Dick’s Sporting Goods to stop selling assault-style rifles 

Published: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 @ 7:42 AM

Dick’s Sporting Goods Will No Longer Sell Assault-Style Rifles

Dick’s Sporting Goods says it is ending sales of assault-style rifles.

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Dayton area real estate transactions

Published: Sunday, March 18, 2018 @ 1:46 PM


Montgomery County


107 Heckathorn Rd;$136,500

38 March Ave;$129,000

222 Villa Dr;$118,000


46 E Alexandersville Bellbrook Rd;$145,000

225 Bethel Rd;$190,000

1870 Piper Ln;$122,500

305 Tuxworth Rd;$159,500

22 Westerly Ln;$139,900

1740 Yardley Cir;$198,000


JC Penney cuts 360 jobs in stores, corporate headquarters

Could Dayton see a hyperloop stop? City included in feasibility study

Macy’s outlet store to open at shopping center in Dayton area

Check out this $1 million home for sale in Clearcreek Twp.

Tyra Patterson: Every day is a second chance


4060 Baronsmere Ct;$100,000

3444 N County Line Rd;$142,000

3639 Greenbay Dr;$112,480

6124 Persimmon Tree Ct;$68,000


3517 E 5th St;$62,900

916 918 Creighton Ave;$55,900

1332 Bancroft St;$13,190

121 E Beechwood Ave;$48,000

1054 Berkshire Rd;$132,900

717 Brooklyn Ave;$28,730

1592 Edendale Rd;$39,500

111 Eugene Ave;$72,000

2749 Ferncliff Ave;$35,300

450 Fountain Ave;$62,600

1563 Garwood Dr;$56,000

2513 Glenarm Ave;$35,000

2910 Grace Ave;$64,600

529 Gramont Ave;$28,620

1634 Gummer Ave;$16,000

828 Hampshire Rd;$161,400

619 Hampshire Rd;$60,000

6332 Harvest Meadows Dr;$198,900

5237 Haverfield Rd;$59,300

1677 Hearthstone Dr;$50,000

421 Knecht Dr;$18,000

54 Linden Ave;$162,400

2171 Mapleview Ave;$65,000

6624 McDaniel Rdg;$150,000

68 Parnell Ave;$20,000

1627 Princeton Dr;$25,000

1136 Pritz Ave;$33,000

233 W Riverview Ave;$53,150

113 S Smithville Rd;$66,000

1303 Springfield St;$17,000

1716 Weaver St;$22,000

11 S Woodward Ave;$32,680


7005 Caliente Ct;$140,000

310 Highland Dr;$140,000

216 Pointers Run;$350,000

7001 Woodcroft Dr;$149,500

German Twp.

7034 Browns Run Rd;$133,900


47 Butter St;$127,000

Harrison Twp.

4500 Catalpa Dr;$10,579

2033 Coronette Ave;$35,000

2119 Keenan Ave;$53,500

2238 Nomad Ave;$36,000

1975 Rural Ln;$55,000

527 Valewood Ln;$100,100

Huber Heights

7058 Harshmanville Rd;$63,000

6847 Hubbard Dr;$130,000

4441 Mahler Dr;$82,500

7543 Stancrest Dr;$99,900

7250 Summerdale Dr;$117,000

Jackson Twp.

3694 S Clayton Rd;$600,000

Jefferson Twp.

1448 Blairwood Ave;$20,551

104 W End St;$15,000


1340 Berwin Ave;$71,000

2357 Broadmoor Dr;$125,000

3820 California Ave;$126,000

1851 Clarissa Ave;$86,000

1650 Cloverfield Ave;$144,000

2713 Colonial Ave;$82,000

2021 Courtland Ave;$43,600

2977 Glengarry Dr;$155,000

2919 Greencrest Dr;$152,000

3013 Larue Dr;$80,000

1508 Norton Ave;$107,900

Miami Twp.

