfield Rdg;$165,000

3883 Hickoryview Dr;$186,000

2786 Osage Dr;$165,000

5222 River Ridge Dr;$218,000

3689 Tammy Rae Ct;$160,000


1010 Belle Ave;$38,000

718 Buckeye St;$13,800

339 Clinton Ave;$53,500

501 Columbia Rd;$116,000

1029 Golden Oak Dr;$187,000

106 Gordon Ave;$26,400

648 Haldimand Ave;$74,000

840 Hooven Ave;$88,000

810 Hooven Ave;$89,900

253 Hudson Ave;$64,000

15 Lilliedale Ln;$83,000

1510 Somerton Ct;$275,510

1075 Stahlheber Rd;$62,500

320 Village St;$23,000

251 Weeping Oak Dr;$207,395

Hanover Twp.

1452 Millville Oxford Rd;$115,000

3245 Millville Oxford Rd;$192,000

1957 Stahlheber Rd;$171,150

Liberty Twp.

5231 Alpine Ct;$240,000

5573 Anchors Way;$62,500

5912 Anmer Ct;$75,990

5319 Aspen Valley Dr;$355,000

7107 Becky Dr;$165,000

5201 Cincinnati Dayton Rd;$104,800

5994 Dantawood Ln;$433,900

5356 Elmwood Ln;$416,000

6803 Liberty Cir;$337,613

6864 Millikin Rd;$237,900

6750 Rainwood Ct;$223,000

5311 Snow Valley Ln;$72,500

5818 Sophora Knl;$410,000

4675 Stonehaven Dr;$270,000

8036 Summerlin Ct;$259,185

4849 Willow Springs Dr;$360,300

6500 Winter Hazel Dr;$530,000

Madison Twp.

8034 Thomas Rd;$62,000


1205 Barnitz St;$95,000

2729 Bradford Dr;$71,000

1904 Brentwood St;$20,000

3103 Central Ave;$135,900

1315 Fairmount Ave;$44,000

506 Florence St;$119,000

509 Fourteenth Ave;$75,250

4907 Hickory Hollow ;$187,300

3716 Lewis St;$117,000

4707 Longford Dr;$190,900

503 Lylburn Rd;$162,500

3209 Ohio Ave;$50,000

3610 Roosevelt Blvd;$31,500

1705 Schirm Dr;$175,000

602 Seventeenth Ave;$62,900

3111 Tytus Ave;$29,000

Milford Twp.

6832 Baker Rd;$241,000

4365 Harris Rd;$208,000


517 Heritage Green Dr;$142,000

802 Morgan Dr;$346,123

Morgan Twp.

3441 Buell Rd;$157,400

Reily Twp.

6840 Hamilton Scipio Rd;$85,000

5096 Hamilton Scipio Rd;$609,500

3245 Millville Oxford Rd;$192,000

Ross Twp.

2197 Thrush Ave;$35,000


904 Brookwood Dr;$168,369

606 Cranewood Dr;$155,000

West Chester Twp.

4689 Ashley Dr;$741,000

4338 Bromyard Ave;$315,500

6317 Cardington Pl;$228,500

6186 Centre Park Dr;$800,000

8150 Clearmeadow Dr;$170,000

8438 Eagleridge Dr;$328,750

7426 Glenn Knoll Dr;$227,000

5355 Pine Valley Dr;$170,000

8885 Steeplechase Way;$200,000

6528 Timberwolf Ct;$239,950

5060 Tri County View Dr;$69,000

7236 Tylersville Rd;$885,000

7567 Welsley Trce;$85,000

7248 Wheatland Meadow Ct;$324,500

7604 Whitehaven Ct;$86,000

7566 Windy Knoll Dr;$269,500

5816 Winged Foot Dr;$273,000

8968 Wintergreen Dr;$341,000

5941 Wood Thrush Ln;$378,500

9473 Woodland Hills Dr;$59,900

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Dayton’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ launches new app partnership

Published: Sunday, February 25, 2018 @ 11:23 AM

            Mile Two LLC partners Jeff Graley, left, and Jorge Sanchez are at home in downtown Dayton’s newly named “Innovation District,” off East Second Street near the Tech Town business park. THOMAS GNAU/STAFF
            Thomas Gnau/Staff
Mile Two LLC partners Jeff Graley, left, and Jorge Sanchez are at home in downtown Dayton’s newly named “Innovation District,” off East Second Street near the Tech Town business park. THOMAS GNAU/STAFF(Thomas Gnau/Staff)

A Dayton software and app development firm recently named Dayton’s Entrepreneur of the Year has started a new partnersip to improve access to legal services.