2961 Asbury Ct;$50,000

2441 Bushwick Dr;$82,500

5900 Hollyhill Ct;$146,000

6749 Innsbruck Dr;$235,500

2420 Lehigh Pl;$58,000

4771 Loxley Dr;$103,900

2710 Odin Ct;$84,900

2630 Vienna Estates Dr;$235,000

2310 Vienna Pkwy;$240,000


721 Black Moat Pl;$170,000

2191 Cobblestone Ct;$192,000

703 Golden Arrow Ct;$100,000


2713 Holman St;$39,000

3305 Main St;$10,000

5101 Pensacola Blvd;$64,340

New Lebanon

52 N Fuls Rd;$46,000

Perry Twp.

90 Crawford Toms Run Rd;$128,000

10877 Old Dayton Rd;$98,275


4996 Sweetleaf Dr;$153,900


3502 Darien Dr;$76,000

5300 Salem Bend Dr;$41,000

9777 Wolf Creek Pike;$210,000


7848 Brown School Rd;$152,855

Washington Twp.

982 Congress Park Dr;$155,000

2065 Foxknoll Dr;$87,000

12999 Newburg Ct;$247,000

9511 Paragon Mills Ln;$305,000

9508 Tahoe Dr;$212,000

West Carrollton

15 W Central Ave;$25,000

1788 Cherokee Dr;$35,000

650 Cherry Blossom Dr;$68,000

405 E Pease Ave;$85,000

Greene County

Bath Twp.

1227 Folk Rd;$54,500


2430 Anna Laura Ln;$167,000

2929 Bruce Ct;$204,500

4052 Cambridge Trl;$235,000

1705 Countryside Dr;$183,300

3752 Grant Ave Unit R;$110,000

2650 Netherland Dr #104;$119,900

1400 Parkman Pl;$208,000

2444 Patrick Blvd;$160,000

Beavercreek Twp.

2524 Bexley Hill Pl;$365,000

83 Governors Club Dr;$500,000

1944 Hickory Knoll Dr;$84,900

429 Hyde Park Pl;$350,700

2228 Raceway Trl;$322,000

1707 Spring Meadows Dr;$360,000


273 Archer Dr;$30,000

1449 Forest St;$49,000

1415 Gatehouse Ct;$234,000

1613 Greenoak Ct;$122,500

1176 Katy Meadow Ct;$205,000

231 Mann Ave;$105,000

1528 Miami Ave;$75,000

1433 Wiley St;$22,000

1158 Windsong Trl;$240,000

Sugarcreek Twp.

3925 Creekway Trl;$627,500

2112 Erickman Ln;$405,000

2361 Stewart Rd;$348,000

1900 Stewart Rd;$404,900


249 Bedford Ave;$134,900

1164 Crowden Ct;$72,400

606 Edison Blvd;$110,000

2076 El Camino Dr;$170,000

712 N King St;$82,000

Xenia Twp.

936 Livingston Dr;$105,000

752 Routzong Rd;$400,000

Yellow Springs

201 N Walnut St 203;$181,000

Clark County

Bethel Twp.

523 Bowser Dr;$115,000

745 N Hampton;$175,000

2015 Dayton Lakeview;$280,000

305 Lammes Ln;$141,500

1750 Lundgren Rd;$40,000

200 Whaley Rd;$250,000

German Twp.

2850 Dogwood Dr;$272,000

2911 W First;$44,000

Green Twp.

4842 Limrick Rd;$124,000

Harmony Twp.

55 N Buena;$170,000

Mad River Twp.

8120 Gibson Ave;$56,000

8044 Dayton-Springfield Rd;$63,000

Moorefield Twp.

4014 Ryland Dr;$65,000

5545 Ridgewood Rd;$121,000

2911 Willow Rd;$141,600

New Carlisle

918 Firwood Dr;$97,500

Pike Twp.

2957 N Hampton;$109,300


274 S Arlington;$100,100

271 Buxton Ave;$55,500

1808 Damascus Ave;$50,000

538 Damascus Ave;$63,000

430 Bellevue Ave;$12,000

383 Reames Ave;$38,600

364 E Cassilly;$30,000

607 E Cecil;$33,400

2934 Avery Cir;$79,500

3025 Bahia Dr;$134,000

2705 Seymour Ln;$70,000

1305 Selma Rd;$32,000

3214 Woonsocket St;$62,000

1708 Prospect St;$13,400

1860 Broadway St;$23,000

2732 Duncan St;$64,000

Springfield Twp.

824 Lawnview Ave;$88,000

2160 Duquesne Dr;$86,000

Miami County

Concord Twp.

1147 Hillcrest Dr;$200,000

Huber Heights

2523 Sunset Maple Dr;$337,975

Monroe Twp.

640 Kitrina Ave;$35,000


612 Brice Ave;$54,900

717 W High ;$74,900

821 W High St;$65,000

416 Summit St;$20,000

1904 Wilshire Dr;$120,000

Springcreek Twp.

6430 N Piqua Troy Rd;$150,000

Tipp City

225 Miles Ave;$30,000

681 Stonehenge Dr;$275,200

668 Thornburg Pl;$50,000


1425 Hunter Ct;$214,900

1316 Kenton Wy;$169,500

680 Loxley Ln;$292,900

1001 Maplecrest Dr;$145,000

Union Twp.

7435 W Fred Garland Rd;$159,900

7130 S Mote Rd;$136,500

2995 S Shiloh Rd;$160,000

9225 W SR 571 ;$125,000

4175 SR 48 ;$23,000

West Milton

13 S Main St;$102,000

Preble County


254 S Lafayette St ;$55,000

College Corner

114 Eaton St ;$70,000


508 Williams Pkwy ;$123,500


107 Parrish Dr ;$130,000

Gratis Twp.

8329 Pleasant Valley Rd ;$118,400

Twin Twp.

2407 Bantas Creek Rd ;$167,500

Washington Twp.

3630 W 35 US ;$227,500

Warren County


8554 Route 132 ;$74,480


1095 Marty Lee Ln ;$17,500

608 Meadowview Ct ;$155,500

Clearcreek Twp.

349 Crown Point Dr ;$530,000

131 Lytle-Five Points Rd ;$245,000

8797 Sycamore Trails Dr ;$254,000

Deerfield Twp.

5644 Baywatch Way ;$136,000

9839 Cedar Knoll Dr ;$265,000

9085 Fields Dr ;$218,800

9965 Hunter’s Place ;$207,000

6169 Orchard Crossing ;$499,820

8029 Snider Rd ;$100,000

3691 Spring Mill Way ;$243,000

5893 Stone Trace Dr ;$283,000

2653 Virgie Ct ;$391,515


610 Arlington Ave ;$190,486

71 Ascot Glen Dr ;$214,900

48 Faulkner Way ;$122,600

740 Fourth St ;$110,000

Franklin Twp.

7374 Country Walk Dr ;$105,100

3387 Moyer Dr ;$150,000

Hamilton Twp.

6275 Avebury Ct ;$325,000

7794 Dew Drop Cir ;$233,700

6180 Glenarbor Dr ;$163,000

289 Hennepin Dr ;$161,250

6196 Hickory Wood Ct ;$60,000

5278 Man O’ War Dr ;$200,000

1813 Oak Grove Ln ;$493,816

1814 Oak Grove Ln ;$417,845

1560 Shadowood Tr ;$111,100

139 Shepherd Ct ;$692,400

3108 Willow Wind Ct ;$44,000


456 Cherry Hill Ln ;$220,000

924 Clover Dr ;$587,700

452 Glenview Dr ;$165,000

920 B Nelson Ln ;$130,000


301 Eastbury Dr ;$358,450


3725 Acadia Ln ;$404,134

4730 Carriage Dr ;$395,000

4235 Chatsworth Dr ;$440,050

116 W Church St ;$190,000

3625 Crowtrack Dr ;$391,590

6882 Foxfield Dr ;$268,000

6416 Inverness Way ;$162,000

3695 Thorngate Dr ;$188,000

7119 White Oak Ct ;$270,000


2794 Renaissance Blvd ;$314,389

South Lebanon

4612 Kibbey Ln ;$313,875

4588 Kibbey Ln ;$48,375


30 Farr Dr ;$195,000

5 Heritage Ct ;$360,000

10 Red Oak Ln ;$225,000

Turtlecreek Twp.