Mile Two has partnered with CuroStudio, a Dayton-based technology venture, to focus on lawyers and their clients.

Chad Burton is an attorney and founder of CuroStudio and CuroLegal, the Dayton-based law technology consulting firm Burton created in 2013. He said the “studio” operates virtually, although it can rely on Mile Two’s staff and space at 444 E. Second St, the heart of Dayton’s new downtown “Innovation District.”

RELATED: Former LexisNexis exec joins Dayton law firm

The idea is to modernize legal services to improve access to those services, Burton said. He said more than 80 percent of Americans who need legal services simply aren’t getting them.

His solutions include identifying technology that helps legal service providers offer more efficient, lower-cost services and helping customers find the right providers.

One tech solution is a online one-way “legal checkup,” Burton said, a way to answer questions online to determine problems and point the way to solutions for users

A user answers questions and at the end, a possible solution is indicated. One version of that idea specifically for veterans already exists, Burton said.

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But the company’s plans are bigger.

“What we’re looking at specifically from the studio perspective is broader than that,” he said. “We’re looking to build solutions that have a structural impact.”

Mile Two has proved to be a natural partner for CuroLegal, Burton said. “It is clear that they’re in line with our vision and operate very similarly.”

The studio is the next step, moving from a work-for-hire model for clients to a more focused research-and-development approach, he said.

For its part, Mile Two, based in Dayton’s Webster Station area, continues to launch an array of products. The company will have a place in the Dayton Legal Hackathon, a chance for software developers to tackle real problems in just 48 hours.

MORE: Canadian manufacturer buys Vandalia site, plans 50 jobs

The Dayton Legal Hackathon will be Feb. 23 to 25. The local event will join similar events in more than 25 cities in what is being billed as the first “global legal hackathon.”

The idea is to quickly — very quickly, in 48 hours or less — develop software solutions for lawyers and law firms.

“I think that helps us stand out compared to most companies,” Jeff Graley, one of Mile Two’s founders, said in a recent interview. “It’s that diversity, where we’re applying the talent that we have.”

“It started a couple of years ago as just the two of us, wondering where is this going to go,” Graley said, referring to partner Jorge Sanchez. “And then, to be recognized at that event (the coalition’s annual meeting) with 800 people there … that’s a really good feeling.”

While Mile Two is known for creating the “VYE” software with Dayton’s Ascend Innovations, the software firm hasn’t focused on one industry or product.

VYE tracks a user’s eye movement, lending clues as to whether brain injuries may be an issue.

Mile Two’s work also touches defense, law and health care.

“I think a lot of it is the diversity,” Graley said. “That diversity has led to us spinning out a health care platform to help consultants support the health care industry.”

That health care platform will be unveiled in the spring, he expects.

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Kettering manufacturing property sells for $2.15 million.

Published: Friday, February 23, 2018 @ 4:17 PM

Northwestern Tools Inc.
Northwestern Tools Inc.

The new home of machine tooling company Northwestern Tools in Kettering has sold for $2.15 million, Montgomery County property records show.

The sale was recorded Wednesday, with Davis and Davis Tool identified as the seller and Siva Properties LLC named in records as the buyer.

Brian Thomeczek, chief executive of the family-0wned company, said Friday Northwestern Tools is already in the building.

REAL ESTATE NEWS: SVG invests $1M in former Eastgate property

Last November, the city of Kettering applied for $100,000 in Montgomery County development funds to assist Northwestern’s $2.7 million move to that building.

Northwestern wanted to move about two miles from 3130 Valleywood Drive to the 6-acre property at 4800 Hempstead Station, and Kettering received $80,000 from the county to help the move.

The county expects the company to create 25 new jobs while retaining 40 current ones as a result of the move.