2403 Bendel St ;$80,000

5097 Hendrickson Rd ;$297,500

771 S Route 123 ;$55,000

Union Twp.

4553 River Cove Dr ;$191,500


1287 Anthony Trace ;$190,000

Butler County


2611 Astro Pl;$115,000

9 Darby Ct;$125,000

5872 Emerald Lake Dr;$355,000

5735 Genevieve Pl;$258,000

3711 Mack Rd;$39,490

3593 Mack Rd;$135,000

6134 Ricky Dr;$141,000

Fairfield Twp.

5815 Brooke Meadows Ct;$199,000

3118 Drew Dr;$200,000

3055 Foxhound Dr;$172,301

6367 Hillgale Ln;$89,100

3938 Schroeder Dr;$195,000

5563 Wanda Way;$137,000


3836 Bedford Ave;$117,000

745 Belle Ave;$27,000

734 Coralie St;$37,000

500 Corwin Ave;$50,000

38 Dayspring Dr;$63,038

253 Hanover St;$56,166

150 Herman Ave;$121,500

886 Mark Ave;$81,500

1800 Morey Ave;$75,000

1919 Pleasant Ave;$42,000

1106 Ross Ave;$73,000

992 Shuler Ave;$32,000

Hanover Twp.

410 Sir Edward Dr;$290,000

1911 Vanda Ave;$30,500

Liberty Twp.

5981 Anmer Ct;$424,855

5961 Anmer Ct;$405,685

6445 Anthony Dr;$262,500

6827 Edgeworth Dr;$333,000

7386 Emi Dr;$245,000

5680 Kingham Way;$69,990

5279 Mariners Way;$333,205

4742 Osprey Pointe Dr;$395,000

5907 Sebring Ct;$526,525

5385 Stony Run Ct;$180,000

8056 Summerlin Ct;$269,910

6571 Willow Dale Ct;$265,000


1214 Baltimore St;$10,000

908 Malvern St;$17,800

1107 Baltimore St;$20,000

713 Fourteenth Ave;$26,000

2120 Fernwood St;$26,800

4002 Riverview Ave;$28,000

4775 Caprice Dr;$35,500

619 Cleveland St;$44,900

4118 Jewell Ave;$54,000

116 Crawford St;$15,500

4552 Shawnray Dr;$60,000

3605 Vannest Ave;$70,000

2733 Bradford Dr;$77,000

4208 Fisher Ave;$118,100

4826 Beechwood Ln;$149,000

5015 Kilkerry Dr;$167,000

124 Kay Dr;$176,000

4501 Rosemont Ct;$222,000

3700 Burbank Ave;$57,000

Milford Twp.

6028 Hamilton Eaton Rd;$85,000

2907 Harris Rd;$265,000


410 Brookhurst Dr;$339,000

202 Lena Dr;$117,000

224 Mason Ave;$108,000

284 Rachel Ln;$249,900

Morgan Twp.

2019 Indian Woods Ln;$320,000

New Miami

58 Whittaker Ave;$21,000


5991 Contreras Rd;$176,500

Oxford Twp.

3871 Millville Oxford Rd;$72,000

Reily Twp.

5468 McCoy Rd;$85,000

Ross Twp.

2084 Cardinal Ave;$17,000

2221 Timberman Rd;$219,000

2162 Venice Blvd;$98,040


9945 Edgewood Ln;$85,500

10135 Mccauly Rd;$183,750

St. Clair Twp.

2101 Jackson Rd;$160,000


384 Deer Run Dr;$131,000

404 Kerry St;$124,900

30 North St;$25,000

426 Westview Ave;$130,278

West Chester Twp.

7962 Albritton Pl;$210,000

4274 College Dictionary ;$10,000

7881 Drawbridge Ct;$245,000

8537 Eagleridge Dr;$271,000

5960 Eaglet Dr;$285,000

7655 Foxchase Dr;$489,000

5067 Foxwood Pl;$55,200

8260 Glenhaven Ct;$252,000

5732 Mccarthy Ct;$265,000

8284 Meadowlark Dr;$200,000

8392 Misty Shore Dr;$271,000

8356 Park (Private) Pl;$518,322

7983 Seabury Ct;$243,000

8013 Seabury Ct;$194,330

7550 Shawnee Ln;$96,000

7958 Threshing Ct;$298,000

7671 Tylers Place Blvd;$1,000,000

7023 Willowood Dr;$282,500

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Henny Penny employees package 34K meals for Foodbank

Published: Sunday, March 18, 2018 @ 12:26 PM


Employees at Henny Penny Corp. in Eaton packaged 34,000 meals on Friday for distribution by the Foodbank of Dayton.

During the “Meal Madness” event, 220 Henny Penny volunteers processed 5,500 pounds of bulk macaroni and cheese on 17 assembly lines to create the ,652 meal bags, each containing six pre-portioned servings. Each line produced around 2,000 meals, according to the company

Foodbank of Dayton will distribute the meals to food pantries throughout Miami Valley – Preble, Montgomery and Greene counties.

Workers at Eaton’s Henny Penny make high-pressure fryers for the fast-food and restaurant industry. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

“Food is our business and our passion,” said Lester Wilder, customer quality analyst at Henny Penny, which designs and manufactures equipment for the foodservice industry, with household-name clients including Wendy’s and McDonald’s. “The Meal Madness event is one of the ways we support our neighbors and our community.”

Thecompany used the frenzied annual basketball tournament as a way to inject fun and timeliness into the serious business of feeding hungry families, said Wilder, who is leading the Meal Madness planning team for his Capstone class at Ohio University.

Henny Penny worked with The Outreach Program, which organizes food-packaging events, and followed the nonprofit’s exacting protocols to pull off the feat.

Foodbank of Dayton, which distributed more than 11 million pounds of food in 2017, says approximately 124,000 people in Preble, Montgomery and Greene counties report food insecurity. The premade, easy-to-prepare food packs are especially useful for working poor families with children and seniors, the organization said.


• JC Penney cuts 360 jobs in stores, corporate headquarters

• Could Dayton see a hyperloop stop? City included in feasibility study

• Macy’s outlet store to open at shopping center in Dayton area

• Check out this $1 million home for sale in Clearcreek Twp.

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This Dayton industry is increasing starting pay, salaries to attract workers

Published: Sunday, March 18, 2018 @ 10:50 AM

            Steve Staub, co-owner of Staub Manufacturing Solutions in Harrison Twp., says he’s paying starting employees more than ever. THOMAS GNAU/STAFF
            Thomas Gnau/Staff
Steve Staub, co-owner of Staub Manufacturing Solutions in Harrison Twp., says he’s paying starting employees more than ever. THOMAS GNAU/STAFF(Thomas Gnau/Staff)

Manufacturing once was a reliable path to a middle-class life, even for workers without college degrees. That path is far less certain today thanks to automation, global trade, weakening unions and more.

But manufacturing still yields a pay “premium” compared to other industries that draw from the same pool of workers — retail, restaurants and hospitality — and starting pay in the region has increased in recent years.

“It’s true,” said Steve Staub, co-owner of Staub’s Manufacturing Solutions in Harrison Twp. “We pay more than we used to.”

A recently released study questions whether workers hired through temp-for-hire and staffing agencies is shrinking that premium. According to the study by the liberal-leaning Economic Policy Institute, since 1990 real wages for production workers have risen by only 0.1 percent annually.


MORE: Marathon CEO makes 935 times as much as his employees

MORE: Teradata CEO makes 137 times as much as his employees

The research points to government data that estimates there are about 1.2 million temporary workers in manufacturing. And nearly one-third of all manufacturing production workers rely on food stamps or other government help “to make ends meet,” the paper says.

But those familiar with manufacturing in Southwest Ohio have a different take. They say the community’s need for qualified workers pushes starting pay up.

Manufacturers in the region are forced to nudge starting pay upward to draw the best applicants, said Staub and Angelia Erbaugh, executive director of the Dayton Region Manufacturers Association.

“Wages are going up because of supply and demand,” Erbaugh said.