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Northwestern was founded in 1942 by Gene Thomeczek. Today, the company serves the aerospace, medical and other markets with more than 2,000 products.

Located near Interstate 675, the building offers 9,632 square feet of manufacturing space. Dave Tobeson, senior vice president with Cushman and Wakefield, was the listing broker.

“It’s a beautiful building they went into,” Tobeson said Friday.

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Should you talk about your pay? Career experts weigh in

Published: Friday, February 23, 2018 @ 10:20 AM

Pay transparency helps workers understand their earnings in relation to the salaries of their peers Make sure you're allowed to talk about pay levels Pay is still a touchy subject so be discreet Consider talking outside the office Once you have shared your earnings, don't expect to get the same information in return

Even with nearly every cultural taboo thrown to the wind− from discussing sexual orientation to politics; one last conversational taboo still exist among Americans − how much we get paid.

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"These days, it's okay to talk about the troubles we're having with our children or even our marriages," noted one blogger from PayScale. "We can talk about race, religion, identity, etc., outside of work. But, do we talk with each other about our salaries? Oh goodness, absolutely not. That's way too personal, and it's a conversation fraught with danger."

But what if this is a mistake? Salary transparency at work can be beneficial right on down the line. First, it could ultimately help right the gender pay gap. (Think about what might have happened if Michelle Williams had learned in conversation early on that she was getting literally millions less than Mark Walhberg for the reshoot of “All the Money in the World”, for example.) 

"Pay transparency helps workers understand their earnings in relation to the salaries of their peers," PayScale noted. "Openly sharing our financial truth with one another, both inside and outside of the office, is one of the best weapons we have against it."

Openly talking about earnings can also support job satisfaction and employee retention. PayScale studies have shown that people most often leave their jobs over pay issues, for example. But 55 percent of the respondents who thought they were being underpaid actually weren't, a factor that would be eliminated if people talked readily about their earnings.

On an individual level, though, there are two strong points of view about whether you should talk about what you earn with co-workers.

In a 2015 Huffington Post article , the answer to "Should you talk about what you earn" was a loud, yes.

"If you want to make sure you're being paid fairly, go ahead and talk to your co-workers about how much you make. Seriously," HuffPost said. 

The article cites the now landmark case of Erica Baker, a former Google engineer, who posted a shared spreadsheet asking co-workers to reveal their salaries. About 5 percent of her co-workers responded, Baker noted in a Tweet.

"People asked for and got equitable pay," she tweeted, "based on the data in the sheet."

But the "go ahead, it's all good" mentality is by no means widespread even three years later. In an early 2018 LinkedIn viewpoint roundup, based on an anonymous spreadsheet of entertainment employee salaries being shared widely that week, biotechnology executive Barrett S. McGrath gave a top-rated answer to the question, "Should you tell your co-workers what you earn?"

His final answer: "No, no, hell no. Never discuss comp with coworkers."

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McGrath based his answer on advice from his first district manager. 

"He told me, 'There is absolutely nothing good that can come from discussing salary and compensation with a co-worker, ever. At best, everyone feels fine because comp about the same. Inevitably, one of the two parties will be compensated less. A person who, just prior to the conversation, felt perfectly fine about their job and comp, now does not."

No matter whether you side with McGrath or Payscale, it's a tricky wicket. 

Other business experts shared these tips to help make the decision, and, if you decide to talk, how to go about it:

Make sure you're allowed to. Supervisors aren't protected under federal law, according to the Huffpost piece, and neither are government employees, though typically their pay levels are publicly available. 

Be discreet. Pay is still a pretty touchy subject, Huffpost noted, adding, "Don't corner your colleague in the bathroom and demand to see his pay stub." 

Choose your words. HP advised something like, "Hey, I want to make sure I'm being paid fairly. Would you mind telling me how much you make?" Also assure your colleague you'll keep his name out of any salary negotiations you initiate.

Consider talking outside the office. Talk over a cocktail or coffee.

Speak for yourself. "Once you have shared your earnings, don't necessarily expect to get the same information in return," PayScale advised. "Although being open about pay might be good for us, it's a personal choice. Don't share what you earn because you want someone to return the favor. Leave that decision to them."

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