Erbaugh said she she has seen starting wages in area manufacturing rise from a range of about $8 to $10 an hour to closer to $11 to $14 an hour today.

Less than a year ago, one of the area’s fastest growing manufacturers, auto glass producer Fuyao Glass America, gave all of its Moraine production associates a $2 hourly raise. This was in the midst of a representation campaign waged by the United Auto Workers, who later lost an election to form a bargaining unit at Fuyao.

The demand for workers “is not lessening at all,” Erbaugh said.

“It’s still their (employers’) No. 1 concern,” she said. “Every meeting, every gathering, that’s always a top concern.”

Doug Barry, owner of Dayton staffing firm Barry Staff, said companies are competing for the right applicants.

“We see companies doing sign-on bonuses for entry-level people right now,” Barry said.

The problem is “a region-wide shortage of workers,” he said.

MORE: Investors want a new CEO at Gibson guitars

“This is causing an underemployment problem,” Barry said. There aren’t enough qualified people for the openings manufacturers have. Employers want to promote workers, but they can’t backfill the positions with younger people, he said.

“We don’t have any (manufacturing) companies that pay minimum wage … I would say our unwritten minimum wage right now is probably $10, if not a little higher.”

Tom Maher, owner of the Dayton Manpower Group office, said area manufacturers are competing with logistics and distribution employers for the same type of worker.

Employers also watch as their workers move on for even a small boost in pay, he said.

“People will jump jobs for a relatively small amount of money, as little as 25 cents an hour,” Maher said.

Maher said a manufacturing pay premium remains, even if it isn’t as strong as it was in the 1970s and 1980s. “There’s certainly a premium over anything like retail and fast food and anything of that nature,” he said.

Lawrence Mishel, author of the EPI paper, said manufacturing continues to pay better than other sectors with comparable workers at the same age and education level — about 13 percent more in wages and benefits compared to non-manufacturing jobs.

MORE: Mikesell’s must pay $240,000 in back-pay, feds say

But that manufacturing pay premium was closer to 19 percent in the 1980s, he said.

Some places, especially auto plants in the South, use temp agencies essentially as outside HR firms. Workers there can earn a third less compared to other employees, Mishel said.

“Manufacturing still pays more than others but we have to still be worried about the quality of manufacturing jobs,” Mishel said.

But Erbaugh said Dayton manufacturers don’t use a lot of “temporary” workers. She said they do rely on staffing agencies as a way to “screen” applicants, for help in finding people who will be a good fit at their companies.

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Teradata CEO makes 137 times as much as his employee median

Published: Sunday, March 18, 2018 @ 10:34 AM

Teradata’s Miami Twp. offices.
Teradata’s Miami Twp. offices.

The median pay of Teradata Corp. employees for the 2017 fiscal year was $77,565, according to the company’s new proxy statement.

Victor Lund, president and chief executive of Teradata, makes 137 times that much, the statement also said.

Big data company Teradata, which has administrative offices in Miami Twp., revealed the CEO-employee pay ratio in its proxy statement, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission this week.

MOREJudge orders Fuyao to produce employee records by next week

Publicly-traded U.S. companies like Teradata are required to pull back the curtain on the pay difference between top executives and their workers. Sometimes those pay differences can be quite stark. AT&T’s workers saw a median salary of $78,437 last year, and Randall Stephenson, that company’s CEO, earned 366 times as much as his employees, the Dallas Morning News recently reported.

The pay ratio disclosure requirement is one of the transparency measures embedded in the post-financial crisis Dodd-Frank legislation in 2010.

MORELocal companies say they will hire, and manufacturers are leading the way

Lund received a total annual compensation of $10,604,646 in fiscal 2017, Teradata’s filing said.

“The ratio of the annual total compensation of our CEO to the median of the annual total compensation of all other employees was estimated to be 137 to 1,” its proxy says.

To determine total cash compensation, the local company used the sum of base wages and annual incentives payable in cash, Teradata said.

The company said it had total shareholder return of almost 42 percent last year,

Teradata has said it has about 400 Dayton-area employees.

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